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Daily Archives: August 6, 2011

Around The Eastsider

News & items from other parts of the blog and beyond: Sunset Junction gift shop celebrates 10th anniversary with a video and sale.  Shopper & Diner Suspect arrested in East L.A. shooting. Eastside 911 Read More »

Suspect arrested in East L.A. shooting

The L.A. County Sheriff  on Thursday arrested a 17-year-old man believed responsible for  the May 25 shooting of an East L.A. gang member, who was left with bullet wounds in the shoulder and back.  Officers apprehended the suspect, who was under surveillance, in front of his ... Read More »

Name that beetle

Sandy Driscoll* of Silver Lake would like to know what kind of beetle (pictured above) made a recent appearance at her home: He/she was crawling on my patio floor.  It was a bit more than an inch long, and iridescent in color. Any beetle experts out ... Read More »

House auction action draws a crowd to Elysian Heights

The real estate market may have softened this summer but that did not scare off the crowd of bidders who showed up at last week’s auction of an 80-year-old house on Princeton Avenue in Elysian Heights. As the above video shows, the crowd of bidders, onlookers, ... Read More »