A bad break for Echo Park Lake’s slanted palm tree

One of the unofficial landmarks of Echo Park Lake was an old palm tree in the northeast corner of the park  (photo at right) that had over the decades come to lean low to the ground as if inviting passersby to hop on and take a seat.  This morning, residents who live near the park awoke to find that the slanted palm tree had collapsed behind the construction fencing erected for the lake’s $64 million clean up. Perry Daniel, who took the photos of the broken tree, was not happy:

I live right across from the park and woke up this morning to find that the famed slanted tree of Echo Park Lake had fallen during the night. With all the changes taking place in the park these days I never know what to expect but this was a total shock. It looks like it was a natural break and not the result of a cut. This tree had such character and was such a unique park treasure. I’m glad that no one was hurt though. I know it’ll be missed.

Top photo by Perry Daniel; bottom photo from Google Maps

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  1. Doesn’t look like a natural break to me. That would require no human interaction. Reeks of late night shenanigans. I guess it is one of those trees you would naturally want to climb.

  2. That’s too bad. Rip tree.

  3. I live nearby and heard a rustic crash in the night, around 3am. It must have been that palm’s demise, surely it had a verdant and vertuous life though.

  4. Although, walking by last night I also saw that there was some cut sections of palms…

  5. That was a special tree – sad to see it go.

  6. MK, what does a rustic crash sound like?

  7. I think MK means the sound where you hear a sort of tearing noise before the actual crack of the break…there’s a sort of creaky hinge noise that you often hear when a part of a tree starts to lose its strength…part of it is stretching and part isn’t…the part that isn’t, breaks. I think you can have ‘rustic’ noises in a city because they’re coming from a natural, living organism.

  8. So when I hear two guys walking down Sunset, having a conversation, is that a rustic noise?

  9. No, only if you’re in the Park.

  10. Wow, I live in Nebraska and like to keep up on news of my old neighborhood and I must say echo park will not be the same from here on. I at least hope they leave the trunk.

  11. After being recently victimized in the front of my house by someone who knocked over my tree, I’ve noticed quite a few trees that have ‘broken’. A few in Elysian Park and two on Sunset Blvd. Sorry to be a conspiracy theorist on this, but I really miss my tree!

  12. I’m going with Elfonso on this one, there’s no way that 100 year old palm tree could have just broken off naturally. it was a perfectly healthy tree, what a lame excuse for the destruction of this historical lake.

  13. okay…fess up, who sat on it ?

  14. My Sidter did, she said she didnt think it was gonna break. she’s only like a think 275LBS LOL

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