Storefront Report: Vegetarian restaurant and bar planned for new Echo Park loft building

What do you get when a vegetarian DJ and a downtown bar owner join forces? Answer: An Echo Park vegetarian restaurant and lounge.  Eater L.A. reports that  DJ/producer Goura Chandra and the owner of downtown’s Seven bar, Raffi Roumdikian, will open up the new restaurant at the base of the new Echo 1030 Loft building on Alvarado Street near Sunset Boulevard.  Chandra told Eater what to expect from the yet to be named restaurant:

In addition to a conventional dining room and lounge, the restaurant will also encompass a to-go counter selling wraps, sandwiches, and salads “in our mini Whole Foods-type [convenience] store which will be a part of the [restaurant] (no dividing walls).”

Also expect a bar serving craft beer and boutique wines and guest DJs appearing in a lounge. More details in Eater LA.

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  1. that would make three vegetarian restaurants on that corner. someone’s wearing bad idea jeans.

  2. Genius— put a restaurant for monied hipsters in an area with NO parking……


    Wish I had as much money as I do common sense


    do the owners think the broke kids on skateboards and car wash customers will come pay huge prices for vegan food?

    The Vegan ice cream spot that opened up across from the old Pioneer market charges $12.99 for a banana split… A BANANA SPLIT!!!!

    Two bananas two scoops of ice cream and some vegan sugarless syrup on top!!!!!!

    Wtf is this neighborhood turning into?

    I have lived here 19 years and do NOT miss the pissy smelling sidewalks populated by drunken trouble makers and gangsta’s– but ………I didn’t want the neighborhood to turn into West Hollywood !!!!!!

  3. Agree, can’t see this working with no parking in that location.

  4. Chris- the new Pazzo Gelato location that opened recently in the bottom floor of the Citibank building is much more delicious and affordable. They also are doing a lot of deals and sales recently if you check their twitter page. They had $1 scoops 2 Fridays ago, and had a buy one, get one free on all their gelato (including pints to take home).

  5. The idea doesn’t really appeal to me, but those weird lofts they’re going to put this lounge/veggie restaurant never did either. Hell, it might just take off with the kind of people that don’t appeal to me either. I admittedly have difficulty understanding a lot of what becomes successful in this town.

  6. pete is my hero.

  7. Pete, Mohawk Bend is not a veggie restaurant, they serve meat.

    chris, looks like Kind Creme is doing decent business so people are obviously willing to pay the prices (though I agree they’re a bit too high). The restaurant in that location (Sage) actually has pretty reasonable prices for what you get.

    Don’t worry folks, you’ll still have plenty of spots to get your meat fix.

  8. Luckily the kind of clientele they are going after will either walk to there or ride their fixies. And the runoff from the “it’s too busy @ Mohawk Bend.”

  9. I am not a big meat eater and I do not eat red meat but if EP gets another vegan place I am going to start wishing for a barbecue joint that belches out the smokey scent of singed flesh down Sunset Blvd. to counter balance the “green” food trend.

    As for Kind Creme, I tried it for the first time last week., paying $4 for a tiny dollop of cold stuff that wasn’t that exciting. A few nights later I visited EP’s Pazzo Gelato and had a MUCH better desert experience.

  10. …..what I meant was “dessert” experience!

  11. What do you get when a vegetarian DJ and a downtown bar owner join forces? Answer: diarrhea.

  12. I live a couple blocks away and look forward to trying this place. Love new places within walking distance!
    Luckily all you haters will be at home writing snotty, mean-spirited comments and not crowding up the place.

  13. I think if it is not too expensive it might do well. Especially since they will have take-away options. Tons of people walk by to and from public transport. And if I’m not mistaken it does have underground parking. There are two driveways. I was under the assumption that one was for residences, the other the future businesses. I don’t know why people complain so much. I’m not vegan but I prefer this to empty storefronts. If you want BBQ, open a BBQ place there. Ultimately, if there’s no clientele for another vegan place, it will close and another place will try their luck. That’s the nature of things. That said, I was really hoping for a cheap Mediterranean place.

  14. Ryan. Bro.

    Poop joke.


  15. If you crave the smokey scent of singed flesh on Sunset Blvd, then you, my friend, have never walked down Sunset Blvd. You should try it sometime.

    You might start at El Flamin’ Taco, less than 10 feet from this new place. They have a gigantic rotating meat spit which quite literally belches out a cloud a burnt flesh over the entire area.

    Serious question: where the hell do you people come up with your bizarre complaints? Is this entire website actually a badly performed monty python sketch?

  16. Te comment threads here are almost guaranteed to become a skeetshootapalooza. New restaurant? Silver Lake Meadow? Disabled puppies? Pull! BANG!

  17. Dear Angelenos,



    Everyone who gives a s*** about the environment.

