Lost: Silver Lake Maltese named Saks

Submitted by Anthony M:

Hello my girlfriend and I are in need of some help.  Yesterday we lost a very precious dog named Saks.  My girlfriend ran the LA Triathlon yesterday and we left at about 6:15am she did amazing even placed in her division.  What was to be a day filled with celebration and joy quickly turned into sadness when we arrived home to find the dog missing.  We have put posters up all over the area of SilverLake Blvd and talked to many people.


Saks, White Maltese
About 7 pounds
Well groomed and has a bushy tail.
She is about 7 years old. Loves Treats.  Very friendly but very shy.
Last seen on Silverlake blvd (1700 block)
Disappeared between 6:15am and 1:30pm on Sunday September 25th 2001
She is microchipped and registered with Homeagain.com if found please call either Homeagain at 1-888-466-3242 or Jenna at 323-359-5691.

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  1. Have you put an ad on Craigslist? If not, please be sure to post in both the Pets and Lost and Found sections. Saks is adorable. Good luck. Keep us posted.

  2. Here is an update.
    Last night we spoke to a fellow dog owner (friend) who gave us the following information
    Saks was seen Sunday Morning at approximately 6:45 am. She was observed to be confused and a bit scared. Our friend tried to pick up Saks but Saks ran across the street. Mostly because of the Pit bull she walks (Saks is nervous around big dogs.) Our friend walked up the street and noticed Saks run across the street again and back to the foot of our residence. At this point an unknown good sumaritan was able to pick up Saks. After a brief conversation between the two ladies Saks was carried away by this good sumaritan. We are asking anyone with information regarding the below description of her to call us so we can potentially be reunited with Saks.

    Sex: Female
    Race: Hispanic
    Age: Approximately 35-40 years old.
    Height: Average height
    Seen regularly walking two dogs.
    One dog is a tan to brown Poodle
    the other is a small black dog. Unknown breed

    If you have any information or know this person please call us immediately so we can maybe get in contact. If you are this person that has Saks or knows where she is please don’t hesitate to call us at the numbers below
    Anthony 805.824.7867
    Jenna 323.359.5691

    Please do the right thing and help us get Saks back home. We don’t care as to why this was done and will offer and pay a reward for her safe return.

  3. I just spoke with Jenna, but I wanted to post what I told her up here as well:

    Walking our dog yesterday morning at approximately 6a.m., my wife and I saw a dog that appears similar to Saks’ description trotting northbound in the street up the block of LaFayette Park Place between Bellevue and Marathon. I whistled for it but it turned and ran determinedly south, staying ahead of us all the way to Bellevue where it made a right and proceeded west toward Occidental. When we crossed to the south side of Bellevue the dog reversed course and ran back east on Bellevue where I’m pretty sure it returned north on LaFayette.

  4. What color and type of collar was Saks wearing?

  5. Saks has been found. Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns. We are happy we have her back.

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