Silver Lake pedestrians strut their stuff in new crosswalk

Councilmen Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge (pictured at right)  were on hand this morning  as a  new pedestrian crosswalk and traffic signal were dedicated on Silver Lake Boulevard near the new Silver Lake Meadow.  The signal and crosswalk were installed  as more people had been seen darting across the winding and busy street to get to the approximately three-acre park next to the Silver Lake reservoirs. The signal, located between Earl Street and Armstrong Avenue, will flash red when activated by pedestrians.

More photos and details at the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy.*

Photos by Craig Collins

*The conservancy is an Eastsider advertiser

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  1. Saw a man with a baby in a stroller dangerously crossing in the middle of the street less than 30 yards from the crosswalk today. Ugh.

  2. Well I hope this new signal/crosswalk helps curb the speeding issue on Silverlake Blvd.!

  3. That was quick. Was is it originally planned or another case of gentrifiers at work?
    How is it upscale Silverlake gets a new crosswalk and we still hear of other places in the city lobbying for years for safer crossings.

  4. @ekirby: I don’t think the “g” word is too relevant since a lot of the wealtheir neighbors in the hills were against the meadow and traffic calming. 7th street got a road diet and bike lanes last week too! I’m hopeful this is just the beginning of a larger trend towards complete streets throughout central LA.

  5. No crosswalk is truly dedicated until some hipster halfheartedly limps across it.

  6. Actually Mr CornerSour – your comment re. “wealtheir” neighbors it was actual the intellectual residents who felt a need to share open space with the Original habitiants which would be the wildlife.

  7. ekirby has a broader definition of “quick” given that the crosswalk was always a component of the meadow plan and it took more than three years for the park to be completed. And Resident #1 offers a narrower definition of those who were adamantly against the park. It was more than just animal-loving “intellectuals.”

  8. @eKirby-

    How soon a neighborhood gets a desired street improvement has everything to do with how responsive and pro-active their City Councilmember is to those requests. Fortunately, Silver Lake has Eric Garcetti.

  9. Thanks for a good laugh, Tyson! Such an apt description.

  10. Mr. Will Campbell, I am familiar with your writings and observations of our community, how unfair and arrogant of you to put in writing your personal spin on what other people think. Did you ever spend a morning watching our local urban wildlife, which included birds, coyotes, skunks, just hanging in the meadow, it was a magical place in the middle of a busy Blvd. that for most people is just a short cut to the freeway, but to us families here is was a wonderful urban situation right in our backyard that our children could watch and feel a part of nature right around the corner. Well that magical time is gone forever never to appear again………. How many community meetings did you attending ??? listens to stakeholders, old and young voicing their concerns of opening up this space. We live in a democracy not a dictatorship everyone has a voice and when others like you bully, belittle people and call us names like racist, which is a cheap shot it show who is really narrow minded. See you at the next commuinity meeting.

  11. Mr Will Campbell, for someone who feels they speak for the community, I don’t remember seeing you vote to save the Trees on the Grassy Knoll at our last community meeting. Whats up with that are U a Tree Hater, no trees in the Meadow either. I guess we all know your stand on Nature, wildlife and now a Tree hater. So sad……

  12. Will Campbell’s comments on this topic and on others in this blog have been quite reasonable.  It’s ironic, but in some ways, expected, that Resident #1 accuses Mr. Campbell of name calling, then engages in the act himself/herself.  Resident #1, I did attend most, if not all, of the community meetings on the Reservoir, and, quite frankly, most Silver Lake residents recognized the opportunity to open up public space for fellow community members to SHARE.  Unfortunately, your small special interest group of OPPONENTS TO SHARING PUBLIC SPACE has been quite vocal, though you certainly are a small minority of the community, otherwise, perhaps the pedestrian paths and the meadow would have never opened.  As for your defense of wildlife and trees, this argument came well after arguments of traffic, crowds, trash, safety issues, and frankly, racist comments, etc. did not work for you.  So, please,  stop with your victimization, because that strategy isn’t working for you either.  No one has tried to stop you from voicing your opinion; you’ve had every opportunity to do so, and you have.  Bravo.  Unfortunately for you, most Silver Lake residents realize what’s best for the community at large and not just for you, the small number of residents who are unwilling to share the public space.  You’re allowed to feel that way.  But we should be thankful that our Councilmen listen to what the majority of the community wants.  As for the trees on the grassy knoll, there were lots of meetings about that, too.  Once again, you cry “unsuspecting victim” of “development”, and the city proposed alternatives.  Cutting down trees is an easy issue to oppose.   What is most disturbing is that the current leadership of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and the Reservoir Complex Committee of the SLNC in my opinion, is closely aligned with, if not part of, the groups that oppose public space in the neighborhood.  These “leaders” should have been working on things like safe crossing for residents, instead of using the trees on the grassy knoll as an issue to get people to attend meetings, then try to sell them on ideas that frankly are just proposed to try to ruin the pedestrian path and meadow experience for those that enjoy them.   Luckily, reason has won out over the Tea Party-like elements in the neighborhood.  And it will continue to do so.  Of course, this is all just my opinion.

  13. Why do you people have so much anger? It’s a cross walk.

  14. Exactly. It’s a crosswalk to ensure safer crossing. You would be surprised by all the baseless opposition to and criticism of it.

  15. Dear Miss Freud Sat Nam; Question do you know why the Trees were being cut down ?? If you where actually at the meets you would know it has nothing to do with the City and Development the path or the Meadow. Our community has the path and the Meadow so why are you rehashing all these issues, your voices were heard and you got everthing you wanted. End of discussion. Now go and enjoy your meadow.

  16. Resident #1,

    I was at the meeting, and I know exactly what work is going on that involves the trees in the grassy knoll.  And that was my point.  You and your friends exploited the tree issue to try to sell ideas like letting dogs in the meadow (despite overwhelming community opposition to it) and like how yoga in the meadow is bad for the community. People were bewildered and laughed.  So, you see, it really is all connected.  Especially since you brought up the meadow in your attack on Mr. Campbell.  You would make one think that you’d rather see people risk their lives than have safe crossing to the meadow just because you opposed its opening.  It’s true; Silver Lake got its public spaces because residents recognized it was best for the larger community.  And you’re right.  Those spaces are the people’s now;  there’s still wildlife there, too, though it was never the vast urban wilderness your rhetoric would like us to believe.  You’ll never be able to take those amenities away from Silver Lakers now, and it seems Silver Lakers just want to create and share more public space.  So, yes,  in many ways, the discussion is over, and you are on the losing side of it.

    Your group needs new leadership; people who can deliver ideas and vision, rather than just an obstructionist reaction to everything and “end of discussion” replies.  Your current leaders have lead you to one failure after another.  Of course, this is all just my opinion.

  17. used to live in silverlake

    What was wrong with trees. I never went to the meetings, because I moved to Pasadena.

  18. Re: Corner Souls link, please note that the members of the Silver Lake Reservoir Conservancy attended the public meeting with DWP and voted against saving the trees. It public record.

  19. The crosswalk is nice. But man, it must suck to live in the 2 houses in from of it. Have you seen those LED street lamps they installed? Can you say overkill?

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