Trash truck tumbles into Lincoln Heights front yard *

A driver of a city sanitation truck was injured this morning after his truck crashed into the front yard of a Lincoln Heights home.  Maria Paredes said she and her family were in the back of the house in the 2500 block of Johnston Street singing “Happy Birthday” to her husband when they heard the crash.  “We all came out running … there was a lot of smoke,” she said. What they found was a green Bureau of Sanitation truck that had tumbled into their front yard, knocking down a  fence and smashing the window awnings on the front of the house.  Parades said a relative with a two-year-old were in the front of the house watching TV when the crash took place but no one in the house suffered injuries.

Neighbors said the crash happened at about 10:30 a.m. as the truck was coming down a steep hill on Minnesota Street where it meets Johnston. One neighbor said he saw the driver of the truck emerge from the window of the vehicle. He was walking around but bleeding, said Steven Pineda, who lives at the corner of Minnesota and Johnston.

Two large cranes has lifted the truck out of the front yard by about 1 p.m.

* Update at 3:28 p.m.: The truck allegedly lost its brakes as it was headed down hill on Minnesota Street, according to preliminary information provided by Bureau of Public Works spokesman Richard Lee. The driver, Arthur Sanchez, tried evasive maneuvers but lost control of the truck, which flipped on its left side and slid into the yard of the Johnston Street home.  Sanchez was taken to L.A.County USC -Medical Center for observation.

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  1. You know …. the trash trucks on the Baxter hill aways make me nervous …

  2. Glad nobody got hurt.

  3. Your photo and story of this accident brought back some childhood memories. I grew up in Lincoln Heights from the late 30’s through the mid 50’s. Our house fronted on Terry Place and the back yard extended up to Minnesota. When I was growing up there, a car got loose coming down Minnesota (just like the sanitation truck) and crashed into that very same house. I do not recall what injuries (fatalities?) occurred. But the city then put up a steel barrier to protect that house. In one of your pictures, one can clearly see the torn up barrier. Our back yard was “two houses up” from Johnston on Minnesota. And before the accident that led to the construction of the protective barrier, and while I was a child, another car got loose and crashed down off of Minnesota, through our yard and that of our neighbor. Fortunately no one was in the car and no one below was injured. But after that incident, my father found a source of some large tree stumps and buried them a few feet apart up along our property line on Minnesota.

    Incidentally, some time ago I discovered (using a frame by frame examination of a DVD of the movie “Fracture” and starring Anthony Hopkins) that a number of scenes in the movie were filmed looking down (West toward the accident site) Minnesota and also out across the city from the corner of Minnesota and Prewett Streets. This is at the very top of Minnesota.

  4. Really cool to read your story too Ed. Actually, there is no barrier in front of the property it swerved into. Perhaps they will consider extending the existing one outwards now. This is the third time this has happened I was told by one of the property owners

  5. Beliieve it or not that is my grandmothers old house they are deciest i had alot of good memories their at that house..

  6. I just found this page/site today!

    We live right above that site on that very steep hill and heard both crashes (once when it fell and once when it slid into the neighbors fence) right when it happened! We took amazing photos of the entire process from our balcony over looking the incident… It took two tow trucks to flip it and they still have not fixed the fence!

    I’m not sure if the tow truck driver is the same person every time it passes through but the trucks always come down very fast. An elderly couple who live up on the hill asked a young trash truck worker if he could somehow keep from throwing their trash cans because they roll down the steep hill and it becomes very difficult to retrieve since the couple are in their 70’s. The Trash truck worker just said no and said that there was nothing they could do about it!

    We didn’t put out our trash that day and neither did the neighbor below us…
    Later we wondered if that would have helped to slow the truck down enough to avoid the incident…
    I guess we will never know, thank goodness no one was killed or seriously injured

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