Last call at Silver Lake’s Coffee Table

Silver Lake’s Coffee Table closed its doors on Sunday after 14 years in business as workers and customers hugged each other goodbye and wrote down their best wishes and farewells in a binder. The Rowena Avenue coffee houses abruptly announced its closure earlier this month after a new property owner gave the Coffee Table owners a notice to move out (The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock remains open).  On Sunday, there were signs amid the balloons and ribbons requesting that customers ask the new landlord, Miami-based 15 Group, to extend the lease.  The property had once been the site of a proposed 60-unit condo complex but it’s not clear what the new landlord  has in mind for the Coffee Table building and adjacent lots.

The Silver Lake Coffee Table may have  closed  but its fans will be able to buy a souvenir.  The cafe’s colorful mosaic tables will be sold off on Tuesday beginning at 10 a.m.

Photos by Jesse Saucedo

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  1. This is so sad!! I cannot imagine some huge condo complex there…it just wouldn’t “fit”.

  2. Please.

    It’s a coffee house. Just like the one three buildings away and the one down the block.

    And as far as not imagining a new “huge condo complex” there, I’ll bet you your vintage New Balance tennis shoes and faux Fedora from urban Outfitters that ever unit will be filled by several of your hipster loser brethren and they won’t have any issue with their new digs sitting atop the Coffee Table burial ground. Becuase they’ll just be going to another coffee shop.

    You know…. like the one three buildings away.


  3. The only constant is change.

  4. This place is expensive and the coffee sucks… I can think of a million places to go before going here. If it turned into a starbucks, it wouldn’t surprise me. Good riddance.

  5. It’s a good thing you bark away from behind a computer. You must be a miserable, negative creep to know in real life.

  6. ATTN: DJ Bento Box

    Community can do without your constant pessimism and criticism of your neighbors. A great independent business is a rarity these days. If you’re going to brush off the hard work and dedication of many to serve members of your community (as well as the forced closure of one of your neighbor’s decade-plus projects), do so in your own head.

    It doesn’t matter who Coffee Table served, only that it served the people of its community so happily for many years. And to many, it will be dearly missed.

    R.I.P. Silver Lake Coffee Table.

  7. That’s @heybeccahey in the picture. She looks so sad!

  8. I live close to this place and must say I think people went there because of the patio and the vibe. I would call the cuisine “life sustaining” and that’s about it. Sorry that they are being forced out of business. I can’t cry over Coffee Table’s demise because I am still shedding tears over the “Whole Foods Hoax”.

  9. BK, SCP,

    You really think DJ cares? He’s just having a laugh. I guarantee he’s one of the “cool kids” in the community. A sense of humor and a biting tongue are hallmarks of coffee sipping libertine. If he really bothers you, ignore.

  10. Yeah – saying nasty things about the forced closing/final day of business of a place someone put years of their life energy and savings into (nevermind all the people who enjoyed it regularly) in one of the worst economies in generations is really funny stuff indeed. Shall we also laugh about the folks who are now out of a job?

    In my opinion there are things in life to laugh about and have fun with. Livelihoods imperiled are not among those things.

    Thanks to the Coffee Table for years of enjoyment and for their part in making Rowena a better place.

  11. Wow why so many jerks on this board? I guess their momies didn’t
    love them.

  12. hey BENTO

    you seem to enjoy putting down alot of people
    and enjoy putting down what alot of people enjoy

    you seriously NEED A LIFE

  13. DJ Bento Box is a one way communication ‘box’.

    He/She only spouts the megaphone in one direction.

    When posed with direct and simple questions, DJ stops posting in that thread.

    I.E., Re; DJ’s consistent use of the word ‘hipsters’ as a apparent insult.

    I specifically asked DJ to define what a ‘hipster’ is to him/her.

    No answer.

    I specifically asked mr/mrs ‘cooler than hipster’ DJ to tell us where he/she goes to shop/eat/drink that is soooo much better (cooler?) than ALL the places that are often mentioned and criticized as ‘too hipster’ by DJ (in the eastsider blog)?

    No answer.

    DJ Bento appears to run and hide like a right wing politician after a ‘GOTCHA’ question.

    I think DJ Bento is a 72 year old grumpy old man posting from his suburban track house in simi valley. Obviously ‘DJ’ doesn’t stand for ‘Disc Jockey’, it stands for ‘Dumb Jerk’.

    Anyway DJ, my questions above were serious questions. I dare you to answer them, like I dared you before…..

  14. DJ Bento Box, why are you such a troll. You have never said a single nice thing on this blog. Please go away.

  15. DJ Bento Box – has alot in common with someone by the name of Craiguy who creeps around with his “camera” an his nasty attitute.

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