Police on scene in Elysian Heights*

Elysian Heights residents report hearing multiple guns shots or blasts near Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street tonight. The blasts might be in connection with the serving of search warrants, according to early reports that could not be confirmed. Police have sealed off a portion of Baxter Street west of Echo Park Avenue, and officers can be seen walking across Fargo Street, according to one resident.

* Update:  The blasts may have been the sounds of “flash-bangs” – non-lethal grenades used to stun suspects – that were used in the serving of a search warrant, said an officer with the Northeast Division.  No other details were available.

* Update @ 11:15 p.m.: Two persons were taken into custody during the serving of search warrants for narcotics, according to Lt. John Cook with the Northeast Division.  Baxter and Fargo streets west of Echo Park Avenue remained blocked off.

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  1. The sounds were definitely loud, much louder and heavier than I would expect coming from a handgun. Two or three shots, then a pause for several seconds, followed by maybe another four or five. Then screaming.

  2. It appears that FBI is on the scene and were the ones firing. Two people have been arrested so far.

  3. i thought it was fireworks, but then heard the helicopter (which didn’t have it’s search light on until the very end before it flew away). not a lot of police up there though.

  4. Definitely not handgun shots. Either shotgun blasts or flash-bang grenades connected to the raid. Considering the heli had no spot on and was in hovering moments after the blasts, I’m going with flash-bangs. Maybe the boys in blue had something real this time.

  5. Awesome. It’s so fantastic to have a gang presence across the street from the elementary school. Also love how they tagged the new concrete inside the school grounds over the summer. Keepin’ it classy, Echo Park.

  6. This is very near the Eastsider’s house. What else can he tell us?

  7. Near me too….I can confirm “nearby’s” report..

  8. Huh? Is that maybe a little creepy calling out where the eastsider lives?

    It seems like he’s posting stuff.

  9. apparently more info will be available in a few hours. those arrested have not yet been brought into the northeast division station.

  10. It’s odd these raids would be performed in the evening opposed to the early morning hours, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

  11. @ Anthea. Fortunately, this is not near my home.

  12. the bangs were flash grenades. Reporter on scene said so

  13. Its funny how all you white people have something to say about my family when you dont know us you assume they’re gang members when they are human beings just like you, we dont complain when all you white people have stupid get togethers at the fix drinking across the street from an elementary !! , before you talk about my family get to know us then talk !! AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY !!!!!!

  14. This has to be the last straw. The gang and police activities are far too frequent. Not only is Echo Park more dangerous than ever, but it really upsets me when I can’t even walk my dog safely. Was looking to buy here in Echo Park but it’s not safe enough. Fortunately I’m renting, so time to go back to the west side where it’s much safer.

  15. One step closer to a gang-free Echo Park.

  16. Um, Urbanite, Echo Park is hardly “more dangerous than ever.” While any criminal activity in one’s community is unfortunate, let’s not fall prey to hyperbole.

  17. Urbanite,
    Be thankful that you weren’t living here in the early ’80s. Now that could get a little scary.

  18. Was outside Lot 1 on Sunset when the police trucks passed by. At least a dozen trucks with I’m guessing around 100 police in full riot gear…

  19. Urbanite,
    Bye. Thanks for leaving. Take some of your gentrifying friends with you.

  20. @fargo street resident

    i don’t see any posts mentioning your family. sounds like you’re a little paranoid.

  21. Blooming in Echo Park

    Thank you to all law enforcement agencies involved! This is the type of continued pressure that will encourage this community to become a safe one again! Let’s keep the pressure on a get rid of those rotten apples.

  22. It is about time! Thank you LAPD, FBI, and residents who have been complaining all these years. I am looking forward to hearing more about the results of the raid. Hopefully this will be the end of the issues at this location.

  23. @ Fargo street resident.
    Maybe I missed something, but looking through these posts I didn’t see anyone making comments about one particular family, or making any racially teinted remarks….except you… So maybe you can shed light on what you mean? Anyone should be able to live and stay where they want, and everyone in this community should be feeling safe. So let’s work at that, and keep the energy positive and proactive against crime!
    (plus in my personal opinion, elementary school kids can handle seeing adults having some beers or whatever. Gunshots and gang activity, on the other hand…..eh, not so good…..paranoia about alcohol being consumed around children shits me to tears!)

