One person shot outside Silver Lake nightclub

One person was shot in the leg early this morning as they were  leaving Los Globos nightclub in Silver Lake, police said.   “The victim was with a  friend and they were just walking out from the club,” said Sgt. Michael Mabie with the Rampart Division.  No other details of the incident or a description of the gunman was available this morning.

Los Globos, located Sunset Boulevard at Vendome Street, was purchased earlier this year by the owner of the El Cid nightclub.


  1. This place has had so many problems for decades….stupid-o

  2. Why does Los Globos stay open all night? I drove by this morning as the sun was coming up, and people were still spilling out of there all ramped up. I am not surprised to hear there was violence coming out of there. Crime is spiking in Silver Lake. We need to reclaim our neighborhood and do something to make it safer.

  3. jbj: “reclaim our neighborhood?” You mean make it white and hipster?

  4. Don’t they know that this is hipster now and this is no longer allowed!

  5. @jojo:

    I believe jbj meant to make it safe for everyone, not just white hipsters.
    Judgmental much?

  6. Whatta ’bout the non-white ‘hipsters’?!?

    or the 1/2 white ‘hipsters’?!?!

    What’s the Hipster City Council position on this?

    How much ‘white’ and ‘hip’ am I allowed to have? If I’m ‘hip’, but not ‘white’, am I cool??

    Perhaps JoJo and Alijill can enlighten me??

  7. I wonder if the Eastsider would have still posted the report of this incident if Los Globos were still ungentrified.

  8. i really hope no one was seriously injured. this club was always for the mexican community who now have fewer and fewer places to go due to the gentrification of our neighborhood. i don’t know what the shooting was about, but we live on vendome and we are really not happy about an after hours club on our corner opening a few months before homeless housing comes in right across the street for mentally ill, some of them trying to rehabilitate from alcohol. nice mix. who’s bright idea was this? not to mention, the horrible visual blight that some disrespectful selfish club owner threw at us by blackwashing the whole building and doing a really bad job at that. our community worked so hard with the architects of the homeless center to restore and improve the vendome palms and now these people come along and just spit on us – with no regard to the community and what we’ve been trying to do here. i’m very sorry there was a shooting but i hope this insult of a mess gets shut down. at least the look of the former los globos added to the “kitch” culture. i miss the look of it. prepare for more crime…..

  9. This is only the beginning. I heard that they are going to have after hours 4 nights a week – sometimes as late as 9am!

    Also, they are doubling the capacity by opening up the downstairs that was never utilized before, as well as making a patio where the motorcycle shop is – so there can be as many as 800 or more people drunk coming in and out at all hours of the morning. Many of those people will be driving drunk from other bars through our neighborhood to get to the after hours.

    As a local neighbor this is horrifying to me and I agree with “azz” that Los Globos will have a negative impact on the homeless and the mentally ill at the Vendome Palms as well as the neighbors on Vendome and the surrounding area.

  10. Really??? Even this post about a shooting is going to have the tired ol’ hipster/gentrification comments…. Give me a break.

    This neighborhood – on the ‘bad” side of Sunset – is still quite mixed. Trust me, I live here.

    And a late night shooting outside of local club that was open afterhours (within the first 2 weeks of it’s official re-opening under new ownership. – and that is going to be open a lot of nights afterhours moving forward) bordering our residential neighborhood is troubling and definitely newsworthy for The Eastsider LA and it’s readers…regardless of the color (or hair length or ironic mustache) of who gets shot.

    This has nothing to do with hipsterism or gentrification. Please can we keep on point here? Thanks Eastsider/Jesus for letting us know…

  11. If what MC heard is true of Los Globos’ future hours/capacity expansion plans then painting the place black proved to be tremendously prescient.

  12. Maybe I’m wrong but I find it hard to believe they could get an all-night license in what is basically a residential neighborhood. As I can see the place from my window I certainly hope not.

    if it is the case I guess it’s time to add Rampart division back on my speed dial.

