Echo Park traffic accident leaves three girls with serious injuries

The three girls  – two of whom are sisters – were struck by a car at about 8 a.m.  in the 1400 block of Temple Street near Laveta Terrace, according to KTLA. The motorist said she was blinded by the sun when her vehicle struck the pedestrians who were in the crosswalk. All three girls – ages 5, 10 and 16 – were in serious condition.

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  1. I know these 3 girls. They use to be my neighbors and the 10 yr old is my daughters good friend. What a tragedy, may god be with them and their family members.

  2. Is there anything we can do to help?

  3. Blinded by the sun at 8am??? I would check the driver’s twitter/facebook status around the time of the accident.

  4. This is really unfortunate, but being “blinded by the sun” is a poor excuse – when a driver approaches any legal crosswalk (marked or unmarked), they must be prepared to stop for pedestrians. If your visibility is compromised, all the more reason to slow down.

  5. Yeah, bullshit excuse. If you can’t see, slow down. Even if you have to slow to a crawl. Never ASSume.

  6. I’m wondering if all the girls were on their way to school? Went to the KTLA site and saw this quote “Witnesses say they have complained about the dangerous intersection in the past and have repeatedly asked the city for a stop light.”

    It is tragic how dangerous our streets are for those not traveling in cars in Los Angeles. I really hope we find the leadership and vision to change this soon. As is commonly said, Streets for people not just cars. I saw a pedestrian who was hit in front of house of spirits last week – so scary. He had a badly broken leg and went to the hospital. I wish for a full and speedy recovery for these three girls. And for the City to look at what can be done to make this safer.

  7. What a horrible day for the girls’ parents. I hope they took the girls to Children’s, but wherever they are, I hope they receive excellent care and that the driver is comprehensively insured to cover *all* medical expenses.

  8. SORRY FOLKS. But this woman NEEDS to be arrested and booked. Not being able to see? What a STUPID excuse. Our city attorney or whomever is in charge of bringing charges needs to do something about pedestrian safety! We can’t keep letting drivers off scott free when they hit people in crosswalks! How many times have people been hit or killed in crosswalks THIS YEAR?!?! Who do we need to scream at at the top of our lungs to do something about this epidemic!

  9. Let’s not thrust all our anger onto this one woman, who is likely in hell right now but channel it into action so we can prevent this from happening again

    . This is so tragic — as a parent, accidents like this gut me and I hope the girls come out of this quickly and okay. However, you never know the exact circumstances of any situation unless you were there and the only thing clear is that this wasn’t intentional. and thank god it wasn’t a hit and run. Let’s help these girls by forcing our representation to act. And let’s also take a minute to reflect on how we ALL make mistakes and I’m certain there’s something we can each do to be a little more safe and aware when we’re driving. I’m sure we’ve all been nothing but lucky to avoid a horrible accident in our lives — none of these poor souls were lucky today, none of the four of them. My love goes out to them.

  10. To the eastsider I just would like to report a crime that just happened on alvarado and Montana a woman was robbed by two cowards driving a late model escalade or suburban gold in color with paper plates which said villa nueva they were Hispanics one driver and a passenger in the back seat. The lady was walking they parked on the turning lane passenger got out and snatched her chain and hit her in the face they left made a right towards Alvarado and Glendale merge

  11. Autumn. I understand the need for compassion especially when we have a traffic grid that practically encourages people to speed and ignore crosswalks. The attitude of our driving public is “well they shouldn’t have been in the street” or “its so tragic for everyone.” The blame the victim mentality needs to STOP. We should not have a society hemmed in by zooming irreverent car drivers! We NEED a society in which people can feel safe a comfortable choosing “alternate” forms of transportation. You know, using your own two feet to get around. It’s good for our health and it’s safer for our kids.

    Look at the photo of the car! She was SPEEDING. Her windshield is smashed in! How irresponsible. SLOW DOWN. This driver and all drivers need to get the message. If you can’t see. You need to immediately SLOW DOWN or STOP until you can establish sight of the road. You are driving a 4000lb killing machine and to proceed forward is a life and death decision that needs to have real consequences not just “oh how sad that those kids were crossing the street.”

    There is little to no real enforcement of traffic laws in this city. Do a google search and TRY to find one instance where a person was cited for killing or hitting a person in a crosswalk. Google “los angeles pedestrian killed in crosswalk” and find me one case (of hundreds of results) that a driver was cited. It’s just plain heinous that drivers are not being held accountable. Without proper enforcement of our laws – meaning real consequences for speeding through the streets and ignoring crosswalks – the KILLING and maiming will continue.

