Taking out the trash on Marmion Way

Volunteers and clean up crews equipped with shovels, rakes, brooms and wheel barrows were busy today picking up trash along Marmion Way between Mount Washington and Highland Park.  The clean up was organized after Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council board member Ann Walnum complained about the trash and litter lining the winding road, which serves as a popular dumping ground.  Photographer and neighborhood council member Martha Bennedict was there to snap photos and also staff the drink and snack table. When the work was done, a long line of bulging trash bags lined the road ready to be picked up.

Photos by Martha Benedict

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  1. Thank you so much to everyone involved!! This is wonderful neighborhood teamwork and is something we should all aspire to!!

  2. Looks great! Drove by yesterday and noticed the difference. Thanks from a nearby neighbor!

  3. It looks great! We really do need to educate our city’s immigrants that open spaces were not places to dump and litter

  4. nimby pimp, it looks like one of our city’s immigrants is hauling away some of the trash in a wheelbarrow in the first picture…

  5. nimby pimp, I hate to be catty, but perhaps someone needs to educate you regarding verb tenses.

  6. nimby pimp, I hate to be catty, but perhaps someone needs to educate you regarding your slanderous generalizations of other ethnic groups.

  7. We all know what nimby pimp is thinking about, and he’s right! unfortunately!

  8. Let’s be fair here: Plenty of non-immigrants litter as well. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people — of all stripes — toss cigarette butts or other small pieces of trash onto the street from moving cars. As for larger items, I think it’s equally important that we educate homeowners and contractors that when they hire junk/trash haulers, they should make sure that the haulers take the load to a dump, rather than giving them an incentive to dump their load in an alley – or on streets like Marmion Way – under the cover of darkness.

  9. Thanks to all who worked on the road – I cycle by that hillside often, and admire the lupines and sage. The trash was hard to avoid and you picked it all up. We are grateful. Perhaps a sign reading “No Dumping” in Spanish and English would get the idea across to contractors as well as neighbors? Signage might include the information that dumping large items and truckloads of trash can be done at the top of Figueroa for a price…

  10. Nimby is a troll, but the point remains that many people haven’t caught the civic mindedness train. The fact that the city makes it painfully easy for anyone to call for a bulky item pickup ((800) 773-2489) on any property seems to be lost on many. I wish it were that people would just be smart and look for the answers to simple problems but it’s far easier to put the problem on someone else and be dumb.

  11. It’s our community – home to diverse ethnic and socio-economic people beautifying Marmion Way! Let’s come together as one community for the betterment of all who live, work, and visit.

  12. @ James. Ooops. Got me on that verb tense. Thanks. To some of you politically correct penguins, I’m not an immigrant basher by any means. I was simply stating an inconvenient truth. (Perhaps some of you folks have never visited a Mexican municipal park.) Let’s come together to insist on public services in exchange for our tax dollars and big ups to the people who cleaned Marmion Way!

  13. I drove down that stretch of Marmion today and it looked great!

    Thanks to everyone that pitched in! We need more folks like you in the neighborhood!

  14. Looks wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this. Now we should have continued vigilance to maintain our green spaces such as this one.

  15. Also thanks to CD14 and Jose Huizar who helped out with this project.

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