What to expect from an Echo Park store named Villainy

Photo from Villainy General Store/Facebook

The former rainbow colored storefront that housed the  Echo Curio performance  space in Echo Park has been painted an olive green, and signs in the papered over windows read “VILLAINY IS COMING.”   But the owners of Villainy – Erich Schlieske and Ellen McAlister of Echo Park – don’t plan on causing trouble. All they want to do is open up a modern-day version of an old fashioned general store, said Schieske. “We’ll carry good, practical products that are affordable and sourced locally whenever possible, as well as an assortments of gifts and novelties,” he said by email.

Merchandise at the Villainy General Store, located in the 1500 block of Sunset Boulevard, will range from coffee and stone-ground flour to  penny candy and jelly beans. The dry goods section will also carry cast iron skillets, small antiques, tools and 1960s-era sewing patterns. The husband-and-wife team will also be selling the cards, journals, tote bags and other merchandise created by their design firm.  Schlieske plans to open at the end of the August with a grand opening scheduled for early September. Schielske said that Villainy will be for everyone, villains and non villains alike:

This store is for everyone. But if you wear a cape and moustache, who am I to judge? Our goal is to make Villainy general Store a destination for everyone in the neighborhood, kids, artists, families…everyone in Echo Park young and old.


  1. Overpriced junk? Awesome. Too bad this isn’t a salon.

  2. Or a saloon.

  3. Sounds cool to me

  4. It already sounds way better than an empty storefront

  5. As if we need either another saloon or salon, I’m with SCP and becca. Sounds like a good concept that I’ll look forward to checking out.

  6. @Michael, condemning a store before it’s even open, bravo Michael, good research! Maybe you’re hoping for a “tool” shop?

  7. Oh sounds awesome! I can’t wait to visit on our next trip to LA! Penny jelly beans for the kid, a new skillet for me.

  8. Sounds like a great idea! Don’t judge it before they have even had a chance to open their doors.

  9. Looks like someone’s parents are flushing more $$$ down the drain.

  10. Totally stoked, so glad to have a positive change in the neighborhood and something actually useful in that space! Welcome, can’t wait to see what you do!

  11. What gives with the hate? -and towards their parents, even? They haven’t even opened yet. It looks cool so far….

  12. Oh Erich and Ellen!!!!!! Mazel Tov!!!!! Couldn’t get that ol” UO Dick Hayne blood out of your system, eh Skee????? If you need any retail tips ( although really I stick more closely to yoga pants and crazy-expensive handbags than penny candy but….) give ol’ jojo a call! In all seriousness, I am very excited for you two kids and wish you nothing but the best of luck. And for all you haters…..go blow. These are two of the most creative, funny, interesting and bright people you could ever like to meet and it’s so annoying to hear your negativity. Hope things get better for you people.

  13. I miss Echo Curio but this place sounds like it could be really cool. Maybe in a few years there will be a whole slew of little stores…butcher, baker, candle stick maker? @ Becca – definitely better than an empty store front!

  14. Perhaps JoD is projecting, since the owners already run a successful business of their creation. Maybe JoD thinks that’s the only way to succeed, since they have not had any success of their own beyond working the cash register at El Pollo Loco.

  15. Looking forward to this store. Love their style and as long time eastsiders — it’s going to be awesome I’m sure.

  16. I believe this is a genius move. Such a fab addition to the culture in neighborhood. The new owners are sure to bring life to that lil strip and I cannot wait until the door bust open and confetti falls from the sky… or other fun things. yay!

  17. JoD is not projecting, JoD is projectile vomiting at the thought of yet another Echo Park nexus of millenials sporting tight pants & 80’s sunglasses. JoD never worked at Pollo Loco, but did work for over 10 years in post-production before falling victim to Obamanomics & being unceremoniously laid off. JoD is thusly contemptuous of gimmicky, kitschy, gentrified “general stores” that have the unadulterated temerity to claim to appeal to “everyone in Echo Park young & old.”

  18. Bravo! I’m your new best customer! Can’t wait!

  19. It’s easy to be cynical about these things. So what? What are you gonna do, sit around and cry “woa is me” about your situation forever? Get over it, there’s nothing you can do about these folks opening up this store, don’t shop there if it’s such a big deal to you. Life ain’t fair, good for them if they have rich parents, or good for them if they just happen to be hard workers with an idea for a store. I’m sure they’ll do fine and I’m glad to see something being done with the space. Go to Lot 1 Cafe next door for the bands and the hang nowadays by the way.

  20. Speaking in the third person achieves nothing but give the rest of us a good laugh.

    Decarlos is right, if you don’t like it, don’t shop there.

  21. @JoD: Could you please wear a name tag or something so I can avoid you on the street? Why the hate and vomit on the millenials? Unless you’re Buddha or something, I don’t think people get to choose when they’re born. We didn’t choose be born into a lame decade, and graduate into a lamer economy any more than you had a say in growing up in an awesome decade, working for a while, and then getting laid off.

    Why not just accept my admiration and respect that you got to enjoy the 80s the first time? Can’t you just take the sunglasses thing as a compliment?

    Or do you hate us because we voted for Obama, as your comment about “Obamanomics” suggests? In that case, right back at ya! Can people imagine what kind of shape we’d be in in a McCain/Palin administration!

    Maybe you SHOULD go work at EPL: everyone knows they supported Prop 8. Most of us still boycott that place, so we’ll never see you, and we’ll never have to worry about running in to that crazy person who’s going around projectile vomiting on twenty-somethings in Echo Park. Perhaps the general store could sell rubber suits to protect us from your vomit. Yuck, JoD, just yuck.

