White is out and beige is in at Angelus Temple

The color scheme of  the nearly 90-year-old Angelus Temple has been for the most part a relatively simple affair over the decades: a dome of silver or light gray rising above curving walls and columns of white. This week, however, a crew of painters began slathering the Echo Park church founded by evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson in a new color scheme that seems inspired by the shades of the giant new parking garage next door. One worker said it will take 250 gallons of paint (which seems kind of small) to cover the church, a National Historic Landmark,  in three different colors: Egyptian Sand, Desert Suede and Trite White. What would Sister Aimee think?

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  1. call me crazy, but the color it’s being painted looks pretty close to the color on this old postcard:


    now, old-timey postcards weren’t always the most accurate, color-wise, so it may very well have been white for its entire history – i don’t know. but i found it interesting, nonetheless!

  2. @ Mark. I saw some of those postcards, many of which are colorized or tinted. It could be that Angelus Temple may have been painted an off-white at some point but most photos show it as a white-walled structure over the decades.

  3. $50 000 paint job? They sure do have/profit a lot of money!! 6 million $ parking garage..only for their use. 10 million $ old old person home..(after tearing down several craftsmen) ..are they low income? Will the tenants pay rent? The Huge eyesore of an office building.. any rental income there? The craftsmen they dumped on another empty lot (eyesore).. I assume they own that lot also? Seems that churches (all religions) have even more money than the ultra rich…pay even less taxes than they do and morally are not much ahead!

  4. they don’t pay taxes

  5. The paint job and parking structure was part of the budget. Their donations have dropped because of the bad economy, but this is planned and saved for. They were raising additional funds for years just for a new parking structure and family center. Angelus doesn’t want to be an eyesore or a liability to the community.

    Religious or not, the Dream Center and the AT have done so much for Echo Park and surrounding communities. I grew up in Echo Park, and very much appreciate them.

    I like the new paint job.

  6. Just curious, l – what is it they’ve done for Echo Park?

  7. “They were raising additional funds for years just for a new parking structure and family center. Angelus doesn’t want to be an eyesore or a liability to the community. ”
    Wow..they manged to raise $15 000 000- $20 000 000 in additional tax free funds. Thats quite a bit of change. I would say the CitiBank building and the new (low income..not really) housing are both eyesores. The Craftmen the city would not let them tear down..is quite an eye soar sitting on one of their many empty lots..
    What would happen if people would discover that god does not exist? All those buildings of worship turned into schools, housing, libraries… if the monies were actually used to help the masses.. not lie to them.

  8. In the last couple years the Angelus Temple organization has built a new retirement housing facility, a new multi-level parking structure and now they are giving the old foursquare a fresh paint job.

    They certainly have been saving up the donations. These are substantial projects that are now complete.

    Still a person has to wonder . Maybe they do have God at their side – considering all they have built and yet the costs are still less than half what we need to spend to drain, patch and refill Echo Park Lake next door to Angelus Temple.

    Either Angelus has God at their side.

    Or the Devil got his hand in the $65 million bond money to tidy-up Echo Park Lake.

  9. Nessie, I agree with your comment 100%

  10. Not sure what Loch Nessie is saying..if anything. So how have they helped the Echo Park community? They have God on their side..because they could spend $15 000 000-$20 000 on themselves? I do agree that the lake clean up seems too expensive… but in no way can you compare the budget of dream center to the size of the project to clean up the lake (apples and oranges). Furthermore… cleaning up the Echo Park Lake is for the community of Echo Park. Angelus temple is not..

  11. Did Angelus Temple and it’s “community” donate a single penny towards the Echo Park Lake clean up? Oh, thats right…they don’t pay any taxes.

  12. Parking Structure Genius

    Paint job actually only costs $6,000. They had people from the community that they helped that donated their time to help restore the building.

    Back in the day, Aimee Semple McPherson started a radio station for her services, which Foursquare sold and used the money to build several outreach facilities that house and feed homeless people of Los Angeles.

    The money profited from selling the radio station was used to fund the parking structure. They did not spend money that was “profited from non taxes” or any other stupid remarks that you people have made.

    And the Dream Center & Angelus Temple give away over 20,000 presents every christmas to less fortunate families, over 8,000 bicycles to kids who would never be able to afford one, over 10,000 turkeys at thanksgiving, over 1,000,000 lbs of food per month to families all throughout LA who can’t afford to buy food for their families, a clothing store that gives away several thousands of articles of clothing every single month for free to homeless people, they house over 300 people getting off drugs and alcohol and helping them rehabilitate themselves to recovery, and to top it all off, their efforts and donations helped keep over 250 families from being split apart by the department of child family services by giving them the necessities they need to keep their family together.

    Before you start guessing on what they spent, or what they do or “profit” from, learn your facts. they help more people than you could ever dream of helping, and they do it all with out ever asking for anything in return. if you doubt it, go visit their campus. 2301 Bellevue Ave. go and ask anyone you see how much they do for the community. you honestly have no idea.

    crime has dropped almost 90% since the Dream Center and Angelus Temple has been there. The mayor has even recognized them for their contribution to the city.

    wow. if you only knew. what have you done for your community lately???

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