Quarter-sized spider drops in for Halloween

Photo by Anthony Manzano

The spider photos keep coming in.  Anthony Manzano was on Mercury Avenue in the neighborhood he calls Rose Hills (The Eastsider calls it El Sereno) when he encountered what appears to be  one of those big orb weavers that blogger Will Campbell mentioned in our last spider-spotting post.  Manzano used a camera and a quarter to document what he saw:

I plan on returning and capturing better images to reveal the true sense of the size of this ‘Creature’. Living along side nature is something we cherish, but seeing this spider along with others calling Rose Hills home brings a real fright.  Just in time for the creepy, ghoulish, spooky, hauntings here in the community.

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  1. He looks happy.

  2. I finally got up on the roof last night and snapped a shot of our Fiddy Cent-sized spider high up in the backyard fig tree. Seriously: Baby Got Back!


  3. To whom it may concern,

    I have been a resident of Rose Hills for over 35 years. This community has always been called Rose Hills. I have a copy of the original annexed map of Bairdstown (currently El Sereno). That map ends at Harriman near Collis. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our neighbors.

    thank you,
    Eastside Veteren

  4. @ Will. Great shot!

  5. Will, I wish I had not looked at that just before going to bed.

  6. One of these built the most amazing web in front of our house this weekend. It was attached from the roof down to the gate. Really huge amazing web. This thing is crazy big. We had one pet spider under our porch light that built a little hammock that he lived in. He was only 1/5 the size of this guy but we nicknamed him MC PeePants (Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference). After 3 months it left. We are working on a name for this one. Lance? Carl?

    I through a tiny flower into it’s web and it latched onto that thing so fast! Then it realized it wasn’t a bug and spent 3 minutes cutting it out of it’s web. Pretty fascinating even though my boyfriend thought i was torturing it.

  7. Woah, Will! That’s incredible!!

  8. Thanks Eastsider and Lauren (and an apology to Why S? for any spider-induced sleep troubles).

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