Councilman Garcetti to run for mayor

Councilman Eric Garcetti, whose 13th council district includes portions of Atwater, Echo Park and Silver Lake, today announced he will file papers to run for mayor.  It had long been presumed that Garcetti, who moved to Silver Lake from Echo Park earlier this year, would seek to replace Antonio Villaraigosa as mayor.  Garcetti has even played the role of L.A.’s mayor on TV. But, this morning, he made it official. Garcetti, on his Facebook page, said:

I made it official this morning and took out papers to run for Mayor. I love LA–the best city in the world–and it is time for focused leadership, innovation, and a vision to inspire this city. I hope to earn your support as we approach Election Day. Together, let’s put LA back on top.

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  1. YES!!!! I am so excited to vote for him! I can’t think of a better mayor for the City of Los Angeles! Good Luck Eric!

  2. Why do I feel like I’d vote against him for City Council, but would vote for him for mayor? Weird.

  3. I’m ambivalent about Garcetti but will most likely vote for him. The few times I’ve heard him in person he’s come off as a politician to the very core — every move and every public appearance very calculated and very fake. But he’s done a lot of great things for Silver Lake and I feel like, for the most part, he knows what he’s doing. He seems to excel at making little improvements in his district that affect everyday life (Silver Lake meadow, graffiti cleanup, new crosswalks) which is a great start.

  4. Thanks for the comments and the coverage. And Dave, come on by for an office hours visit sometime. I’m just an Angeleno, like you, and love this town. Thanks everyone and stay tuned…(sorry if I can’t reply to everything on the string that follows as I’ll be out and about today). All the best, Eric

  5. You have my vote, Mr. Garcetti, as long as you continue to work for everyday folks, and not entrenched business interests.

  6. no way. I wish bill rosendahl would run.

  7. I want to want to vote for him. I do like the meadow. Hmmm.

    Two other things:

    Open the public staircases that people have illegally locked! (please)

    The pedestrian crosswalk at Glendale & Branden St. needs some add’l signage or lights or something. People come off the 2 going 55, 65 mph – not the posted joke speed of 35mph. Ideally, there’d be some way to enforce the posted speed limit but failing that, it would be nice to avoid a near death experience every time you want to cross the street.

    BTW, Eastsider, any news lately on the 2 FWY terminus?

  8. Not impressed!!!!!!!

  9. After Obama, I have no more hope to give to fresh pols

  10. I’m excited. Hopefully he modernizes citizen access to services electronically, like he did with his iPhone app. I’ve used that app dozens of times to report graffiti, large items left on the curb, and other issues, and they’re always resolved so quickly, and it’s so much easier than calling someone to report an issue. There are so many city services that could be made easier and more accessible to interact with by creating an app for smart phones.

  11. I’m stoked! I hope he continues Villaragoisa’s push for new options in public transit. Hopefully Mr. Garcetti can be more effective…

  12. Mr garcetti will be a great mayor, great lafd and lapd supporter. Maybe he can help bring police chief McDowell back from long beach and get rid of beck and Michael Moore. Also hopefully he can stopped the shutdown of some firehouses.

  13. Marta:

    I will let Sally Martinez in my office know and see if we can get some additional signage up at Glendale and Branden. Cars are pretty crazy there. Thanks for writing.


  14. Echo Park resident

    @Dave – Garcetti seems to excel at making little improvements in his district that affect everyday life (Silver Lake meadow, graffiti cleanup, new crosswalks) *for his wealthier constituents.*

  15. I’m excited that Eric’s running. He’s not just a great leader for our district – he and his staffers are accessible and help us regular folks when we come to them with problems in the neighborhood.

    We need a mayor with a vision for bringing LA forward, yet who also understands he needs to have his ears and staff on the ground to understand what’s happening presently.

  16. I think Garcetti sucks. He’s all bout shallowness. He’s all about self-promotion, never misses a photos op. And he has done little for the district. He touts himself as the great liberal, but rousts the homeless and throws them in jail. He undermines renters and sides with landlords at ever turn (he even IS a landlord, and a gouging one at that, renting his former Echo Park house for around $4,50 a month! I have to wonder if that is a campaign contributor — or should I say briber — paying such exhorbitant rent.) He won’t evenn do anything for Elysian Park, using the smoke screen that it is out of his district, but watch him cross district lines for his photo ops every time there is a homeless person to roust around Silver Lake or a police action to support and take credit for, whether he had anything to do with it or not.

    Garcetti suck.

  17. $4,50 for rent! That’s a deal! Thats less than a combo at mcdonalds! Lol.

  18. Thanks for the response, Councilman Garcetti. It’s really like crossing a freeway – 6 lanes and all. I appreciate any effort to make it safer!

  19. No way, man. That guy shuts down rad DIY venues and avante garde club nights. Not cool. Not getting my vote.

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