Bands and venues prepare for a weekend without Sunset Junction festival*

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The failure of Sunset Junction festival organizers to get city permits to hold this weekend’s massive street and music fair has left bands, ticket sellers and other scrambling to figure out what to do if the event is officially cancelled.”We are still waiting to hear the official word,” said Neil Schield of Echo Park’s Origami Vinyl,  which has sold about 100 advance-purchase tickets at between $15 to $20 a piece.   All refunds would be handled through the Sunset Junction group, Schield said.

Meanwhile, Schield has offered his storefront’s stage to five bands that are scheduled to perform at Sunset Junction. “We have offered our loft as an alternative,” he said.

About 50 bands from around the country and a few foreign groups have been booked to play at the Sunset Junction Music Festival and Street Fair. Now many of those musicians are trying to find out what is going to happen and preparing for the worst.  A member of the  German indie rock group Art Brut, which is scheduled to perform on Sunday, posted this message on Twitter:

Art Brut will definitely be playing somewhere on that day in LA I’ll let you know asap.

*Update: Several Echo Park and Silver Lake venues have made room for other Sunset Junction acts and other performers. Art Brut will play The Satellite in Silver Lake, The Butthole Surfers are now scheduled to perform at The Echo in Echo Park and Dangerbird Records will host several bands at its Silver Lake headquarters. “We wanted to keep the essence of Sunset Junction alive – celebrating music while celebrating our community,” said Mary Rahmani with Dangerbird. Click on the link below for details about the Dangerbird line up

“We, along with buzzbands, 98.7 and Hotel Café are putting together a free event on Saturday from Noon-6pm,” Rahmani said. “We are asking for suggested donations to benefit Pablove – childrens pediatric cancer foundation which is based here in Silver Lake. Bands we have confirmed so far are – The Fling, Useless Keys, Butch Walker, Vanaprasta, Milo Greene  and Francisco the Man with a couple of more yet to be announced.”

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  1. It was about time the city grew balls and put a stop to this circus. Every year it grew and grew, meanwhile none of the money that was generated ever made it to the actual junction. As a long time resident and business owner in silverlake, i feel that Mchael Mckinley did this to himself by alienating and pissing off neighbors and business owners alike, by blocking access to the festival. The kids that supposedly they were helping aren’t even residents of sunset junction, and the coffee house used as a front for this so called non-profit organization..folded last year… Making them not even part of Sunset Junction anymore.

  2. WORD! I lived in the Junction for 5 years and at first you could go with a utility bill and prove you lived there for a free weekend but then they steadily started to screw all of the neighborhood people, blocking up traffic, blocking my driveway, you couldn’t move your car all weekend and charging you $25. I would have liked to see that money go to the community, not bigger pockets for people at the top.

  3. It looks like the official site has crashed… http://www.sunsetjunction.org

  4. This festival has been part of my life for the last 20 years and once for much of that a highlight of the year for me, but the last 5 or so have been progressively less enjoyable. Nothing in life stays the same and maybe now it’s time for SJ to be supplanted by the SL Jubilee – an event that inversly to SJ has gotten better in its short time. I’ve been pleasantly suprized by how much I have enjoyed the bands & vibe & actual neighborhood feel (I actually see my real neighbors there!) at the new fest (though prefer when there’s no beer corral and you can have beer throughout).

  5. How about the Butthole Surfers? Any word on where they could be playing?

  6. Art Brut already scheduled for an early show @ Satellite 8/27, tix $15

    @mrtamale…probably Echoplex (just a guess).

  7. @mrtamale,
    Butthole Surfers are slated to play the Echoplex on Saturday evening. Special guests are playing as well. You can get tickets at Origami Vinyl. It will sell out. A lot of the businesses in Echo Park are offering the bands a stage that weekend. So keep your eyeballs peeled.

  8. Now i think THIS is the true meaning of a COMMUNITY festival….different venues and locales ‘scrambling’ to bring these same bands to the community just the same ! 🙂
    LOVE IT !!!!

  9. Along with other Eastside residents, I’m a longtime supporter of local music here but this festival went from being all about Silver Lake to being all about money. Parking became a nightmare, prices were hiked and it all started to stink of greed.

    If you want to throw a money pit festival together, move it 2 hours outside of here (and book it over two weekends next April) but don’t call this a community festival when no one in the community sees a cent.

  10. Bye bye!!

  11. So now I have to find someone to refund my SSJ tix and then buy new tix to see the bands I already bought tix for in the first place??

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