Dear Eastsider: Who will care for a wounded bird?

Patrick Valliancourt needs help caring for an injured bird he found this morning in Elysian Park:

I was walking in Elysian Park this morning and found an injured bird scuffling across the dirt. I managed to scoot the bird onto a palm branch and walked him home. He was able to swallow some sugar water and seems ok for the time being. He definitely has a broken wing and potentially other injuries. Do you know anybody in the neighborhood who cares for ill animals?

The Eastsider is familiar with neighborhood groups that deal primarily with dogs and cats – not birds. Any suggestions?

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  1. try calling Gateway Animal Hospital in Los Feliz, they may be able to help. Also there is the Wildlife Waystation. Good luck and thank you for caring for the bird!

  2. Most vets are qualified to treat birds. They will all be open again tomorrow. There are emergency vets open today, but they are rather expensive.
    I would suggest you post this to the Echo Elysian Forum – probably someone who reads that will have some useful info for you.

  3. I posted the link to this on the Echo Elysian site myself. Hopefully, someone there will read it and respond on this site.

  4. Thanks Gina, Wildlife Waystation pointed me to Valley Wildlife Care (www.valleywildlifecare.org). They are a non-profit organization in the San Fernando Valley “dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife.” Hopefully they will call back and lend some help. Cheers.

  5. Thank you Barbara, feel free to share a link to the the Echo Elysian post.

  6. Christine Peters from Echo Park Animal Alliance recommended that I contact LA Animal Services. I spoke with a woman at the Lacy Street Shelter and she mentioned that if I drop the bird off they will find an appropriate rehab service to care for the bird. Thanks a lot for the help!

    LA Animal Services
    3201 Lacy Street
    (213) 485-5767

  7. Pasadena Humane Society on Raymond has a wild animal division. I have brought 2 injured birds there…one they were able to save & release. You don’t have to but I always give a small donation. You can bring it there tomorrow but you will need to keep it warm overnight. Put dry rice in a old sock & heat it in the microwave, put the warm sock in the box w/ the bird. Use a plastic syringe from the pet store/vet to give water and food if he’s hungry til then. (food: dry cat food mixed w/ warm water til mushy, squeeze out the syringe into his mouth) Good Luck.

  8. Good on you Patrick for coming to this bird’s aid. Sounds like you’ve got options, but just in case: Animal Advocates helped me with an orphaned baby squirrel a couple years ago. They’re on Sweetzer in West LA, near Crescent Heights and Beverly.


  9. I second the idea of the Pasadena Humane Society. I took an injured bird there on a weekend day. You can even call back to check the status/health of the bird, and to see if it has been released back into the wild.

  10. Patrick: Valley Wildlife Care (www.valleywildlifecare.org) is the best around. Have they gotten back to you yet? I know that with dogs and cats Pasadena Humane is only good if you found the animal in their service area, but now sure about wildlife.

  11. http://www.californiawildlifecenter.org/ – they’re located in Calabasas. They took in an injured baby squirrel for me once. They’re great and they will release the bird once rehabilitated. I recommend this or one of the wildlife/rescues above over LA Animal Svcs.

  12. What a great list of resources! I’m bookmarking all of these just in case I need them in the future. I took a sick rat to Lacy Street Animal Services once, even though it wasn’t really “wildlife”. It got a better treatment there than out on the street.

  13. Thank you everybody for the feedback. After having called LAAS on Friday and being reassured the bird would be taken in by a rehab center, I decided to bring it there. When I arrived I asked again what would happen with the animal and another person told me it would be euthanized because it was not a protected species, so I took it back home. Valley Wildlife Care never returned my call. Last night I took Andrea’s advice, warmed rice in a sock and setup a seemingly comfy nest in a covered box. I also fed the bird a mixture of cat food and mostly warm water which seemed to work very well. To my unfortunate surprise the bird somehow escaped his new home this morning. Hopefully he is prancing around feeding on insects in my yard. Thanks again for all the feedback, seems like we now have a resource for knowing how best to handle this sort of thing in the future.

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