Club Los Globos fades to black*

Club Los Globos, the Silver Lake nightclub that had long catered to a Latino clientele, today resembles a two-story high, stucco oil tanker as workers slap black paint across the Sunset Boulevard building. There  has been a  lot more changes inside, where work is still underway on the main floor. Meanwhile, upstairs, workers are putting the finishing touches on a black and red  lounge that will tonight host  a dance party and show by Glass Candy of  Echo Park Records.

It’s not clear if  Echo Park Records bought the building on Sunset Boulevard at Vendome Street but it is  involved in booking the space.  The Eastsider has contacted  Echo Park Records to find out who is running the place and who decided to paint the building black.

*Update: Alexis Rivera of Echo Park Records said his firm will be booking music and managing Los Globos for Steve Edelson, who owns El Cid and other Los Angeles area nightspots. Edelson purchased the property about two months ago. “It will be a couple of months before we are up and running,” said Rivera. ” We will be fixing the place up as much as we can.”

Rivera  said the plan is host book local bands and other acts in what used to a former American Legion Hall.  Work is underway to reopen the ground floor, which had been used mostly for storage, in addition to the upstairs lounge. “We will do something that is respectful and part of  the community.”

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  1. Makes me want to head to Minneapolis and see a show at First Avenue.

  2. I heard a rumor a while back that Spaceland productions was looking into taking over the place after Spaceland turned into Satellite.

  3. Mitchell Frank bought it.

  4. @Jeremy true rumor.

  5. @ Jeremy. Mitchell Frank of Spaceland said his firm is not involved with Los Globos.

  6. Black. How original and thoughtful.

  7. Way to go, Alexis.

    This neighborhood needs more cutting edge discos. Im serious! We have enough rock clubs and theres a lot of dance kids in town.

  8. Nothing says “respectful and part of the community” like a big ugly black building.

  9. so much character in there. I know old punkers that played there 25 years ago. can’t wait to see what happens next in there now.

  10. I don’t remember any punk bands playing there. You sure you’re not thinking of the On Club across the street? Regardless, this is good new for the neighborhood.

  11. The Glass Candy show there was amazing. I’m looking forward to more shows of the like!

  12. will campbell has it right on. the neighborhood can expect the club to have a soulless, poseur-driven aesthetic, and later, after the space has been exploited for as much $$ as possible, it will be quickly abandoned (and left in far worse shape than it was found).

    I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  13. Yeah, “part of the community”. Sure looks like it. If dripping black paint all over the sidewalks and slopping it across a building just to change things up is part of the community, I prefer detachment. Hopefully, the paint job is not a sign of things to come.

  14. Bubba my man, you remember the ON club!!! Those were the days. Now the home of some spa/facial place, the ON club was where I saw the gears, plugz and bags on more than one occasion. Although primarily a ska joint, it hosted many original LA punk band as well. The little cave next door was also amazingly cool as well, saw Darby crash their once before a gears show……Silver lake wha happened??

  15. once you go black, you never go back.

  16. that building looked like crap before so what if they painted it, eastsider blog has the largest group of whiney people.

  17. If they painted it blood red over the black, it would look killer.
    Actually, Silver Lake could use a place like Melkweg in Amsterdam – one floor live acts, second floor cabaret or dancing and detached art gallery, top floor, edible pot and smoking herb, for supreme clientele. We’ll get there.

  18. I think we could use a bit more positivity rollin around here, theres gonna be a rad show there tonight involving people from all around the city, just because a building is black doesnt mean that its not a community place, theyre rolling with a theme, looks pretty beautiful to me.

  19. jeez….the development pacman machine never ends….how many more nails does silverlake’s coffin need? This once incredible neighborhood has already been ravaged of all it’s character.

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