Where to go if you can’t afford to live near Ivanhoe

Many parents who want their kids to attend Silver Lake’s highly rated Ivanhoe Elementary – one of the top 100 schools in L.A. County based on state  API test scores– are willing to pay extra for a nearby home in return for a free, high-quality, public education. A recent check for family-friendly, three-bedroom homes near Ivanhoe’s campus included an $829,000, 1,555-square-foot home Armstrong Avenue. There was a larger, four bedroom property on Ivan Hill Terrace that was closer to the school but it was listed at $1.28 million. But what if parents can’t afford to live in Ivanhoe’s attendance area, which includes some of Silver Lake’s most pricey real estate?

The Eastsider went searching for three-bedroom homes near some other high scoring elementary schools on the Eastside. Those other schools didn’t come close to Ivanhoe’s 2010 API score of 938, and there were no three-bedroom homes for sale near the Eastside’s third ranked elementary – Solano Avenue, with an API of 893.  But there were definitely lower priced three-bedroom homes near some other high scoring schools:

School: Mt Washington Elementary, Mt. Washington
API Score: 896
NearbyListing: 639 Museum Dr.
Price: $549,900
Square Footage: 1,830
Sales Pitch: “Excellent deal on stunning multi-level home within Mt. WashingtonElementary School boundaries.”
School: Delevan Drive Elementary, Eagle Rock
API Score: 882
Nearby Listing :2709 Dicturn St.
Price: $575,000
Square footage: 1,489 (4 bedrooms)
Sales Pitch:  “The spacious 4 bedroom 2 bathroom property is surrounded by mature trees and has a large park like back yard.”
School: Garvanza Elementary, Garvana/Highland Park
API Score: 843
NearbyListing: 6144 York Blvd.
Price: $239,000
Square Footage: 1,298
Sales Pitch:  “Beautiful Remodeled Craftsman Style Home! 3 bedroom 1 bath – Possible 4th bedroom or office.”

Listing information from Redfin

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  1. buy a house you love, that you can afford (in fact spend less than you can afford, you never know what will happen), in a neighborhood you like and then go to the neighborhood school an dmake it the school you need it to be and you will find the school is WAY more then a silly API number.

  2. Elysian Heights parent

    I totally agree with Doreet. It is so much more than API scores. Support your neighborhood school, and help make it the best it can be.

  3. Yeah Delevan Drive!! My Alma Mater. (before the 2 freeway, but who’s counting that far back!!!)

    Too funny. No one thought about scores in those days. Just was it walking distance?


  4. As much as I believe in the power of parents to improve things, I would much rather have my kid attend a school where there’s already some momentum or at least a beachhead of a few involved parents.

    LAUSD’s culture of mediocrity can chew up the best of intentions and I am tired of fighting for services that other communities take for granted.

  5. I know that it may be an anathema to Eastsiders, but may I be so bold as to suggest a berg just 6 miles up the road? Yes, I’m talking about the BBK — Burbank. Home prices for 3 bedrooms range from the mid-$400’s to the mid-$600’s, the schools ALL rate really highly, and you’re still only 10 minutes away from LAMill.

  6. Another GREAT option is Holy Trinity Academy. We are located at 2714 St. George St. Los Angeles, CA 90039!
    We are a community school with excellent parent involvement, rigorous academics and so much more!
    Come join the family!

  7. home schooling is free……

  8. I’m curious – what is a high API score correlated with? Admission to College? Future career success? ??

    Does anybody have any sources that demonstrate a link between high API and these things once family income is ruled out?

  9. Doug homeschool may be free but the theripy my child would need as an adult if I was her parent would not be.
    Mayberry mommy- Great point- I wounder if anyon ehas done a study. If you find out, coul dyou let us know?

  10. whhops- i ment to say “teacher” not parent in the above post. silly me

  11. This is an interesting study. It is not about predictive value of API in future endearvors but it does debunk the assumption that API’s are driven primarily by income level and education level of parents:


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