Whole Foods opening in Silver Lake? Don’t get your hopes up *

Photo by Dorit Dowler-Guerrero

The banner hanging today on the chain link fence surrounding the former Circuit City  on the border of Silver Lake and Los Feliz announced what many residents have long dreamed of:

Coming Soon!
Whole Foods

The sign quickly raised a lot of hopes but soon also generated questions as to whether this banner was a hoax.  A check on the Whole Foods website finds no announcement or press release about the opening of a new Los Angeles store. The Eastsider has contacted the Austin, Texas chain for comment. Until then, better plan on shopping at the Whole Foods in Glendale for the forseeable future.

* Update on Monday, Sept.: Yes, it’s prank, reports LAist.

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  1. Lol …. oh man if it was a hoax it was a good one lol . Greatest Prank Ever !

  2. Look at that generic, crappy-ass font above and below (the distorted-looking) WF logo. Kinda hoaxy. Their signage is usually much slicker and more thought-out than this, but yeah, that would make a prime location.

  3. Coupling the facts that: A) the banner’s installed on the fence instead of on the building itself, and B) “Silverlake” as one word, I’m squarely with the hoaxists on this one.

  4. If it’s a hoax, that sucks. I’m so depressed now.

  5. Whats the update on the possible Trader Joe’s in Echo Park

  6. Whats the update on the Trader Joe’s in Echo Park?

  7. Would guess rather than the typical hoax, maybe more to gin up talk/press and get Whole Foods’ attention. If that is the case I have to say pretty clever. If just a hoax to try to be funny….not so clever.

  8. Glad it’s a prank. Can’t afford “whole paycheck” anyway.

  9. Since Children’s Hospital owns the site, I would not get too excited over this potential hoax, unless the hospital changed its mind regarding its future development of the site.
    But I would check further into their going on the former Ford dealership site at Hollywood & Hillhurst, maybe accompanying Walgreens.

  10. Look around the web, I saw a few references of a Whole Foods was moving into a former Circuit City. I’m gonna say it’s a go.

  11. I spoke to a friend of mine whose wife works at WF corporate headquarters and she says yes, it’s for real.

  12. I heard that there may be a Fresh & Easy opening next to the Walgreens at Echo Park & Sunset…

  13. Oh still my beating wallet!

  14. Children’s hospital leases this site from CMI for mega bucks a real sweet heart deal. They use it for storage and employee parking. Now considering that parking is a commodity ( If you ever try parking in downtown 5 days a week you know what i mean.) You would think that this parking lot could be made to look presentable. Maintain landscaping, somthing other than a “temporary” fence. But no, this place looks like a dump, and has for the last 3 years.

  15. There is another Whole Foods on the east side…a lot of people seem to forget that…

  16. You’re welcome.

  17. Thank you Brendon Walsh for a pretty awesome prank. I heard him on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast talking about the whole thing. Brilliant! I’m definitely a foodie-dork that would have been happy to have a Whole Foods so close but I appreciate a good joke even more.

    Listen to WTF. It’s hilarious, insightful, dark and touching. All of that and straight out of Highland Park!

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