Update on Elysian Heights police search

Police arrested one Echo Park gang member after a SWAT team equipped with a battering ram used flash-bang grenades on Tuesday night while serving search warrants at several Elysian Heights homes.  Police and residents said the search for narcotics included the residence of  former Echo Park gang leader Eric Zamarripa, who was fatally shot in front of his Baxter Street home in February 2009 during what police have described as a gang feud.

Lt. John Cook with the Northeast Division said another male suspect who was taken into custody last night has been released. He would not provide the name of the suspect who remained  in custody but said he was a member of the Echo Park gang. Narcotics detectives are reviewing evidence as they prepare to present their case to the District Attorney for the filing of charges, Cook said.

The blasts from the flash-bang grenades – which are used by police to distract suspects – at about 10 p.m. startled many residents living near Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street, the scene of several shootings, gun shots and police activity in recent years.  The narrow and hilly streets off Echo Park Avenue were packed last night with police and SWAT team vehicles, including a battering ram that was not used. “Because of the potential for violence, SWAT served the warrant,” Cook said.

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  1. All that and only one person in custody? With the amount of police, swat and display of force…..sounds like the LAPD really thought they were closing in on something. So why all that and only one person in custody? Does Lt. B have any info on this?

  2. Why no mention of the gunshots? It sounded like someone unloaded a semi-automatic clip after the blasts.

  3. also… that house you featured a week or so ago that had been renovated is just behind the truck in the pic.. oops.. not good for the seller.

  4. Glad to hear they are putting some heat on that area of EP. Yes, there are families with a lot of history that live there (EP Ave.-Fargo-Baxter), but a lot of gang stuff too. Clean it up!
    Break the generational cycle of gang activity.

  5. Good work LAPD!

  6. @slobby

    It’s not called a “clip” it’s called a magazine.

    you been watching too many movies! HA!

  7. Regarding the number of personnel, I’ll speak in general terms. I worked Metropolitan Division from 1991-1997, and have a familiarity with their deployment. There are six SWAT “elements” consisting of one sergeant and 12 officers each. On a pre-planned event, such as a high-risk warrant service as described by Lieutenant Cook, usually two elements will participate, even if there is one suspect. One element will take the lead, while the second will be a back-up in the event gunfire or a severe situation breaks out, such as a barricade. The initial team will deal with the barricaded suspect directly, while the second will carry out close-in containment of the residence. Uniformed officers will take care of traffic and crowd control on the outer perimeter.

    If not needed, the second element usually stands by somewhere near. The vehicles required to transport 26 officers at minimum, in addition to the specialized vehicles seen in the photo, results in the traffic which was evidenced.

    (213) 484-3400

  8. Slobby …. those weren’t gunshots, they were flash bang grenades. I thought they were gunshots too until I spoke to someone at the scene.

  9. Question for Lt. Buhrmester. Does the city have a way to monitor private security cameras if the local residence were to install them on their properties? Do you think this would help prosecute and deter gang violence?

  10. ef,

    There would be a personnel issue with monitoring the cameras. A citizen could monitor their cameras and relate information they see, however. Another concern would be where the cameras would be pointed. There is a valid concern that civil liberties could be violated were the cameras, monitored by law enforcement, be pointed into areas not otherwise visible from a public place.

    (213) 484-3400

  11. @just sayin’

    You better go tell wikipedia, THIS WRONG MUST BE CORRECTED!

    “A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. Magazines may be integral to the firearm (fixed) or removable (detachable). The detachable magazine is often referred to as a clip.”

  12. First and foremost this social big time Raid was a big waste of time and our Tax Payer’s money as long as I Lived in EP these guys’s have been nothing but nice, Respectable, clean and caring they work and have families of there own they are being judge because of there past! They are no different from you and I they hang out in front of there house or yes sometimes the street just like most of you guys do! The Family LAPD keeps harassing are just regular people like you and I they work, there kids are in Collage Prep High Schools 3 of them are High School Graduates. This family has been through a hole lot Leave them alone and let them have there moment to morn the lost of there Mother and Father. There was nothing found from this Raid it’s upsetting know how much money from us Tax payers was used on this day to find nothing? :<

  13. People shouldn’t Judge when they do not have the Fact’s of what’s going on. I feel safe with these guys around. Never has my Home, Car, or my self have been harmed and people of EP community knows this as well I see you guy’s all hours of the night walking your dogs, coming home from work or the Bars and never once have you guy’s been mugged, Raped or Robbed. You people that talk bad about these former gangmember’s but remember this! you aswell are being Judge by Higher Power and when your day come’s God will strike you for the harm and lies and sin’s your did!