  24. The second-to-last straw for Urbanite was that Whole Foods hoax.

  25. Urbanite, have fun living it up on the “safe” and soulless Westside. No one will miss you.

  26. and so ends urbanites 7 month experiment living on the “gritty” side of the tracks…I hope the echoplex shows were worth the stay…

  27. @ Fargo street resident.

    “My family”? and “AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY !!!!!!” ?

    Is this part of the problem or part of the solution?

    I love it when hot heads discover the internet.

  28. I’m with erm… @ Anthea, keep your posts to patch. Thanks.

  29. As far as I know, the strongest beverage ever served at Fix is coffee.

  30. This is L.A.. This scary new world your exposed to is what we grew up around. It’s life in L.A.. There’s no crime syndicate, just families who have called the ave. home for several generations. No one seemed to give a shit in the 80’s and 90’s when drive by’s were happening far more frequent. All of a sudden some silver spoons move in and now they want to run out all the soul that attracted them to the neighborhood.

  31. Why are we thanking the officers? Judging by the spectacle/results, this raid turned out to be kind of an embarrassment for LAPD. They rolled up with ~75 cops in full riot gear, a massive white cargo truck and one of those black tank-like vehicles like they were going to war. Then there were the flash bangs. Then they broke down the door of a house where children live in order to serve an incredibly broad search warrant, obviously expecting to find something big enough to justify this show of force (which it looks like they didn’t). By 11:30 there were clusters of cops with assault weapons hanging out in the middle of the street joking around because there was nothing for them to do. They detained an entire family (with 7 people, including teenagers, in cuffs) for hours, but ultimately released nearly everyone because nothing LAPD found in the multiple houses, yards and cars they searched could justify holding them. Talk about overkill.

    I think instead of assuming LAPD was valiantly busting some huge nefarious “narcotics” ring we should be asking what real probable cause they had to invade our neighbors’ homes if all they came up with was a whole lotta nothing.

  32. they made some arrests, so obviously they found something. not to mention, the claim of 75 cops kicking in the door is exaggerated. not sure where you are getting your information.

  33. @really: by adding up the cops on my street and the cops on baxter. Also, as the eastsider’s latest post confirms, they used a battering ram to break the door down. My neighbors are still trying to clean up all the shattered glass.

  34. ” The narrow and hilly streets off Echo Park Avenue were packed last night with police and SWAT team vehicles, including a battering ram that was not used.”

    not commenting on the alleged activities of your neighbors, but I have never had the SWAT team come to my house. i have no judgments on gang members from a moral perspective, but do not want their activities down the street from my home and children. if someone is breaking the law they can assume that at some point the law will come looking for them. it’s a part of the risks they take. to blame the community for demonizing gangs is just silly and/or a form of denial.

  35. A fair point, and good catch. I think I just assumed they used the battering ram judging by the amount of destruction they left in their wake.

  36. thanks. your rational attitude is very refreshing, especially on this blog where everything turns into a flame war.

  37. “This is L.A.. This scary new world your exposed to is what we grew up around. It’s life in L.A.. There’s no crime syndicate, just families who have called the ave. home for several generations.” FYI, the street gangs in LA/EP are a crime syndicate. I’m always surprised at the provincial, hillbilly type attitudes displayed by folks simply because they are “from these here parts”. And the silver spoons you speak of are folks who are priced out of other parts of the city. They may be attracted to a certain vibe in the neighborhood, but I can bet that gangs and drive bys are not part of that. Bring a stronger gang injunction to SL/EP!

  38. I heard a ton of gunshots.. what were those?

  39. As someone who grew up in Echo Park, I can assure you that the EXP cholos are really just a loud and destructive minority. There are plenty of us who grew up here poor and never did any of that shit. They are just people with bad parents and were too dumb for school. As anyone who has been around a while can tell you, these so called “gangsters” all end up winos. I now welcome the new restaurants. After putting myself through school while you losers were doing nothing I can afford to eat at them!

  40. Run for Supervisor District 13. You’ve got my vote.

  41. Fargo Street and Urbanite have got to be a joke right?! someones messing around trying to get everyone pissed off with each other! Good one!

  42. FBI wasn’t involved, it was only detectives and lapd swat.

  43. What a ridiculous mess! smh

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