Los Feliz resident warns of coyote attack

Los Feliz resident Karen Hodges wants to warn neighbors living near Griffith Park Boulevard and Wood Terrace of a recent coyote attack:

One killed a possum and left it in the middle of my front yard, which we found yesterday morning. Then yesterday evening,  at about 8:30 pm, we saw a coyote in the middle of our street approaching our yard but my friend yelled and chased him off by yelling and raising his arms. As the owner of a small dog, I just want other people to be aware and keep a close eye on their pets!

Click here for advice from the L.A. Department of Animal Services on how to protect your pets from coyotes.

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  1. It’s called nature. The sad thing is they now have to leave griffith park and go so so very far to find any form of food. Remember they were here first. We are secondary to that. I wouldn’t call it an attack but Darwins laws in action.

  2. Any tips on what we should do for us hikers I have a boxer and chichuahua. Thanks

  3. If a coyote killing an opossum constitutes an attack, then I just attacked an everything bagel and a small coffee. Oh, the humanity!

  4. How can you tell what killed a dead possum? And here’s a tip for the hiker: Leave the chihuahua at home.

  5. What an idiot. Shame on you eastsider for spreading the fear of these wonderful animals that share our city.

    Pet owners be vigilant for your animals, but people do not fear nature, respect it.

  6. You can “respect” coyotes all you want, they’ll still eat your cat.

  7. We have some stray cats living in our cul-de-sac close to Griffith Park. A couple of weeks ago one of the cats was found bitten in half. The coyotes left the front half behind. This morning I walked to my car on avocado street and saw the back half of another cat lying in the street. Grisly. Watch out for your pets.

  8. I saw a coyote last Thursday night on Delongpre between Normandie and Kingsley.

  9. retarded story

  10. Just hear another neighborhood cat being killed by coyote, horrible scream! I live around Sunset Junction and the same coyote almost attacked my dog two days ago. It’s getting worse around here. There is a school around the corner. Once classes begin, small children better watch out. They might be next after coyotes run out of pets to eat.

  11. Last night saw a record 3 coyotes–that constitutes a pack, doesn’t it?–skulking around the flat section of Cumberland Ave.

    My current cats are indoor only, a first for me. I have to deal with scratched up furniture and much more business in the litter box, but at least they will remain in one piece.

  12. Let’s start leaving vegan snacks out for them.

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