  14. thank you oreo for being real,
    remember the worst gang in LA is the Rampart Division !!

  15. The swat team wasn’t needed for this obviously they didn’t find anything it was just a waste of time and now I bet they feel like retards which they should

  16. All it did was wasted our tax payers money which could have went to a better cause

  17. I feel for the children involved in this “waste of time/money”

  18. If they are no problem to the community then stop calling 911 when they are out on the street. FYI cops recovered guns and drugs, according to northeast narcotics detectives. Your tax dollars wasted, these officers probably pay more taxes than we do.

  19. long time resident

    Jesus is here – i agree with one thing, people do need to stop calling the cops everytime they see them hanging out on the street – usually right in front of their homes. They’re not hurting anyone, just hanging out. And they recovered “guns” and “drugs”??? You so sure about that? If it were a serious amount of drugs I’m sure more than one person would have been taken in!!

  20. long time resident

    One more thing – about the officers paying more tax dollars than we do – I’d like to know how you figure that???

  21. @ Long time resident
    The narcotics officers at northeast gave that information out. About the taxes I just figure that out cause they make more money than I do, so the more you make the more you pay. Lol.. But seriously I’m glad you agree, if people would stop crying wolf just because they are hanging out, how would those people like it if the cops were called on them all the time for just hanging out with friends. Maybe the tables should be turned around and someone should call the cops in them. I’m just saying.

  22. Sure – and people, when that dude gets shot on your street by someone in that car, you should stop crying wolf because they are just hanging out. And when someone lights that dude’s car on fire, you should stop crying wolf because they are just friends having a beer, and when someone tags your property for the 67th time that year, you should just know they are being neighborly – because you know – we are safer with these guys around. Really, it’s true. And if you have a hard time trying to get that image of the dead kid shot on Christmas out of your head, well you know – you can move back to the Westside if you can’t handle dead kids on Christmas.
    Let them keep pretending they are pillars of the community as it is interesting to read, but Echo Park will be 1,000,000 times better for everyone when these guys aren’t here.

  23. @srsly. Your probably right about the 1,000,000 times better part, but to be realistic. These people are not going anywere, they have been here forever. They probably bought their houses back in the day, when they were around 10k for a small house. They probably can’t afford to move, based on current rent cost. By the way the kids shot on Christmas was an active gang member, so you’re not talking about an innocent kid. He went to Innes St. to shoot someone, and he ended up getting shot. If you see a real gunman, arsonist, or tagger and you report it. Thats not crying wolf, its called reporting a real crime. Sounds like your paranoid, and you might want to take your own advice, and move back to the Westside.

  24. i don’t think srsly is being paranoid at all, because he’s referring to real, concrete crimes. Crimes which have already occurred. Paranoia is clutching your purse when a guy with a shaved head walks by you, not having a distaste for murder and vandalism.

  25. I agree with E, @srsly should mind her business no one’s harming you obviously cause your still here? You no nothing of these guys’s to be speaking about them spend a day with them you’ll see what life is really about. They work hard yes I said it WORK! after you spend a day with them I guarantee your attitude towards them will change don’t Judge when you have no clue about them.
    They have more Respect, Love for there Neighborhood then most of these new comers. When your ready to spend a day in there shoe’s let me know!

  26. Is oreo advising srsly spend a day with a murderer/tagger? Because that’s who the post was about, not someone who “works hard”. Unless it’s hard to shoot people and spray paint things. That I don’t know.

  27. I know the name of the Game now it’s sad the community has to be this way but we can play the same way asweel, when I drive up EP Ave and see a hole bunch of Caucusing people hanging out drinking there Wine/Beer on the corners I’ll do what they do call 911 and let them know there’s a bunch of bald head white people with guns and beer! Right I believe that’s how they told you guys what to do in your community meeting’s that are held secretly?

