Red shoes over Echo Park

If sneakers hanging from power or telephone lines  mean drug sales are taking place nearby, then what does a pair of red pumps and a gold trophy dangling overhead signify?  Perhaps it’s a “new gang identifier,” said Matthew Dubois, who took the above photo near Scott Avenue and Portia Street in Echo Park.  Maybe someone won a dance contest? Anyway, more red shoes and trophies have been seen swinging overheard on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake.

Photos by Matthew Dubois


  1. I’ve also seen them in West Hollywood, so I doubt it’s a gang identifier unless it’s for the gay mafia.

  2. I think this is my favorite wire-dangler art ever. They are so sparkly!

  3. Visual blight. Aerial littering. I don’t find these things charming.

  4. The Judy Garlands, a very fierce gang. Watch out.

  5. look for the queen selling poppers under there at 3am

  6. Just saw a pair at Larchmont/Clinton as well!

  7. The shoes hanging over a wire to signify drug sales is such an urban myth!
    Growing up in Echo Park I found it laughable when my new “from the westside” neighbors moved in and freaked out over a pair of sneakers on the wires above
    their house .
    Right , they are selling drugs from a $650,000 Echo Park home .
    Where is it documented that this is a fact ?
    Why prepetuate a myth ?
    Its just bored people slinging shoes over a wire.
    A Mylar baloon on a wire signifys a killer mime is loose !
    Sparkly or not , stop fearing a pair of nasty old shoes dangling from a wire !
    Puh -leeze !

  8. They seem to have replaced the birds. My friend had read the city commissioned some artist to do the birds, so probably the same for the shoes?

  9. @Jennifer — You might be right — they might be by the same guy who hung those birds at intersections — the cut-out trophies remind me of the cut-out wooden birds. According to this link, those were by David Browne:
    I don’t think the birds were commissioned by the city, however.

  10. shoes or sneakers hanging, from electricity post means a gang member from that gang has died there .

  11. i’ve seen these on franklin on my drive home from hollywood.

  12. I’m going to guess that Nintendo commissioned a street artist for it’s anniversary.

  13. I think the shoes and trophy are to signify that there was some skinny, drunken hipster ho forced to do the stagger of shame after a night of too much PBR, Kogi tacos and karaoke.

    Another pair of heels for the mantle, another trophy in the case!

    Oh Silver Lake hipster ho. Your mommy would be so proud in Chicago or the PDX or Upstate or wherever it is you’re actually from.

  14. just saw some on Franklin on my way to the park. probably just bad street art.

  15. I would guess it’s the street artist Above.

  16. I just saw a tiny little pink image of a teddy bear with wings hanging on the wires on Glendale near Echo Park Lake. I liked it much better than the shoes, which are all over the place.

  17. I think it’s showing support for Chaz and Dancing With The Stars!

  18. Does it have something to do with the return to LA of Wicked the musical???
    Pantages in end of November.

  19. I first noticed a cardboard trophy sign exactly like this at the 101 North on ramp from Echo Park Ave. right next to the lake. Underneath the trophy read “This Hollywood Life” which leads me to believe it’s a form of social commentary. The next day the sign wasn’t there and that’s when the trophy’s started popping up on telephone lines.

  20. Shoes, teddy bears, color, brand, etc, it means there’s a drug dealer in your area selling a specific kind of drug. It might’ve meant something else in the past but today it means drugs. The police should have them removed because it only encourages them to sale drugs. It’s also an eye sore and a hazard to people and car. A lot of these were removed back in the 80’s because an accident did happen.

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