A Sunday morning of coyotes and carnage at (what remains of) Echo Park Lake

Photo from EchoParkLake.com

Dead duck; dead fish/Photo courtesy Thomas DeBoe

What’s going on behind that construction fence around Echo Park Lake? Perhaps you don’t want to know based on what Thomas DeBoe saw – and smelled – on a morning walk today.  As DeBoe circled the fenced-off park, which  is closed while the lake is being drained,  the Echo Park resident caught glimpses of a mauled duck, dead fish and a gaggle of terrified geese apparently being stalked by a coyote across the muddy lake bottom.  There was also a stench to be contended with. Here’s Deboe’s account of his 10 a.m. walk:

The smell from the Park Avenue side of the lake is almost unbearable.  I could only stay there for a couple of minutes.  When I came back to this point on my return, I had to cover my nose and try to hold my breath until I completed my turn up Echo Park Avenue.  After walking a few steps up Echo Park Avenue I saw a wild looking coyote, with its head down, stalking through the mud toward the island.  On the opposite side of the island were domestic geese frantically marching to nowhere for an escape.  Further down Echo Park Avenue near Bellevue Avenue, in the reminding water and mud, were nearly a hundred dead fish.  This was my Sunday morning scenic walk around the lake.


  1. Those idiots that are in charge of this project said they were going to protect the domestic fowl. 🙁

  2. The coyotes have been anticipating this for months!

  3. What about the turtles!! 🙁

  4. Those Damn Coyotes. it’s like watching the discovery channel in my back yard now. 🙁

  5. Hey-hey now, there’s a little Coyote in us all….
    and I’ll trade your coyote for my gophers!!

  6. Wasn’t the plan to relocate the domestic fowl? I know it was brought up prior to the project start that they would “literally be sitting ducks” for a coyote attack. I walked around the lake this afternoon and it was disgusting.Truly disgusting. So many dead fish and the smell was awful. Who’s job is it to clean up the dead rotting animals? So sad.

  7. i remember they were supposed to relocate the birds. they were also supposed to have a “nasty odor committee.” guess it’s a good thing they have the big green fence, or I’d have a lot of explaining to do to my kids whenever we passed by.

  8. Ask Mr. Garcetti, I am sure when this fiasco is all over and there is a new beautiful lake , he will have photos all over his mayoral brochures. That’s the way he rolls. He dosen’t care a hoot for animals or anything elese that gets in his way.

  9. too bad for the duck. good news for the coyote though. and life goes on…

  10. poop- from your numerous comments randomly condemning garcetti, i take it you aren’t a fan. though, might be you’d have a bit more credence if your name wasnt ‘poop’

  11. poor water birds! easy pickings for the coyotes no doubt. i’d like to know who is cleaning up this carnage.

  12. Poor Hipster Goose, killed by Willy E from EXP.

  13. You win some and you lose some. Do you you want a renovated park or no? That’s wildlife and I’m sure they tried hard to get all the animals safe to a new home and some did and some didn’t, that’s life deal with it. Let’s think about the future.

  14. Those aren’t “wildlife.” They are domesticated fowl who were dumped there and now they are defenseless!

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