Storefront Report: Sunset Beer offers you a place to sit and sip

Sunset Beer, Echo Park’s new beer store and tasting room, is scheduled to officially open Saturday but the retail portion of the Sunset Boulevard shop is expected to open for a few hours this afternoon.  Instead of just a big room lined with shelves and stacked with cases of beer,  Sunset Beer, whose ownership includes the founders of Colorado Wine Co. in Eagle Rock,  features a lounge-like interior complete with upholstered chairs, original art and a faux fire place.  Will this put people in a beer buying mood?  The owners are counting on that since they plan to eventually offer up to 1,000 bottles of beer.  Sunset Beer credits designer Rick Crane, who also designed the Colorado Wine Co. interior, for creating the Echo Park’s store’s clubby interior:

Rick is a wizard (not literally) when it comes to creating high-class on a budget.  We told Rick, “we want an environment for beer that doesn’t feel stuffy but also takes the idea of beer and beer appreciation seriously.”  We think he did a rather remarkable job.

Sunset Beer also plans to eventually sell boutique wine and sake, according to a press release. “Beer of the month clubs, guest brewer and chef tastings, and other pairing and food events are all part of the plan as well.”

Photos coutesy Sunset Beer


  1. Great, just what we need, more opportunity to drink yourself silly in Echo Park. Everyone should come to Echo Park to drink, drink, drink and stagger around and drive drunk.

    There already have gotten to be way too many drinking establishments in Echo Park. They need to be scaled back, not added to. Echo Park is now a big center to party and drink. Ugh.

  2. It looks great! Looks like a good afterwork hangout hive…

  3. Hi Henry! You are an ass. Drunksters want to go to beer bars and have their ubercool PBRs while being seen. They do not want to go to a bottle store with a small tasting room and drink or buy beers that cost more than a truckload of Pabst Blue Crap. Rail your pathetic ass against Mohawk Bend or some other place – or better yet, just open up another bottle of whine.

  4. You can tell they’re serious about beer. Just look at those leather chairs and reading lamps!! I shall attend your establishment in my Sunday’s finest.

  5. This looks like a classy place that will not negatively impact the neighborhood. I expect only good things and quality beers. Henry, get over yourself. If a TGI Fridays or Cabo Cantina invaded the ‘hood I might side with you. Sunset Beer, however, looks like it has all the makings of a concerned local business that will attract a more discerning crowd of people who enjoy quality crafted brews. Would you honestly prefer a vacant storefront with a “FOR RENT” sign perpetually hanging in the window?

  6. Any chance of finding a beer list online?

  7. I find it really hilarious that some people are shocked, shocked that there might be drinking establishments on Sunset Boulevard. What is this world coming to?!

  8. So excited! Wish I would’ve known about the opening sooner though.. I’m out of town!!

  9. I for one will be supporting this establishment with gusto. It’s nice to have an alternative to Cap N Cork in LF. Huzzah to the shopkeep!

  10. Looks like a great addition to the neighborhood. The more condensed the city inevitably becomes the more places like this there will be, along with more stores and more restaurants. Better having a nice place in the neighborhood than driving off to some other part of town. If you don’t like it maybe you should consider moving to the suburbs …. or Utah. Meanwhile, I’ll be dropping in for a nice expensive beer.

  11. Henry,

    A bar in Echo Park would be: Gold Room, Little Joy, El Prado, Shortstop.

    This is not a bar. It’s an upscale beer shop. You buy the beer and take it home. This won’t be a place for hoodrats to buy bottle of Miller High Life, either.

    Get over yourself.

    A responsible craft beer lover/drinker

  12. I just made a purchase and the place looks great! Looking forward to returning and spending a little time at the taps.
    Good Luck!

  13. little orphan annie

    I agree with Henry. You people have no sense of humor.

    hope it’s a cool place–time will tell.

    And anyway I prefer hoodrats drinking cheap beer to yuppies trying to be edgy picking up chimay in echo park.

    good luck everybody.

  14. I stopped in here yesterday and found a nice selection of beers chilling in a row of refrigerators. The place looks very clean, well designed and comfortable. The service was informed but not pushy. My hope is they will install a dart board in the lounge area. There’s nowhere in the ‘hood to play darts with a real board and authentic darts. Yes, I do like the nearby Roost, but plastic darts with electronic scoring just feels wrong.

    I’m no yuppie and like sports & other endeavors way too much to be mistaken for a “hipster” (worn-out moniker), but I love me some quality beer in a decent setting. What the hell is wrong with that? Dang, could I be a “hoodrat” who likes Chimay? Monks make better tasting beer than multinational corporations every time. Does my naked beer hubris boot me out of the club? Can’t I still be labeled by what I drink and the places I frequent when I’ve got a couple nickels to rub together? I’ll take a PBR, High Life or Hamm’s if that’s what’s on the menu. Just make the cans cold and my person surrounded by friends. In summation, no matter what spirit or libation you prefer to throw down the hatch or where you like to do it, I think Humphrey Bogart said it best: “The whole world is three drinks behind.” May my own Echo Park be the first to catch the hell up.

  15. I am loving all the comments! ha ha ha
    does anyone have any suggestions on a Beer I should try from here?
    My favorite type is Belgian Wheat Ale.. any input?

  16. Lilac,
    Went in yesterday and picked up a nice Belgian beer, Blanche de Bruxelles, that would seemingly be what you’re looking for. It’s a nice place to be and is not going to have a bunch of drunks.

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