Los Feliz resident comes face to face with junior burglars

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGA Los Feliz resident who lives near Claremont Avenue and Tracy Street came face-to-face this afternoon with a pair of young burglars:

I heard a knock at the door at around noon, but ignored it.  Shortly afterward, I heard loud noises.  Someone had gone around the back of our house and was trying to get our air conditioner out of our window.  I pulled aside the window curtain and saw two surprised young boys — about 12 to 13 years old — who then ran away.  There have also been two other burglaries on Claremont this month, so residents should be vigilant.

The resident called the police, who arrived soon after. The Los Feliz Ledger reports that there has been several recent break-ins in the Franklin Hills.

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  1. Lesson: Call 911 first, to give them a chance to show up before one might scare them off. Also, since you don’t know what might happen when confronting/looking, at least LAPD is on the way, even if after being spotting you can’t call for help.

    LAPD usually has cruisers nearby (especially due to the vicinity of Marshall), could be there in a couple minutes sometimes…

  2. Pick up gun, point at suspects , then call 911.

  3. accidentally discharge said gun, then spend some time in prison for manslaughter when you kill a kid who technically wasn’t even in your house.

    wanted to complete Robin’s train of thought

  4. This sounds like the exact same MO of two teens who burgled our house in Echo Park last May. A neighbor saw them hanging around our front porch and riding one of our bikes in the street. She didn’t know us well and didn’t know if we knew them, and never called police….Their MO is they pretend they are kids playing in the street as they “scout”. They break in between 230 and 630 pm. They knock on the front door and when they get no answer, they go around back to break in through a first or second story window. They take what they can put in their backpacks, and then leave through the front door. There was a rash of these happening all over Elysian Heights, Silverlake (Councilman LaBonge’s house was hit 3 days before ours), Echo Park, etc. Don’t know that police ever caught anyone. If you have louvered windows, have them boarded up. If you have a/c units, get extra reinforcement. Use as many deterrents as you can – alarm system, alarm system signs in your yard, alarm system stickers for your windows, flood lights, cameras (even if you don’t have them hooked up – no one will want to potentially mess with them). Dogs are great deterrents, too – the incidence of home invasion in homes that have dogs, no matter the size, is far less frequent. Really bummed to hear this is happening again….

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