  28. @Alexis. The @ sign means the message is for you, and no I do not use twitter. It sounds like you think that all Mexicans are cholos. I still think that srsly is paranoid, and you might be too if you cluthch your purse when you see someone with a shaved head. srsly to Alexis, call the cops I just saw someone with a shaved head drive by, he has to have a gun, and he is probably going to burn that dudes car. I bet he is going to stop and tag my building. Quick call the cops. You don’t know is right.

  29. E. Let’s work on the reading comprehension skills, eh?

    How are you getting that I think all Mexicans are cholos? I described a paranoid person as one who gets nervous every time someone with a shaved head walks by. I myself, no, am not irrationally afraid of those with no hair. But irrationally paranoid people may be, and it was just one example of their paranoia.

    So, E, let me be clear. Ready? Read carefully: I do not think that all Mexicans are cholos nor do I clutch my purse in fear at the sight of a shaved head.

    The touchiness on this blog is breathtaking. Not everyone is racist nor driven by race when posting comments. My original post was in defense of srsly who was referring to ACTUAL CRIMES. Not someone drinking on the street or shaving their head. If you would spend any time reading what was posted before assuming everyone is racist you might better understand another’s point of view.

    I’m sure this will fall on deaf/angry ears (eyes) as well.

  30. Alexis let me be clear. Not everyone is racist, sometimes they just sound that way when they describe a paranoid person. Thats you! srsly’s ATUAL CRIME, about the kid killed during Christmas, wasn’t about some innocent kid getting killed. Heed your own advice and read carefully, you need to work on your own reading comprehension skills. The above post is about the arrest of a drug dealer with guns, and not about murders & taggers. You might want to re-read your 10:59am post carefully. If your not racist lets go up to EXP with oreo, and have a drink. I’ll buy you a coffee, PBR, or water. I’ll stop the first cholo, and then you can prove that you are not racist or parnoid, don’t forget to bring your purse. I’ve been here all of my life, and I have been friends with everyone. I take that back, I tried to be friendly with hipster when I say hi, but most are stuck up. I’m ok with that though. No love lost. I’m sure this will fall on dumb ears as well.

  31. Audible sigh…

    Sorry you’re having such trouble understanding this E. Maybe you have a friend that slowly walk you through?

  32. …that CAN slowly walk you through it…

  33. Ok. Slowly, the story was about drugs & guns, and not murders or taggers. I take it that you don’t want that drink. Call youself what you want, but the proof is in the pudding. Your not racist, but your not willing to prove that you are not. Re: your 9-6-11 post at 9:18pm, about Whole foods. You mentioned angry or rude post, specific examples. Today! I knew that my last post would fall onto dumb ears. Can I get a louder Audible sigh… uh! Right back at you. Ms.
    Smarty Pants.

  34. Smarty Pants,

    I never referred to the story, just srsly’s post.

    I was not rude until un-justly attacked.

    I like how you assume I’m not Mexican, by the way.

  35. how did this thread get so derailed? it was about 1 incident at 1 house, now it’s turned into the usual “hipsters” versus “locals” nonsense.

  36. @??? Your correct, I knew she was a hipster. Hi Alexis, because you didn’t take me up on the drink. All of my Mexican friends drink beer. Have a good day!

  37. I guess I’m wrong for agreeing with srsly that a distaste for murder and vandalism warrants immediate expulsion to the old stand in for squaresville, the “westside”.

    Never did I accuse “cholo”-ism or racism. Whatever you read into my innocuous post came from your bias, not mine.

  38. Hail to the Queen!

  39. let it rest. ” i was here first, EP was great before you got here.” there’s probably some 85 year old asian guy thinking EP was great before ExP moved here in the 70’s. before that some italian guy was complaining about all of the asians who moved here in the 50’s. let it go.

  40. My family has been here since the 50’s. 911 needs to be used properly and certain officers need to stop with the grudges already.

