It’s always Christmas at the Hi-Ho Drive in Market

Why bother putting away the Christmas tree when it has to be dragged out of storage in just 12 months?  That seems to be the philosophy at Echo Park’s Hi-Ho Drive in Market, where an artificial tree has sat by the entrance for the past two Christmas seasons.  The branches are a bit dusty and only the top strand of lights still work but the Hi-Ho tree has some how managed to stay standing. In other Christmas-in-August news …   The Echo Park Community Parade, scheduled for December 10, has launched it annual art contest to commemorate the holiday season.  Anyone want to draw a picture of the  Hi-Ho tree?


  1. beautification not gentrification

    Classy faded Budweiser “tree skirt.”

    I don’t get that place. Drunk, possibly transient, men tend to hang around there. I wish it would go away. Does anyone have anything positive to say about Hi-Ho? Would anyone mind if it was replaced?

  2. Is this the fashion police? Are you going monitor store fronts for tasteful displays? I see transients in front of American Nipple all the time (have you seen what they have on display?).
    I like it. They’ve been there longer I guarantee longer than gentrification has been. It’s also is super cool being that it’s the only drive up store of its kind around. Not everything needs to be a TJ’s or a vegan raw restaurant.

  3. I love the hi ho, Ive been going there for 10 years, why you gotta be such a bummer? And like emily said.. who needs another EP storefront with a 9 month rotation of failed hipster businesses.

  4. I WOULD mind if its replaced. The drive thru marts like that are no longer, who doesnt love drive thru beer? Would it be cooler for you if it was a PBR tree skirt in front of some hipster bar? As for the transients, I mean come on… this is Los Angeles, they’re everywhere! Maybe somewhere like the Westside is a better location for you…not many transients over there.

  5. I would mind if it was replaced. It’s convenient and the people who own it are really nice. Take the stick out our your butt.

  6. My Christmas lights are still up. 4 months to go.
    Just be thankful that you are not homeless.
    Show a little heart. Please don’t be bothered that you ave to view the less fortunate.
    You never now what the future will bring.

  7. @beautification…. i’m with you! that place is hella ghetto. they sell expired stuff, crazy expensive and they attract super shady types. good suggestions here, let’s replace it with a vegan or raw restaurant, that WOULD be perfect!!

  8. I like this posting and I like this drive-thru store. The drinks are icy-cold and are brought to your car with a smile. I think the heat is making commenters especially cranky this week.

  9. Emily hearts EP4Me

    Well said gentleman/woman

  10. @lynn that’s a joke hidden in your reply – right?

  11. I love this place! where else can you actually drive through and pick up 1/2 gallon of bst-free milk on the way home from work without getting out of your car?

    The folks who work there (assume owners) are so nice, it has a true community feel to me. In fact, a few weeks ago I had been having problems with my car battery. It died in the drive through at the back of this place. Before I could even get Auto Club on the line, the older Asian man had pulled his van up to my car and pulled out his jumper cables. I was on my way within minutes. Where else in this part of L.A. would you see that happen?

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