Got room in your photo album for 720 shots a day of Echo Park Lake?

Photo from EchoParkLake.com

The nearly two-year-long clean up of Echo Park Lake will result in some dramatic changes to the historic heart of Echo Park, including the draining and refilling of the lake and the cutting down and replanting of trees. The changes underway got two Echo Park residents to thinking how to best document this dramatic makeover. The result is an automated web camera  located west of the lake that has been taking photos every two minutes since the middle of July.   The camera will keep taking photos – 720 a day or  21,600 a month – until the project is completed, with the  images being posted on EchoParkLake.com.

The pair behind EchoParkLake.com prefer to be known by their aliases, Mr. Rollerzz and Rev. Mook.  Rev. Mook provides some background:

 We’re both long time Echo Park residents. We know each other from riding bikes together and we’re both photography enthusiasts. We were having a few beers and discussing the lake renovation and how best to document it. I [Mr. Rollerzz] was originally planning a series of still photos (maybe all from the same or similar angles), but then Rev. Mook said, “wouldn’t a webcam be cool?”. Being an open source software enthusiast I [Rev. Mook] figured I could make it happen.
Eventually, time-lapse videos of the images will also be posted on the site.   Mr. Rollerzz and Rev. Mook spent about $200 for the web cam equipment and anticipate spending about $1,000 in web server fees over the life of the project.


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  1. Thumbs up. Passed by last night, peeked in through openings in netting, very sorry to see the old leaning palm on NE end has been beheaded.

  2. Glad it will be documented, at least.

  3. rad! I’ve been watching and taking pict’s myself – glad to hear one spot will capture it all.

    I heart EP Lake – even when it’s closed 😉

  4. Awesome job. I’ve been coming to this lake since I was big enough to feed the ducks on my own. Gonna miss it despite getting a new lake… it’ll never be my Echo Park Lake.

  5. So psyched to see this up and running and I’ll be looking forward to future timelapse vids.

  6. Very cool! Can’t wait to see it unfold.

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