  13. shit….so bored of this god damn “hipster” talk shit….there’s been hip people in one way or another in silverlake since the fucking 1930’s….shit – old school movie stars used to race around the reservoir back in the day…. its not new….ive been in the area since the 90’s and yes there was less white people there….at least on the side of the tracks that we are speaking about here….but there – its always been a home to artists and musicians and such for years and years….i think there’s def. more douche bags….hip or not….white or not….shooting outside a club in LA – has nothing to do with that….this has also been going on for years….and if the club serves till 4 or 6 or 9….shit – that’s great for us alcoholics! fuck it….

  14. Yeah, I went to Marshall High and we were hip when I was there in the mid-’80’s.

    We were hip rehearsing at Hully Gully with Jane’s and Chili’s (not to mention the infamous ‘hip’ halloween parties) .

    We were hip seeing/playing punk shows at the Shamrock.

    We were hip at the Good Luck.

    And god forbid, we were hip at Sunset Junction (since back then you got to play at the junction if you rehearsed at Hully Gully!).

    All you guys dropping the ‘hipster’ bombs on these forums have no clue….

  15. Hey JoJo, maybe not everyone wants to live in a gang infested shi*hole full of gun wielding punks and stucco shacks draped in rusty black rod iron (oh, and don’t forget the lovely sound of mange infested pit bulls barking all night long).

    I’m ready to reclaim my neighborhood because at least “white hipsters” don’t shi* where they sleep.

  16. @whitehipster,

    I don’t quite get the ‘reclaim my neighborhood’ ‘cos it’s always been bad there. In fact, it’s been much worse. These days, Los Globo’s nightlife or not, have been the cleanest ever, by it’s own relative comparison.

    ‘Reclaiming’ would me more of the gangs and street crack sales and drive-by’s would be coming back….

  17. Whats wrong with calling someone a hipster? Whitehipster is ok with it. How come some of you hipster are offended? Being hip is cool. They don’t shi* where they sleeep. They only barf PBR & vegan food where they sleep. I just wish that
    hipster would pick up after their dogs.


  19. lol @ E

    I definitely have seen hipsters barfing PBR and vegan food in front of Spaceland! BUT, hipsters typically don’t riddle their neighborhood with bullets, crack, and graffiti. Maybe “shi* where you sleep was too soft…to rephrase: Hipsters don’t create a crack filled war zone where they sleep for no particular reason.

    fleaman, maybe I should have said “claim” instead of “reclaim”. It’s time for people to permanently push these little gang bangers out. Why should the majority be ruled in fear by such a small minority?

  20. Because we are in CA, if we were in NV, TX, or UT we would be packing heat, and then the bangers would have to think twice before they try anything. Pretty soon even open carry of an unloaded gun will be outlawed. I wish that our lawmakers would grow a pair. Even SF’s Mission dist. has the same problems. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-mission-district-slayings-20110921,0,7353984.story.

  21. I have found that the sawed-off shotgun gives me the perfect combination of portability and spread needed to deter small groups of armed attackers. We would not all need to carry weapons, but if one or two of us had a sawed-off I think that E is right.

  22. straight in the cuts

    There have always been gangs here, and there always will. If you think Silverlake and Echo park are too dangerous to live in, then leave. I’m white, and if you think this is a “bad Neighborhood” than you are either not from LA, or have grown up with a disgusting amount of money. We have it really nice, and if you moved here for the “romantic, slightly dangerous, edgy charm” of the neighborhood, then get used to the gangs. That’s part of the package. I don’t know if the shooting at los globos had anything to do with a gangs, but stop your bitching and moaning. Move out of this area if you can’t handle it. I hope you move somewhere with a worse gang problem so you can see how much safer it is between silverlake, echo park and all the way to La Mirada. If you had grown up here and attended marshall or king, than you would have an understanding the gangs, at least to a point. Unfortunately since most of the people commenting moved here after the age of twenty, they don’t know what’s up. keep worrying, keep complaining, pack up, move out. no one will miss you.

    oh and to the people complaining about graffiti, EVERYONE DOES GRAFFITI! not just the mexicans you’re all scared of.