  22. JoD you sound very bitter. you’re pretty much a text book hater, dude! the store isn’t even there yet… chill out & wait.

  23. I think the store is a very creative idea…I can hardly wait to see it, maybe some mood rings and hand crafted jewelry to sell, as well.

  24. Sadly, before he could respond, JoD was killed while crossing Sunset @ Logan in a hit & run by an ironically-bespectacled 24-yr old listening to Pat Benetar while driving a Prius with an Obama sticker on the bumper. He cursed you all with his dying breath, but not before praising EPL & their moral convictions for backing Prop 8.

  25. Dear Haters,

    Why don’t you pull the sticks out of your asses and find something a little more productive to do than slam and judge people you don’t know – like maybe find jobs and stop trolling the internet for opportunities to complain and attack. Your self-loathing and bitterness is creepily apparent in every word you write. I’m sure you’d rather the neighborhood have empty storefronts than see someone you’re intensely jealous of prosper, but guess what? You loose, now go fuck off and move to a Red State where you belong.

    Dear Ellen and Eric,

    Looking forward to seeing the store, I applaud your efforts at bringing interesting, reasonably priced one-of-a-kind goods to our neighborhood. Can’t wait!!


  26. Surely there is a middle ground between rejoicing what is essentially an advertisement for a new store that by reasonable measure looks to be quite similar to 15 other stores that already exist in the small area that is Silver Lake and Echo Park and blaming Obama for being out of a job and hating everything new.

  27. @MM

    1) You “lose”, not you “loose”. Shoulda put down the iPhone during English class.

    2) Yours is the 24th comment; isn’t that the epitome of “trolling the internet for opportunities to complain and attack”?

    3) I think I’ll take you up on your offer to move to a red state. Be seeing you in the crime blotter, amigo.

  28. As a Kensington resident, certainly looking forward to it! Would love to support a family business for my staples and sundries. Side note–Obama didn’t invent supply-side economics, which is why JoD is unemployed (among many others.)

  29. This sounds cool–I hope the owners will be rigorous about items that people in the hood really need and that are really not available in echo park yet. There are already two 99 cent stores, and two thrift stores, along with some other discount spots–so penny candy sounds fun, but….there’s a lot of cheap candy out there already.

    Not to be a hater, but–for instance, while I think the Echo Park Time Travel Mart is funny and cute and serves a valuable purpose in getting people curious enough to come inside and check out 826LA–I’ve always wondered why they stock such expensive stuff that no one will ever really buy. It seems like a waste of good retail space that could be used to stock items that kids really need for school–or even the textbooks they need. Gym clothes items. I don’t know, i’m sure they have a business plan–but as an 826 volunteer, it always seemed like they could use that storefront space a little more practically.

    In any case–I’m so glad the Echo Curio space will be occupied–sounds like a good enterprise, looking forward to it.

  30. @butterfinger

    The original 826 Valencia in frisco was forced to have a retail component due to zoning. Hence the “Pirate Store.”

    So when you buy stuff from the Time Travel Store, you aren’t buying retail commodities, like at the bookstore next door or the uniform store across the street. You’re actually donating to a non-profit literary educational center, get it? So it makes sense that the things they sell are kind of pricey and not that useful. Because what you’re actually paying for isn’t gym shorts. It’s an increased sense of wonder in your neighborhood and sustaining better opportunities for local kids.

    Pretty valuable, I think.

  31. JoD, ellen and erich are most definitely older than you. as for their parents funding this, wrong again. get a job, deadbeat.

  32. Congrats on your business venture Villainy! If you ever meet folks looking for bottled leaches, Cave Man Candy or Robot Milk, we’ve got it covered. We’ll definitely be sending folks looking for candy and frying pans your way. Best wishes, and don’t be a stranger. We love getting to know our neighbors. 🙂

  33. Hey thanks, Echo Park Time Travel Mart / 826LA! We are long time fans of the store and concept behind it. It’s genius! Just the other day, someone was looking for a duel starters kit (white glove in a box) so I sent them up to you.

  34. I have to be honest. I’m sick of these overpriced hipster stores taking over my neighborhood. I moved to Echo Park because it was regular working class people and families. That was the lure, that was the charm. It was a little run down, but it was nice and quiet. Every weekend I’d read a book at the park and watch families BBQ and play ball and staff. Now…. flash forward to Sunset lined by drunk young men wearing tights that look like they need to shower- If I wanted to live by obnoxious hipsters that walk the streets drunk each night making racket, I’d move to a neighborhood that is predominately family-less young people. Anyone notice that Echo Park is primarily houses? There’s a reason for that.

    My beautiful neighborhood is being overrun by skinny jeaned hipsters that don’t embrace the local culture, but trample on it. They support ‘local’ stores only if it’s another overpriced hipster shop and completely forget about the long term, predominant residents in the area. The new store caters to whom? Everyone? Ha! That’s laughable.

    I’ve been watching small family owned businesses, one by one shut down. The rents are going up all over Echo Park and it’s because of this yuppie crap. Because what we really need in Echo Park is a general store… what the A Grocery Warehouse 30 feet away isn’t good enough? I guess they don’t have jelly beans, just every type of affordable produce and Asian spice known to man. Anyhow, shops like this new yuppie fest are just adding to the issue, which is your stupid, yuppie bs is causing the rents to go up in the neighborhood and displacing thousands of people and shutting down family owned businesses. If you want to do something great for the community, if you want to appeal to the residents, why don’t you actually think about who the community really is and offer something to the residents that is needed. I don’t need stupid jelly beans and dried goods… I can get that already in a variety of stores in Echo Park and probably at a fraction of the price.

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