Better look somewhere else for a cheap Silver Lake condo

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While condos are often considered an affordable alternative to single-family homes, that does not mean they come cheap. Case in point is the Silver Lake complex at 2330 Duane Street, which has commanded some of the neighborhood’s highest condo prices.  The 1980s-era hillside complex feature large units, some with lofts, two-story living rooms and views of the Silver Lake reservoirs. In June, unit No. 202 – a  nearly 1,700-square-foot condo with two bedrooms, loft and rooftop terrace – sold for $715,000.  Only six other Silver Lake condos have fetched higher prices within the last three years, according to Redfin, but most of those sales took place in the Auburn 7 complex, which is technically composed of single-family homes spaced only inches apart. Now, back at 2330 Duane Street, the owner of Unit #204 is seeking to break the $700,000 barrier by asking $709,000 for the two-bedroom condo.  The nearly 1,600-square-foot unit is currently the most expensive condo for sale in the 90039 Zip Code.

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  1. Please research the data better before publishing misleading information. I’m glad that you stated that Auburn 7 are considered single family residences, not condos. However, these properties should not be included in this article. If you are wanting to talk about high priced condos then why mention these properties?

    What everyone must understand is that sometimes Redfin/Trulia/Zillow do not always paint the correct picture. The data displayed on Redfin, which is technically just another real estate company website, is created from all the local MLS databases and from the LA County Tax Assessor. Same goes for Trulia and Zillow. Their data is generated from Realtors that put the listings in the MLS and every morning that data is uploaded on to their site. Sometimes the data is not correct and if you dig a little deeper for the correct information you may be surprised. For example: 928 Tularosa Drive, LA 90026. Sold in 2010 for $745,000/ the highest sold condo for the year in Silver Lake. If you were to pull that up on Redfin it is classified as a single family residence. It’s a condo and this is exactly what throws off their fancy charts and data that seems so reliable.

    Don’t get me wrong, your blog is important and useful but before goinging to press.. please look into the data more.

    Highest Sold condos in Silver Lake since 2008:
    2330 Duane #202, LA 90026 Sold on 6/1/11, Sold @ 715,000
    928 Tularosa Drive, LA 90026 Sold on 12/2/10, Sold @ 745,000
    2841 Avenel, LA 90039 Sold on 7/13/10, Sold @ 727,500
    2480 McCready,LA 90039 Sold on 9/29/09, Sold @ 850,000
    2230 Electric, LA 90039 Sold on 9/13/09, Sold @ $825,000
    4111 W. Sunset Blvd. # 548 LA 90026 Sold 9/19/08 on Sold for 625,000

    * Note- McCready and Electric are detached but were built as condos- per the county tax assessor and MLS.. More like an SFR than a condo but appraisers have used these as condo sales.

    Keep up the good work! I love the blog!

  2. @ REBuddy. Thanks for the background and details! The Auburn 7, as you and I noted, are not condos but are single family homes.

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