Police release drawing of Silver Lake road rage shooting suspect

Maria Vasquez Ramirez asked the public to help find her son's killer.

The LAPD today released a composite drawing of the man suspected of fatally shooting a Silver Lake area restaurant worker, and city officials prepared to offer a $50,000 reward in connection with what police believe is a deadly case of road rage.  The mother of shooting victim (pictured above) appeared with detectives and City Councilman Tom LaBonge at the Northeast Division police station this morning to ask for the public’s help in finding the suspects in the August 7 shooting of Juan David Vasquez Loma, who was dropping off co-workers when he fired upon while driving on Silver Lake Boulevard.  “I don’t want him to cause any more harm,” said Maria Vasquez Ramirez of the suspect who killed her son.

Shooting suspect. Click on image for more details.

Detectives said the deadly incident began when Loma, 25-year-old Mexican immigrant who worked at El Chavo restaurant and Garage Pizza, passed a sedan that had come to a stop Micheltorena and Effie streets in Silver Lake.  “We believe this is what angered the suspect,” said Dect.  Jose Carillo. The driver of the car pursued Loma’s truck down the hill to Silver Lake Boulevard, where the driver of the car pulled up alongside Loma’s truck and opened fire.  The suspect, who police believe lives in the area,  is described as a male Latino in his 20s or 30s who was driving a dark green Honda Civic with circular brake lights. He was accompanied by a female passenger.

LaBonge said the City Council will be asked to offer a $50,000 reward in connection with the shooting. “This is a thought out act of violence,” he said.  Loma, who had been declared brain dead, was taken off life support on Sunday.

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  1. I don’t understand what triggered the assailant’s rage. His car was stopped and Loma passed him, and that’s it? “The driver of that car must die”? So random and cruel and senseless.

  2. If the initial contact between the suspect and Juan David Vasquez Loma did indeed occur at or near the intersection of Micheltorena and Effie, it seems probable the suspect either lives in the area or at the least knows someone who does. I will certainly be keeping alert for and reporting any green Honda Civics I see.

  3. Silver Lake resident

    This is so upsetting! The EXACT reason why I’m always immediately afraid when a driver follows me too closely, honks or speeds around me when I’m driving slowly looking for parking on my Silver Lake street! You NEVER know what makes people snap. Some people have no patience.

    So sad that this happened, especially in this area. There is no reason to kill another human being because they are driving too slow on your street.

    I hope this guy is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Scum!

  4. What I don’t understand is how they are so sure on this being road rage and not maybe something like a gang initiation. Shooting someone for passing by seems so crazy, but then again so is just shooting someone in general.

  5. They should put the drawing of the suspect up in billboards like they did to Bryan Stow’s Dodger Stadium attackers. Such evil in that green Honda.

  6. the mayor of silver lake blvd.

    Do you remember anyone saying they want the killer of David Vasquez to get caught and put away? They were lying. That just seemed like the proper thing to say at the time. Making proper appearances is a priority for the residents of Silver Lake. Finding who shot David Vasquez 3 weeks ago is a very low to zero priority.

    Faking it is usually a personal choice which a public forum should not be used to discuss. Faking it about solving a murder is distasteful behavior on a level which qualifies for public exposure.

    Silver Lake is too self-absorbed to muster more than a ceremonial empty gesture of concern. The murder of David Vasquez on the 1400 block of Silver Lake Blvd. exactly 3 weeks past may just as well have occured in Somalia 35 years ago. The effort which Silver Lake is willing to extend towards catching the perpetrator is no greater for David Vasquez than mangy old dog collapsed in the road.

    Excuse me, that was not an equal comparison. A mangy old dog collapsed in the road would elicit 100 – 1,000 times actual effort to rescue the animal and to locate and punish the errant dog owner than any effort for David Vasquez shot in the head and left for dead.

    If the call to bring justice for the murder of David Vasquez had one tenth the support of Silver Lake as the effort to save a tree from uprooting, than some chance exists that the murderer could be caught.

    But as it stands now, we will only catch the killer if he walks into the police station and confesses to the crime. That would be in addition to chaining himself to a chair and threatening to commit suicide unless he is arrested and booked.

    I don’t see anyone with the standing to criticize the detectives assigned to the case simply because they have mislabeled the status of their investigation. Because the residents of Silver Lake are nearly unanimous in their desire for denial.

    Investigation Status: Dead End – that is what Silver Lake wished to hear the Tooth Fairy declare, so its a swell day for all. Don’t intrude on the pampered daydream Silver Lake which Silver Lake is enjoying.

    The detectives have taken the easiest way out and left a clearly marked path for the apathetic ambivalent community to follow.

    Dead-end is a misnomer in this case. An accurate statement is that there is no investigation and there has never at any time been any effective investigation. Dead-end in this case means, never tried and gave up.

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