Sitting ducks: An update on Echo Park Lake wildlife

Coyote - to the right of Pampas grass - roams island at Echo Park Lake/Perry Daniel

Reports on Sunday morning of dead ducks, fish and a coyote stalking stranded geese in now nearly empty Echo Park Lake  were followed up by sightings of the coyote on the lake’s island, which once served as an unofficial bird sanctuary.  Perry Daniel, who lives by Echo Park Lake, explains what she saw Sunday afternoon:

Saw the coyote again yesterday afternoon on the island. The geese were still huddled on the lake bed. People were trying to coax them up towards the fence for food but I think they were too afraid to leave. Later in the evening the coyote was roaming around the park. Not sure how he got in. A bit of a Houdini this one.

Daniel also got an explanation from construction inspectors and biologists about the dead fish spotted floating in the remaining water. She was told more than 3,000 fish were transported to MacArthur Park but conditions on the muddy lake bottom were too treacherous to permit a rescue of the remaining fish. Click on the link below to find out how the fish made their way to MacArthur Park.

Apparently the biologists responsible for the removal process weren’t able to rescue the remaining fish because the water wasn’t deep enough for a boat and way too dangerous for an on foot rescue through the muck. They did manage to transport around 3,000 fish to MacArthur Park. The process sounded fascinating. First the transporters “zapped” the fish. The stunned fish floated up to the water where they were promptly put in a ventilated cooler and hauled over to their new home. I can only imagine how the native MacAurthur Park fish feel. Perhaps an aquatic turf war? Hipster fish versus stalwart locals?


  1. What is the plan to protect the remaining fowl? This is so sad.

  2. That Coyote is pretty aggressive. We saw him last night while we were walking our dogs. I am so horrified that the ducks are being led to slaughter like this. It was very eerie over the weekend, the ducks were very quiet and gone from the fences. I also noticed the big migratory temporary pond is gone from the Park Ave side of the park. What’s next though, once he killed the ducks and the fish are eaten. The stench on Park Ave can attract other coyotes. I’d like to think I can walk the dogs around my own neighborhood without duress. I am so sick about the ducks! I am horrified. I sent an email off to the project team.

  3. This IS sad! Something needs to be done to relocate these poor birds. Could there be any agencies that could be called in to help?

  4. Kiz, let us know what you find out!

  5. ” Hipster fish versus stalwart locals?”

    Was that really necessary? Give it up people.

    Counting down the years when our neighborhood gets its park back…

  6. Answer is car accident on east side of lake, fence knocked down near entrance to 101 North. Checked it out on Sunday morning. Hope fence is back up overnight.

  7. A fence is not going to keep a coyote out. Either the fowl or the coyote must be trapped and relocated. It’s also possible to shoot the coyote and be done with it, but that would probably upset a lot of people. Personally, I’m for the ducks.

  8. Houdini? Not quite. There’s no magic involved with the coyote getting in — breached fence or not. Frankly I’m surprised it took onethis long to gain access. Whether it’s up, under or through, they simply won’t let such opportunities for easy meals go ignored, especially ones surrounded by so flimsy a barrier.

  9. This is great. I’m happy for the coyote getting to feed on it’s natural prey instead of scavenging garbage and hunting domestic animals.

  10. Coyotes can get over a pretty sizable fence even without a hole.

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that the floating islands were pretty important sanctuaries for molting fowl. But of course, those are going away in the new plan.

  11. Yr all correct, fences don’t stop coyotes, even thick well-fed urban types as this one appears to be.

  12. What are the rules on shooting at coyotes?

  13. TO A MOTOROST: the rule? Just don’t get caught!

  14. I’ve seen a coyote effortlessly scale a seven ft. fence in Silver Lake hills. I couldn’t believe my eyes! They seem more cat-like than canine to me.

  15. Did the MacArthur Park fish already have herpes? Because if they didn’t…

  16. @A Motorist: Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers song goes, True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes.

  17. Attention: Please call Counsel Garcetti’s ofc. they should be able to help our
    ECHO PARK DUCKS……………………..

  18. Just put in a call to Garcetti’s field office and asked them to call Officer Gregory Randall , the only wildlife expert of L.A. Animal Services for all of L.A. Hope they do . Why didn’t they do that already ? I also emailed him. Didn’t anyone see this comming?

  19. @ motorost
    You’re not allowed to discharge a gun within city limits.

  20. am i missing something here? maybe this is a stupid question, but why are the ducks/geese still there? there’s no water there… why not just fly away someplace else?

  21. Can I use a crossbow within city limits? Or are we limited to stabbing the coyotes?

  22. @Chris, these are domesticated fowl and they might not know how to leave! @Silver laker, let me know if there is a way I can help. This is making me sick.

  23. Ducks are delicious.

  24. Looks like all the ducks are herded into a pen at Glendale and Park. Can you bring your cross bow over and get the coyote? It will be easy picking for him. It’s so depressing!

  25. The rancid stank exuded by coyote killers blends nicely with that of the lake.

  26. How Ironic, to save the ducks we need to kill the coyotes. Another idiotic solution. Philippe, you’re a retard.

  27. If you care more about the ducks than the coyote I can only imagine it’s because you feel it’s unfair that the ducks aren’t being given a chance at survival or a getaway. Or that they aren’t wild and so aren’t equipped with the knowledge of how to protect themselves? So let me ask you, what’s for dinner? And who killed it for you so that you could be spared the guilt of your daily decisions? I’m sure it wasn’t someone with a humane way of killing animals running after a pig/cow/chicken through a pasture after it had led a good and happy life. And I’m sure it wasn’t you or that you needed all that meat at every sitting to survive. And I’m sure your leftovers are always eaten.

    I think it’s interesting how things seems unfair when a wild coyote catches it’s prey out of a fenced park, but we stab our forks into fowl that was slaughtered out of cages. Animals that spent their lives simply scared and stripped of every natural right.

    Also, since we’re seeming to define domesticated as simply “human dependent” then the bacon and burgers I’m referring to still qualify as entitled to life as much as the geese on that dry island.

  28. Leave the proselytizing for your blog, Autumn. Stop trying to turn this trgic act of violence into your soapbox.

  29. I knew this one would get attacked. It’s a big issue and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I just wanted to fight the other side. I don’t judge you no matter what you eat, but I do think consistency in our actions is important. And I think talk of killing coyotes, when coyotes are just trying to grab lunch like the rest of us, is not a thought that feels thought through to me.

    I definitely would never want to seem like I’m stepping on the Eastsider – I could never hope or pretend to write any blog of this caliber nor do I have any interest or interesting enough things to say. Still, I felt compelled to share my stream of consciousness on this issue like the rest of you after I was moved strongly by the other comments. I generally try to keep it short and nuetral, but today, it just happened to be long and passionate and clearly counter to your feelings. Hope we can all still get along. I’ll try and make sure I proof read and be less judgmental sounding in the future. All the best.

  30. You are right. I take back my last comment.

  31. A big man — very big of you. 🙂 thanks.

  32. Wow, lot’s of drama. It’s a bit past 7 and I am enjoying a beautiful sunrise facing downtown on the west side of the lake. This is the first park I visited as a kid when I was brought here about, fuck, almost 45 yrs ago. Anywhoo, love ducks, coyotes can be kinda assholes, but so can the ducks. Finally my point, or rather, question. Why are the ducks dooking it out??? Some serious shit. Anyone? Thanks…H

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