“Don’t Litter” banners might be too late for Echo Park Lake

Photo on right by Darrell Kunitomi

The City Council on Friday will consider a motion allowing  street banners reading “Love Echo Park Lake Don’t Litter” to be hung around the lake for 60 days.  The anti-litter banners sponsored by the city’s Bureau of Sanitation will “serve  as a reminder that keeping trash and pollutants out of the Lake is a significant
environmental goal,” according to the motion introduced by Councilman Eric Garcetti.  Apparently no one in the Bureau of Sanitation read the memo that Echo Park Lake was drained this summer, revealing plenty of litter, shopping carts, beer bottles and at least one skateboard.  Perhaps those banners, a previous version of which appeared around Echo Park about two years ago,  might be more appropriate when the lake is refilled.

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  1. Don’t knock the trash. It’s a cultural phenomena. Hipsters are the ones who want clean streets. Trust Funders don’t know what it was like BACK IN THE DAY!

  2. weird. there is no lake anymore (just a hole filled with broken concrete), and it will be that way for a couple of years; yet they’re going to spend money to stick those signs up for 60 days? what’s the point?

  3. Point is that our city is trashed.

    Old record skipping, LA was far cleaner when I was a beansprout. Normal today is sofas and cheap computer desks on sidewalks, drivers tossing crap from windows, tagging everywhere. Unfortunately cannot forget drunk at old gas sta @ Fig and Chavez who whipped it out as he filled up, and whizzed right there in the bay. In short trash and piggishness is now norm and shouldn’t be. Hey, guess what I’m a Angeleno veterano from when rush hour was an hour. And LA was beautiful.

    Our city can be better. I’m of school who believes in Smokey the Bear, anti-litter campaigns and picking up after others. And had I my Yellowstone National Park bear spray that eve at the station, mi amigo con chorizo-en-mano woulda gotten the total treatment.

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