Storefront Report: Mohawk Bend attracts shops as well as a crowd to Echo Park

Kelly Green storefront under construction

After opening a “green-lifestyle boutique” in Silver Lake four years ago, Kelly Van Patter  closed the Sunset Junction shop – called Kelly Green – last month as the landlord pursued plans to build a 90-unit residential development.  There was no question that she would re-open the shop but she wanted a location near an anchor shop or business – such as Sunset Junction’s Intelligentsia Coffee – that dependably generates customer foot traffic.  That’s how she ended up signing a lease in Echo Park on the same block as Mohawk Bend, the giant restaurant and bar that opened earlier this year to throngs of customers waiting for a seat in the former Sunset Boulevard movie house.

“I felt there needed to be an anchor to draw people in,” said Van Patter, who also opened up a shop in Santa Monica on Main Street. “With Mohawk Bend in business, there is a lot more popping up in that area.”

Kelly Green will join two other new businesses on the block – deKor home furnishings and iam8bit Productions gallery – that opened their doors in recent months. Isabelle Dahlin, owner of deKor, said Mohawk Bend has  made more people aware of the block between Mohawk and Alvarado. “Even though most Mohawk customers don’t necessarily shop after eating, they do take notice of my shop, which is great.”

Van Patter had planned to open the Echo Park store, located in a former insurance office at  2149 Sunset Blvd., at the beginning of  October but said it might take a bit longer to get the storefront ready.  Customers can expect the Echo Park shop to carry the same mix of home accessories, gifts and other products found in the Sunset Junction location, which drew shoppers from Los Feliz to downtown Los Angeles.

“I hope they will follow and continue to support us,”  Van Patter said


  1. Thrilled to have her. Kelly’s got the best wares in town.

  2. Quite pleased. Kelly is a fantastic person, and we were saddened when her previous location was left behind.

  3. awesome to have Kelly Green in the hood, keeping the local feel of the area! was worried area around Mohawk Bend was going to turn into Hollywood Corridor Jr.

  4. Great to see this place opening up again. Congratulations on finding a good spot.

    And congratulations to those who have so far resisted their insatiable urge to post the trite “hipster, craft beer, Ray Bay, parents money, skinny jeans, vegan blah blah blah” diatribes that accompany pieces on certain establishments.

  5. …Ray Ban…

  6. mowhak bend =ur eating the wall paper ,food is awful, beer is pedestrian and takes forever , that said I think in a year or so they will get it straight.

  7. shadowpark:

    Hey I think I know you. Aren’t you the guy in giant sunglasses who shows up at 9pm on a Saturday with eight friends, angrily demanding a cheeseburger and a Stella? I love your work on Yelp. Keep it up the hard work, and someday you might even learn how to form sentences and use capital letters!

  8. I hope Zachary’s Smile finds a new location soon, too!

  9. Welcome to the hood Kelly! As a long time EP resident I have to say that I am just overjoyed at what is happening on this block. New businesses like this one elevate the standard on the block and show a promise of what this area ought to be like. An area we can be proud of. Congratulations on the new shop and thanks to Mohawk God Send, as I now call it. I went to the old theater when I was a kid and now I go with my own kids for supper or with friends for beers. I look forward to when Mohawk is open all day and we will have a vibrant scene to shop, eat, drink and hang out on.

  10. shadowpark, guess you don’t know anything about beer

  11. As a “long time ” Echo Park resident , since 1968 , I have always been
    proud of living here !
    I didn’t need a shop to open up to be proud of the neighborhood (not hood) I grew up in .
    Its great people have discovered Echo Park , but to me its always been home .
    Welcome everyone and everybody , people who just moved here and old timers .

  12. At least the eastsider quit complaining about how unwise it is to open a business on such a dangerous and deadly stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

    But given how much ranting has been done on this website about how awful it is for new businesses to open on that block, I’m confused why this one is considered positive. After all, where will people PARK??? WHERE WILL PEOPLE PARK?????

  13. Welcome Kelly Green and Mohawk Bend to this stretch of Sunset Blvd! I will definitely support your businesses just like I’ve been supporting the fantastic Luxe de Ville on the same block for the last 15 years!

  14. Makes me happy to see some eyesore storefronts come back to life. Sure beats a boarded up theater with homeless camped out front like it’s been for many years before.

    In other news down the street… I never really took notice to the white building across from the Echo until tonight for some reason. Looks like some action is happening there in the front. If it got fixed up that building is a gem too. The whole area is a gem. I love Echo Park !

  15. I’m sad you aren’t just around the corner from me anymore, but now you are just a short bikeride. I hope the new location is great for business. I’ll be there–I need to get the little (indoor) composter you sell . . . Best of Luck–you have a great shop!

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