Echo Park’s Lady of the Lake goes undercover

The Lady of the Lake, the Art Deco-style statue that has overlooked Echo Park Lake for about 80 years, was wrapped up in blue tarp this morning and hauled to a temporary location near the park restrooms (pictured above) on the north side of the park.  The relocation of the approximately 8,000-pound statue, designed by Ada Mae Sharpless, is part of the $64 million clean up of Echo Park Lake. Echo Park Patch had photos of the statue being moved this morning.

This is the not the first time the 14-foot high statue has disappeared from public view. The statue sat in the park’s storage yard for about 15 years  to undergo repairs before it was finally restored and return to public view in 1999. However, since a concrete-block pump house had by then been built in her original location at the tip of a peninsula, the restored statue was installed on the east side of the lake near the boathouse. As part of the lake clean up project, the pump house will be removed and Lady of the Lake  will be returned to her original location. Click on the link below to view a rendering of what the statue will look like after returning to its original spot.

Photo from EchoParkLake.org

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  1. I live right across from the lake and had a bizarre moment this morning when I caught a glimpse of the lovely Lady gliding past my window in transit to her new home. The geese seemed equally as confused.

  2. I really hope they don’t take longer than the expected date to finish renovations. It sucks not being able to just step outside the door and take a walk or sit by the lake 🙁

  3. The lady belongs in a museum. Thugs keeps knocking her fingers off with bat or something. Clearly this neighborhood does not deserve something this beautiful.

  4. @Sid, I’ve suggested it before: raise the Lady and her current pedestal onto an even larger base. Grow thorny rose bushes around the new base (and keep the hedge trimmed so that views of the art on the higher pedestal are unobstructed). That should deter people from climbing onto the statue, and even make it more beautiful to look at when the roses are in bloom.

  5. Let’s start the movement to stop fishing in the lake when it reopens. Anyone on board? Talk about dangerous–for wildlife and for the folks trying to enjoy a stroll.

  6. i don’t ever remember seeing anything dangerous happen in relation to fishing. the state pays for the fish to be there, and people fish to eat. what do you care? bad idea.

  7. The lake in Echo Park was last drained and cleaned in 1984 and cost less than $1 million. There is no argument over the fact that costs tend to rise over time, but EXCUUUZE ME!

    Less than twenty years have passed and the clean-up cost is 67 times higher!!??

    What in Tarnation gives anyone the right to take $64 million into their pockets for this project.

    The little add-ons which are given to justify the premium price are hogwash.
    Absolute puffery and pilfering.

    They will put in a lining to prevent water from percolating into the ground. Because, you know, the lost water is refilled with “valuable drinking water”.

    Yeah. So What? Thats a 1/10 drop in the bucket to all the valuable drinking water that is used to flush the toilets 3 million times per day in Los Angeles.

    For $64 million dollars in Bond Money the Lady of the Lake better come back covered in gold leaf!

    and if fishing will remain part of the recreation plan, then I expect to see the lake in Echo Park stocked with Maine Lobster!!

  8. stop fishing? August 24, 2011 at 2:15 pm
    i don’t ever remember seeing anything dangerous happen in relation to fishing. the state pays for the fish to be there, and people fish to eat. what do you care? bad idea.

    beautiful loser August 25, 2011 at 8:18 am

    I totally agree with both of the previous post before mine…Amen to that

    why dont we make a movement to eradicate stupid ignorent people that dont know anything about anything…stop fishing? hello its only been one of main historical points of the lake… get out of here how about you stop thinking, so you dont hurt your self.

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