  41. WOW! where did this conversation go to? I am a echo Park resident, been living there all my life. The gangsters choose who they want to avoid or who they want to attack. i remember many of times gang members coming up to me and asking me where i was from a nd so on and so forth. sometimes it would be the same guy asking me for like the 3rd time in one day it is rediculous. i think the mesurments the LAPD took are okay because its better to be over prepared, than to be under prepared. i just hope echo park get better because it has so much to offer. all in due time… all in due time….

  42. I like these guys on a personal level. They’ve always been cool with me but let’s be realistic and accurate. They don’t choose who they want to attack. They fire bullets in the direction of the person they want to hit. And my house has been hit with me, my girlfriend and my neighbors in it. The preschool has also been hit. And a 15 year old kid was murdered in the alley. Another kid died recently in his car after a gun fight up the street. Eric, was killed in a gunfight within range of 15 innocent men women and children. Another guy was stabbed in the alley. The list goes on and on. I want it to stop and I appreciate anything the city and the police can do to help to happen.

  43. Echo Park Life Resident

    I’ve been living in Echo Park for all of my life and I’ve seen the changes over the years. I don’t think anyone can deny the fact that this part of town has been gentrified. However, I don’t believe that this the problem in the community. The problem is ignorance to realize the truth. We are all humans. We are all here to live together in peace and to get to know each other and embrace ALL of OUR CULTURES. For years people have been migrating. As humans its what we have always done, whether from continent to continent or simply from neighborhood to neighborhood. ‘Hipsters’ should not to be blamed for moving in and trying to improve the neighborhood, just like the ‘gangsters’ or life long EP residents – which most of them are – should not be blamed for wanting to keep their friends and loved ones close and connected in the wonderful community that we know as Echo Park. I believe the that if we want these hateful feelings to disappear we need to show it. Next time you see a ‘gangster’ say hi to him, trust me they are not going to steal your wallet. Next time you see a new ‘hipster’ in the neighborhood nod your head in recognition and respect, its not their fault that change occurs. Take the time out of your days to get to know each other and all of these issue will disappear.

  44. I couldn’t have said it better “Echo Park Life Resident.” 🙂

  45. It’s pretty sad that after time has passed since Eric was killed everyone still throws his name out there as the “cause” of drama on Baxter. Let me remind you smart journalist before u publish u should probably Proofread he was killed in march not february… The family has gone through enough and them making one… Just one arrest shows that things have changed.. Their moving on with their lives. FBI should use our tax paying dollars on real criminals not on houses like this with 3 boys which my I add 2 r highschool graduates one still in school and 3 others on Fargo who lost their mother (erics sister) to cancer at 38. In conclusion no point in ripping off the bandaid of a open wound. No need to bash the house of a deceased father of 3 total waste of tax dollars.

  46. It’s funny how people can be so Jude metal and ingenerate about life, all ya’ll new comers move in to our Community without a clue of Who’s, who and what is going on. Yes I am inviting who ever wants to spend a day with our kids and their families so that you can get a better idea of how hard they WORK to keep there families together and away from the Gang Life that they may had lead. there are no murders living on Fargo or Baxter they where people that where murdered by outsiders get your facts straight! ALEXIS MONTAGUE you obviously don’t have a clue of what’s really going on in Echo Park all you people do is feed off each others stories and lies……..

  47. You should read her June 19, 2011 post, under the story Missing Autistic Teen. Above she says “I like how you assume I’m not Mexican”, because you posted why have the announcement in Spanish, for the missing kid. I have kids, and if they were missing, I wouldn’t care if they made the announcement in pig latin. or any other language. Once again, the proof is in the pudding.

  48. Proof of what?

  49. You’re not a Mexican, and you’re possibly a racsist. Read carefully I didn’t say that you are one though, since I don’t know you.

  50. People posting on this site are nothing if not predictable. And a few are downright terrible at reading comprehension. But that’s not my problem.

    And I can’t wait to find out what Jude metal is. My guess… Hardcore rock band with a receding hairline.

  51. Agreed. You’re nothing, and predictable. Its not my problem either. I knew the Queen would say something about oreo’s mis-spelling of the word judgemental, so predictable. Audible sigh…

  52. Zing!

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