  23. I agree with “reclaiming” of the neighborhood, what a joke!!! Its funny how people move somewhere and after 5-10 years feel its theirs to reclaim!!! hahah OK so bring back all the gays, latinos, and artists that used to live in harmony before places like (at least in silverlake) 4100 took away the detour, cafe stella took away the hair salon and the dog shop, and so on down the blvd. All we are missing is some to buy out tacos delta and turn it in to a hip little vegan coffee shop.

    I remember some drunk girl out side of tantra screaming, “Im so sick of fkn LA get me back to SF!!!” about 8 years ago. Hhahaha perfect example of the new breed in town. Sure things change, so what. All the gays and latinos moved out cause they couldnt afford it. Shit happens. But dont move into the hood, and a decade later think that its your to reclaim. Like so many say its always been bad, just because bunch of white people move into the hood dont think it should be good. Move to the south bay for that, not 5 miles from DT.

  24. -straight in the cuts

    What a bunch of macho d-bag bullshi*…so you think that just because gangs have been a part of the neighborhood for years (and you had to grow up around it), nothing should be done to change it??? I don’t think most like fearing for their safety at a night club or Dodgers stadium whether you think it is dangerous-romantic-chic or not.

    Personally, I like E’s idea…a civilian army neutralizes gang threats.

  25. …oh, and one more thing: No one said anything about fearing Mexicans. In fact, most Mexicans ARE NOT gang members.

  26. Super Hero Recruiter

    Who’s ready to start up a Hipster Super Hero Alliance?! Processed food is our kryptonite. Relax people, the streets are far safer then they were 20 years ago. I couldn’t even ride my bike on the street without the fear of getting jacked. Now, kids ride the streets freely in packs. Your property came at a discount for a reason.

  27. Wow. I didn’t know the change of ownership was responsible for crime at Los Globos. Guess that rape that happened behind the place last year doesn’t count as crime? Hmmm. And why are you all so upset with the Vendome Palms project when you can find 100 recovery addicts a day hanging on the sidewalk outside Cafe Tropical waiting for a meeting? Get real people. It’s a city. A city is a place where lots of different people – of all different cultures and economic status live together. There is crime. There is graffiti. And oh my god, there are hipsters.

  28. If you want to be a transvestite, or hipster, or gay, or Latino, or even a transvestite Latino gay hipster, it’s your right. In fact, that’s what makes America great…to each their own (and each person is protected by the law through the civil rights of this country). But when one person violates another persons liberty by discharging a firearm on Sunset, that is going too far. How can you just say, “Oh well, I don’t care. People are just going to fire guns on the street because this is LA and in LA, that’s what people do. I don’t care. If you don’t like it, you can get out. Where is my remote? Keeping up with the Kardashians is on!”

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  29. I grew up in Silver Lake in the 1970’s and early 1980’s and there are/were plenty of whites in the area back then, so this argument that white folks are the interlopers is a bit ridiculous. Check out the obituary of my neighbor (two doors down from where I grew up). Her twin sister died a few years prior. I still remember her old yellow Thunderbird and her juvenile-delinquent grandsons who came to live with her, one of whom shot at a bus with a BB gun, threatened to kick his King Jr. High School teacher’s ass, and who (I suspect) stole some of my coins from my modest coin collection. By the way, he was white. All races are capable of low-class and criminal behavior.


