Silver Lake shooting victim not expected to survive suspected road rage crime*

A restaurant worker who was shot Sunday morning on Silver Lake Boulevard while dropping off co workers is not expected to survive his injuries in what police believe might have been a road-rage related shooting.   Homicide detectives from the Northeast Division are handling the shooting of Juan David Vasquez Loma, 25, who remains on life support after being shot at about 5 a.m. while driving a pick up truck on Silver Lake Boulevard near Scott Place.  Two other passengers in the truck were not injured.  “It appears to be road rage-related, ” said homicide Dect. Larry Burcher.  Previous reports said the gunshot that critically injured Loma came from a dark-colored sedan that headed south on Silver Lake Boulevard following the shooting.

Loma, a Mexican immigrant from Mexico City, worked as a waiter and bus boy at El Chavo restaurant and also worked a late- night shift at nearby Garage Pizza, said co workers.

Anyone with information on the shooting can call Northeast homicide detectives at (213) 847-4261.

*Update: El Chavo restaurant has set up a victim’s fund for Loma.

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  1. Thank you for following up on this. It’s damn tragic. Who drives around with a gun, seeks altercations and then shoots? It’s a kind of soft premeditation, isn’t it? This y0ung man didn’t deserve this, and I hope LAPD finds the perp.

  2. you never even make eye contact with other cars on that one lane street so road rage seems like a strange theory. especially how quiet it is at 5am. sad situation all around.

  3. Mannn, I have the worst road rage in the world and still can’t imagine getting even remotely pissed enough to actually hurt someone, let alone KILL them! There are some scary people in this city.

  4. So senseless. Condolences to his family.

  5. The Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd.

    I have tried to read any available reports on this crime committed on Silver Lake Blvd. I have read quotes from LAPD Detectives involved with this investigation. I would hope thes quotes are not an accurate representation of the approach taken towards this investigatioin.

    Because they are unacceptable. They reflect a mindset of total mediocrity.

    I will not accept the crime against the life of David Vasquez being investigated by anyone who is comfortable with the status quo at Northeast Station Detective desk. These men are so dulled and burnt-out that their participation is not just ineffective, but poses a real risk of being counterproductive.

    They are poster children for institutionalized failure. I am concerned for the Captain at Northeast Station – Captain Murphy. His resume describes the quick rise through the ranks of someone dynamicly gifted and effective.

    How can he allow these detectives under his command to coast along another day as they have? I don’t know how Murphy can get a night of sleep knowing these detectives represent the product of his management.

    Lets be honest, they are long overdue to be fitted with cowbells and sent out to pasture.

    What is my beef? I will tell you. Northeast detectives are still warm from running their engines at full speed overtime through the most highly publicized and collosal investigative failure in decades. Second only to the failures directly attributed to tolerating substandard investigative practices which were revealed in the Grim Sleeper cases.

    The fact that Northeast Detectives expended over six weeks and produced Giovanni Ramirez as their solution to the assault in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium after the season opener – is not my main concern.

    My concern is what happened after Robbery/Homicide were brought on the case. It seems they now have the perpetrators of the assault at Dodger Stadium.

    Two men holding prepurchased tickets seated in the same section near victim Bryan Stow. Investigated as the result of at least two or more tips about their memorably obnoxious behavior called in by people who sat nearby.

    Do Northeast Detectives have any respectable explanation for how those leads were overlooked in favor of Giovanni Ramirez?

    Do they think i will tolerate anything associated with that kind of failure to be entrusted the solemn responsibility of bringing to justice the criminal who caused grave injury to David Vasquez on Silver Lake Blvd?

    I pray that statements about “road rage” and “we don’t believe the victim knew his attacker” don’t represent how detectives intend to focus efforts in this investigation. Because it would take a lot of skill coupled with a dose of luck for the sequence of events as provided to result in a one shot bullseye.

    Which still doesn’t even account for how the passengers riding in the victims truck would hear through a rolled up window that someone in another moving vehicle is yelling at them.

    Or how the passengers would achieve a sight angle allowing them to identify the suspects in the vehicle alongside theirs.