    Now I’m not asking for this particular driver’s head. I’m asking that she be arrested and booked and I’m asking that all drivers face that same fate. I’m asking that the LADOT stop making it easier to speed around our densely populated areas. I’m asking that the police do more to stop speeders. Just because you are in a car does not make you immune to criminal charges. We need to get over that.

  12. I have lived in that area where all those accidents have happen for the past 17 years. I can’t justify her for saying she was blinded by the sun because that has been the reason for most of the accidents. Some have not even been speeding at the time. Unless you drive through there you wouldn’t understand. This is a hill on a very very busy main street. Those kids were crossing to go to school in the morning and yes that crosswalk is used by many kids because the only light there is about 2 blocks away towards Glendale Blvd. or a block away towards the Echo Park library. Kids seem to like that crosswalk but like me who tends to use it to go through the tunnel to Echo Park lake, I make sure both lights are red and there is no incoming traffic as I have three children of my own and do know the dangers of that crosswalk. The bus used to stop in that corner on Temple and Patton St. but due to the previous deaths a light was put near the elementary school and library and the bus stop was changed to that area. My son goes to the same school the little ones go to and I hope they recover from their injuries and that I would sign another petition to put a crosswalk with lights in order for this not to happen again.

  13. I drive through there and I ride through there a lot. It’s a dense area. I’m familiar with this exact stretch of road. The point is that even if we are not familiar with a street in fact especially if we are not familiar with a street, the means we NEED TO SLOW DOWN and drive with caution with even more vigor. Too many times people just carelessly speed through the streets without even thinking about the neighborhoods they rumble through! Enough is enough. You know what the LADOT’s policy is? They like to REMOVE crosswalks because they claim incidents like these prove that they are unsafe. This is backwards logic! Incidents like these prove that we need to have drivers held MORE accountable for speeding and for driving like carless idiots. If the public got the message that there is little tolerance for driving like a speeding maniac in a 4000lb cage they would SLOW THE HELL down. It should cost more money and consequences to be driving a car than it does. Licenses are rarely revoked for anything other than drunk driving. That needs to CHANGE. Right now it is nearly impossible for a driver to lose their license completely. The law allows you to drive to work even with a suspended license from what I understand. That’s BS. The law allows a hit and run driver to retain their license. THAT’ S BS!

    Drivers. SLOW DOWN and watch where you are going. BOTTOM LINE. There is NO excuse to keep running over pedestrians in corsswalks and unmarked crosswalks. NO EXCUSE. If you are approaching a dense area. SLOW DOWN. IF YOU CANT SEE? SLOW DOWN OR STOP UNTIL YOU CAN.

  14. Scary, I hope these kids are gonna be ok!

    @victorius2102, @ROADBLOCK: This seems like an ideal spot for pedestrian activated crossing signals… LADOT absolutely encourages speeding with their highway road designs throughout central LA. And plenty of drivers in this city don’t even look for pedestrians at intersections – they just gun it from light to light.

    @Autumn: Fair point, we should definitely reserve judgement… let’s hope they recover quickly and a thorough investigation occurs. But keep in mind that the speed limit on that stretch of Temple is 25mph (although posted signage is pretty sparse), so if the driver wasn’t speeding and the sun blinded her momentarily, logic would dictate slowing to 20 or even 15 until a line of sight was regained… had that been the case, would these children be hospitalized in serious condition?

  15. @ corner soul…. sure. we can bandaid this particular intersection with a pedestrian activated crosswalk. and IF the LADOT does it, they better make it a RED light and not one of those bogus flashing yellow lights. BUT what are we going to do about the thousands of other intersections that are currently unsafe because of ignorant speeding distracted drivers?

  16. Its 35 mph in that area, and 25 mph up by the school. If you saw the image of the damages to the car, I would have to say that she was speeding. I hope that these kids have a speedy recovery. I feel sorry for the driver, because I doubt that she has enough coverage on her insurance policy to cover the medical expenses for three injured people. She will be sued for the difference, which could be substantial. This should teach her a lesson, to not speed in the future.

  17. @ROADBLOCK: I agree, it’s a systemic and cultural problem that needs to be addressed from the top down. I don’t think there’s any legitimate reason why streets in the central city should have a speed limit above 25mph or crosswalks unpainted/removed (especially considering our superfluous freeway network). Unfortunately, LADOT and CalTrans doesn’t really look at our city/streets in the context of pedestrian safety or urban community, but as a sewer-like grid of highways and arterials to speed as many cars in and out of as quickly as possible.

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