Artist returns to revive an Eagle Rock mural

Story and photos by Nate Nickels

Artist Roger Dolin spent much of last week under a scorching sun, working to restore the graffiti-scarred mural he had painted seven years ago on an Eagle Rock stairway off Figueroa Street. If things go as planned, Dolin will today finish repairing and repainting the mural depicting people practicing tai-chi in a grassy field.  “Even though it was nearly 100 degrees today, I don’t see anything else in the world I would rather be doing than this,” Dolin said last week at the stairway.

Dolin, who lives in Van Nuys, did not hesitate to come back to Eagle Rock after the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, which commissioned him to paint the mural in 2004, hired him to repair the artwork named “Tai-Ch.”  Roger says his inspiration for the friendly colorful painting came from his interest in Tai-Chi dancers and their unique forms.  The first time around, it took Dolin about  six months to complete the mural on the stairway, which leads up the east side of Figueroa to Glen Arbor Avenue.  The mural had garnered mixed reviews at the time of its completion, with some folks unhappy with the subject matter, Dolin said.

The mural, however, has a special place in Dolin’s heart. It was not  only his first mural, but it was dedicated to father, who passed away while Dolin painted the piece in 2004.

In restoring the mural, Dolin talked about the challenges of matching what he did seven years ago along with how his painting style has changed over the years. With a bit of a laugh, Dolin says some things just won’t look the same and he is okay with that. He feels the mural now is more powerful because it’s a little more colorful and he thinks people will like that. Roger says that the restored mural will have a protective coating applied after it’s finished. If and when unfortunately, the mural gets more graffiti, a quick power wash can restore the mural.

Roger hopes that the mural will be taken care of and last for many generations to come.

“I am getting a lot of support for my mural and I am honored to be working on this project again,” he said. “ I hope people will continue to enjoy it.”

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  1. Respect to roger dolin! He is one of the realest artist I know, which makes it more amazing to personally know him on a first name basis. I am glad Roger revived his mural.

  2. I am one of the locals in ER and it is nice to see things get its life & color back, the good always outweigh the bad in the end…Kudos to Mr. Dolin! I hope his action motivates everyone in the community to do the same…

  3. I hope the kids who tagged the Tai Chi mural will pick up a brush and help Roger with the painting. Those kids would learn so much about art from Rog and he would welcome the opportunity to teach them!

  4. Can we get Roger or anyone to do a mural across the street from EP Lake on Glendale Blvd., where Willoughby messed up his own mural. That mural is way outdated, it was done for the 1984 Olympics. Its time for something new. Let street artist Cache paint a giant mural of Maria/Mario the Goose, chasing his buddy on his scooter.

  5. Roger, I love this mural. Thanks so much for the joy you bring to our world. What a great use of your humanity. Do it again! Jamie

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