  18. I think maybe its the location that rubs people the wrong way, not necessarily the restaurant itself. Well for me at least thats what it does!! Those lofts are just aggravating, I dont know if its because they charge $3000 a month to live next door to a car wash, or if because its modern and quite Downtown LA South Park-ish, taking away the very essence of Echo Park which is an older, charming community trying to embrace the beauty it once was.

  19. i really don’t get the animosity directed towards a vegetarian restaurant. why do you guys care if they serve meat or not? according to many of you, you wouldn’t patronize any echo park business that was opened after 1973 anyways; so why complain about a restaurant you won’t be a customer of? every time I read the comments on this blog, I feel like I am getting an inside glimpse of the next generation of pissy old people who bully people at bus stops.

  20. ash, I’m sorry but you and your ilk clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about the charm and beauty of bygone Echo Park.

    Lucy’s continues it’s downward slide into truck stop abomination? Crickets. Giant red clown sign for “HIT BARGAIN”? Whatever. Walgreens puts up a huge dancing Pepsi logo? Yawn. Barragan’s belches out a thousand margarita-soaked bros onto the streets every single Wednesday? Ho hum. The megachurch demolishes some more property? Zzzzz.

    A small vegetarian restaurant might open?
    OMG!!! ECHO PARK IS DYING!!!!1!1!

    You don’t care about making Echo Park better or keeping it how it used to be. You care about whatever makes you feel personally insecure. It’s sad.

  21. I agree with WTF! Why the hostility towards a new business opening up in a vacant space?! We are in a down economy and these folks are choosing to invest in our neighborhood! I don’t particularly care for the trend toward vegetarian restaurants since I do enjoy meat when I eat out, but luckily there are plenty of other options nearby! I get really annoyed when people glom onto some nostalgic bygone era. Echo Park is safer and more enjoyable now than
    It’s been in a long time. Change can be a good thing. Welcome to the neighborhood Goura and Raffi and good luck!

  22. PParker van Echo

    for thems that wants to eat sumthun grilled and tasty which once had a beating heart. Then don’t forget about your buddy down the way, please.
    Hop on your bike and coast down the road a few blocks.

    Come’On. Go enjoy yoyurselves some T-GEORGE!!

  23. @pete – on that corner, there’s Burrito King, Pizza Buona, a regular taco truck, and Taix two doors down. None of them are remotely vegetarian.

    Sounds like someone’s wearing “never been to Echo Park” pants.

  24. @lando There is also ELF on that same corner that is 100% vegetarian, Mohawk bend that is about 85% vegan/vegetarian (look at the menu….you will not see any chicken or a “burger” on there) . SO yes, this would be a third.

    Does anyone know what they are so quickly errecting right across the street from the south west corner of the park? Is this another unnecessary fancy condo highrise building?

  25. @hoochie-What I meant to say is that the architecturelly its just another modern condo- loft construction that I think rubs peoplethe wrong way. Youre right about those other structures that are pretty dumpy, and it would have been nice to do something else besides that design. It works for say DTLA but for some reason it just doesnt sit right in Echo Park. I dont mind new shops and places to eat, but when I see what Mohawk Bend did that seemed to work more so than throwing a huge overpriced loft structure in the middle of Alvarado next to the car wash and a taco truck. Surely theres some middle ground!!

  26. @Local

    I was interpreting the term “corner” to mean things at or near the “corner.” But if you’d prefer to interpret it as “somewhere in a four city block area” that is your prerogative.

    Given your broader spatial interpretation of @pete’s critique, there are at least 10 food vendors in that four block area, two of which are mostly vegetarian, only one of them exclusively. So I submit to you that having less than 30% of the food vendors on in this expanded “corner” area serving primarily vegetarian food is hardly a massive takeover.

    And given the line out the door demand at Elf and Mohawk compared to meat heavy places like Burrito King and Costa Allegre, the obvious commercial potential for a new vegetarian restaurant in the area could best be summarized as: “DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

    Regarding the new construction on the North-West corner of the park (there is none on the South-West), that is the megachurch, building more megachurch crap.

    See above RE: “no one gives a rats ass unless it’s a hip new restaurant.”

  27. @hoochie

    My mistake….it IS the North-west corner, you are correct. Thanks for the information about what is being built there.

    As far as the Vegetarian vs. non-veg establishments…..I was not saying that I don’t think that Echo Park should not have another Vegetarian establishment. Nor was I giving my opinion as to what I think Echo Park should or shouldn’t have. Was just merely stating a comment/fact in regards to @lando’s comment.

    If you want to get specific on the logistics of constitutes a “corner”…..ELF and Mohawk Bend are just as far away from this high rise as Taix which is what @Lando was commenting existed on that corner. I was merely adding that there are more establishments within that same radius. Two of which are either mostly veg or fully veg.

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