    Pardon me, the passengers would have been able to see the suspects because they went southbound to get-away.

    Which means they pulled alongside David Vasquez travelling Northbound and shot him.

    Then the suspects continued driving forward and negotiated a U-Turn on Silver Lake Blvd. and proceeded going back Southbound for the get-away?

    Thats when the passengers instinctively positioned themselves to get a clear view of the suspects who had just shot their co-worker?

    Maybe it did happen just like that. Its possible.

    But that CANNOT be the sum and substance of this investigation, Captain Murphy.

    What I think we are seeing is the instinctive reflex of your detectives to latch onto and draw to their bosoms any improbability or incongruity which barely passes as a theory as long as it provides them an opportunity to give up.

    Since I am on the topic of probabilities, what an amusing coincidence it must be to Northeast Detectives that less than three years ago a man was shot and killed at almost exactly the same spot on Silver Lake Blvd.

    I assume that has no bearing since Northeast Detectives long since solved and closed that case. Or did they, because I haven’t heard about it.

    Solved or forgotten – I suppose they are equivalent when speaking of the achievements of Northeast Station Detectives.

  6. The Mayor of Silver Lake Blvd.

    I read in another report that Detective Burcher was quoted stating about victim David Vasquez ” He is not expected to live , but anything is possible.”

    If that is an accurate quote from Detective Burcher then please keep him off of any investigations on Silver Lake Blvd. With the attitude reflected in that comment, Detective Burcher should qualify for transfer back to chalking tires.

    The signal that Detective Burcher telegraphs by that comment is “don’t expect me to investigate this like a murder right now. Until the victim is declared medically deceased I will be working this case from the Assault file at second priority.”

    Let me offer a suggestion for dealing with detectives expressing that attitude about their work on the case of David Vasquez. I will assume that Captain Murphy is prohibited from bonking the noggins together of these detectives, so here is what needs to be done.

    Take the chairs away. Captain Murphy, go over to Detective Burcher’s desk and take his chair and lock it in your office. And forbid him from bringing any other chair to his desk. If Detective Burcher needs to work at his desk, then he may choose to stand up or sit on the floor.

    We need to see some dedication, professionalism and solid results from Burcher before reassessing whether he deserves the comfort of using a chair at his desk.

    This is harsh criticism, but don’t blame David Vasquez. And don’t blame David Vasquez for making the detectives have to get up and go in to work early Sunday.

    I am simply attempting to reestablish a level of expectations that has been allowed to slack. I haven’t said anything that isn’t already known about, but everyone was just being very polite. Politeness has equaled permissiveness.

    I have met several fine people from Northeast Station and admire their efforts and their attitude. I look forward to speaking further about their contributions. But right now I am alarmed at the level of performance we are seeing from Captain Murphy’s people on Silver Lake Blvd.

    There was a shooting on Effie Street the night of May 15. The response from Northeast Station included a serious F-up. I would like to know if Captain Murphy has reviewed and corrected that mistake?

    That is assuming that Captain Murphy is aware of what happened. He certainly needs to know if he is to carry out his command role. And if he doesn’t know then either he doesn’t care or it has been concealed from him.

    I have already criticized things which are well known and should have been corrected. But my purpose is not to shred things up, but to wake them up.

    So if Captain Murphy has not been made aware of what happened on May 15, then I will share it with him. It is only fair to first allow his people who were involved to tell him. And its only fair to allow the Captain his opportunity to ask them.

    And if the Northeast Detectives can’t carry out a thorough and exhaustive point by point chapter by chapter by the manual investigation on David Vasquez., then I invite Captain Murphy to roll up his sleeves and come over to Silver Lake Blvd. and join me in showing them how it is done.

  7. WOW !! a whole 7 comments left on David Vasquez Murder, I wonder if David was a white hipster with long hair and listened to beck and drank $8 cups of coffee @ La mill coffee and ate $16 burgers @ Reservoir. If his life would have a bigger meaning and receive more pub, Maybe the owners of El Chavo and Garage Pizza can give their dead employee a proper burial and help the family out. Maybe ?

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