  30. @straight in the cuts, pelon, jo jo:

    you love crime and violence? you’ve gotta be white and hipster to have a problem with murder? i didn’t go to marshall high so i just don’t “get it”? is that how it works? grow up in LA, be cool, learn how to take a bulelt? please.

    first of all, you have no idea how long i’ve been here or what my ethnic background or lifestyle is… all you are doing is defending evil. and why? some one was shot. and last month, some one was killed on SL BL. you’re saying we should all be down with this or else move? are you really so desensitized?

    hear me: the Super Hero Alliance will prevail, and membership is open to all. i love this community, for all it’s diversity, but living with shootings is not normal. all humans can choose peace. ~

  31. Here’s a suggestion that I hope will make everyone happy: All the born and raised Angelinos get to wear “keepin’ it real” badges that will indicate to others that they’re authorities on any and all issues concerning the neighborhood, and the hipsters can simply start calling themselves “scenesters” to distance themselves from the stigma of being a shitty racist with money. Everyone wins! OR, a no holds barred rumble in Dodger stadium where everyone just stands around because nobody really has any balls to talk about this crap face to face. Tuff talk.

  32. Can I have a “Keepin’ it Real Dumb” T-shirt instead? It will look great when I drive my Mini Cooper and wear my mustachio and Dodgers gear. – Fuc*in’ Dodgers Dawg…now where did my vegan bratwurst go?

  33. 2012 is coming . You have been warned . – the Dude 😐

  34. i’m just wondering what actions the Neighborhood Alliance will take next time a incident like this takes place. or what they would do to try and prevent future incidents? any thoughts, suggestions???

  35. So I moved my gay white ass here in 1999. I got lucky and landed in Silverlake. Got my Mexican neighbor, my actress neighbor, and my gays. It was nice. Yet, 2005 hit and I am now hearing baby strollers (the nice ones, not grandmas old original) and the sound of suberbia crying about the woes of living in the city. Like – the real city, not Beverly Hills or West Hollywood

    Don’t like Globos or the 9am closing time? Call or e-mail Garcetti’s office. Complaining here is just wasteful. I hope Sunset Junction goes to the WestSide or to Orange County, so they don’t have to drive so far – and piss on my yard

    Want a neighborhood? Make one. Know your neighbor. Stop complaining online and meet your f**king assemblyman. otherwise, just stay home and guard your home between sunset and 9:am.

    Instead of calling each other names, Silverlake it up a little and be nice. Otherwise, go back to the burbs, or whatever sterile place you came from. Quit being an embarrassment and lighten up

  36. WOW! Hearing all this just make those of us that have been here for a lonnnnggg time very resentful. It’s almost as if you ran away from home and are trying very hard to belong somewhere. ‘reclaiming your neighborhood,’ are you serious? Most of you just moved here. Think you know the community dynamics, think you can impose your ideas? A real community is organizing and making it better. I don’t agree with crime, gangs, and vandalism and don’t think anyone in their right mind does. It is the way it is said. You make a racial reference and insult those of us that actually were born into this neighborhood. It’s very simple. If you don’t like the demographics, latinos, gays, filipinos, mexicans, salvadorians, children, immigrants, and unfortunately also gangs, and everything else that comes with this neighborhood then just get out! Go back to the city you ran away from. If you all are coming here to be are annoying, snotty, spoiled children then you are not welcome here. Good-bye

  37. Fifteen Years in SL

    So this morning LAPD helicopter circled the Los Globos area from 3 till almost 5! I’ve liked that Los Globos was one of the few long time businesses left, but I’m starting to think differently. I’m down for reclaiming the neighborhood, but the mom and pop store owners back then can’t afford to come back. These stupid boutique spots and trendy coffee shops can go away. But I think Los Globos could go away too and I’d have no love lost

  38. what kind of genius moves into a high crime neighborhood & expect it to be all peaches?
    Do your homework before you pack up your goods from your mom’s house & decide to move to the city of make believe dreams. People who move into neighborhoods & then proceed to talk about how many places need to be shut down need more than a reality check.
    And get your freakin facts straight. The guy who was shot left the bar looking for a fight, he was shot in the leg by the other guy who than ran off.
    Not only are most of you people delusional but you’re also full of yourselves.
    Crimes happen in all kinds of neighborhoods… everywhere!!!! Not just the brown ones you jerks!

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