School board member opposes beer and wine permit for Elysian Heights coffee house*

School Board President Monica Garcia has joined the residents who are opposing plans by Fix Coffee to sell beer and wine across the street from Elysian Heights Elementary School.  Garcia’s unexpected opposition was made public this morning during a public hearing over Fix’s request to obtain a beer and wine permit.  Elmer Roldan, a community affairs deputy for Garcia, said the school board member had been contacted by residents and parents concerned about the safety of students if beer and wine is allowed to be sold across the street from the campus at Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street. “We responded accordingly,” Roldan said.

Garcia  has asked Councilman Eric Garcetti to join her in opposing the permit request.  In a letter to Garcetti, Garcia writes:

I believe that selling alcohol within 600 feet across the main entrance to an elementary school is reason to oppose an alcohol license request. Like you, I care about our kids, their education and well-being. For these reasons, I strongly urge you to oppose the alcohol license request for which Fix Coffee is applying.

At least 15 other people -including opponents and supporters – spoke this morning during a public hearing before a Planning Department Zoning Administrator who is reviewing the beer and wine permit request.  No decision will be made today.

Plans by Fix Coffee owner Marc Gallucci to expand his Echo Park Avenue cafe and serve beer and wine in a primarily residential neighborhood has generated opposition from nearby residents as well as support from the Echo Park neighborhood council.

* Update on Thursday, Oct. 6:   Councilman Eric Garcetti has joined Garcia in opposing the alcohol permit application.

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  1. How provincial.

    The bar should rally to have the school bulldozed.

  2. seriously, we have turned into a nation of pussies. oops, i forgot to think of the children…

  3. Will the puritans please move to Utah.

  4. Can the school board oppose the gang violence across the street (and gang tags on their property) before they oppose a coffee shop’s beer/wine license? Let’s have a little perspective on the real risks to our kids.

  5. boombala, i agree. the thought that snotty hipsters drinking at fix is more of a danger than the gang activity is laughable. it’s actually too stupid to be laughable.

  6. Can’t there be a compromise? The area restaurants near Fairfax high can only serve alcohol after a certain time.. Could they give some sort of conditional permit?

  7. Serve beer and wine after school is out. What is the big deal? It’s an elementary school! If it was a high school I could see some concern, but this is out of proportion. Really people….

  8. this is so ridiculous… I can’t stand it… stop weaponizing children in your puritanical war against our good times. the only children being harmed here are the kids of all these self-righteous, anti-everything, douche nozzles. For the sake of YOUR CHILDREN will you please lighten up already!

  9. I’m a parent who, several months ago, signed a petition to support the beer and wine license and whose son will be attending Elysian Heights next year. While I support the permit request because I like the idea of walking down the street to meet a friend for a beer or glass of wine, I do understand the noise concerns of neighbors who live up against the building and also the concerns of fellow parents who think that it’s only common sense that alcohol be served after school hours and on the weekend. Judging from his attitude and actions regarding the neighborhood, I would imagine that Mark is taking those concerns into serious consideration. What I find really outrageous are the comments that treat those opposed to the permit and their children with such arrogant and unabashed contempt and disrespect, a practice that is, unfortunately, pervasive in our culture. And just so you know, many of those who oppose this permit are members of families that have been in this neighborhood for generations, and for many, it’s another big change in the neighborhood. One that came as a surprise because they don’t buy $6 coffees at Fix.

  10. Don’t parents drop off & pick up their kids anyway? That’s what it seems like from my observation. Most by car, some on foot. So aren’t the kids in question usually with a chaperoned?

    I don’t understand how this change at FIX correlates to NOT caring about ‘our kids.’ This statement is vague at best.

  11. From the Garcia bio: “Though her work as a guidance counselor, she solidified her belief that every child CAN learn, when adults offer opportunities and supports.”

    Sigh. I like Fix. When parents don’t bring their children, and let them run all over the grounds, accompanied by shouts of ‘dakota, river, hamlet, homily…please don’t pick up that nice man’s laptop,’ it is a pleasant place to work and relax. As many here have noted, it seems misguided to oppose the FIX’s CUP when there are EXP tags all over the adjacent house and the neighborhood in general, but then again dead boys in the alley don’t make noise after seven p.m. If everyone is so concerned with saving the children, then perhaps they should stop by memorial grove park some afternoon, and reach out to all the ninos all blunted up and tagging the trees with their narcissism. I supports FIX. Fuck the (old) school. Make it new.

  12. Roght on Boombala — So glad to hear Monica Garcia make the big public outcry about this and not the gang shootings across the street from the school, the gang houses, the dead guy whose friends dropped him off in a car a block away, the homies breaking into the playground drinking beer and playing handball on the weekends… But yes, make the businesses pay.

    By the way — you know what makes for better schools? More desirable neighborhoods. Ivanhoe anyone?

  13. Hopefully Ken Burns’ latest documentary “Prohibition” which ended initial run last night on PBS will re-run soon. A lot of the hyperbolic statements and supposed dangers presented here by the anti-liscense folks (particularly the ever popular “oh the children” canard) sound a lot like those that were used by the upporters of prohibition. They eventually won….with results that were more often than not worse than their imagined threats.

  14. School Board member Garcia must want a payoff, since
    there are bars and restaurants across the city, well within
    his 600 ft parameters.

    Miss Garcia, you’re

  15. Unfortunately, no. We can just vote the gangs out. Would be nice. So how do you compare the two? I really don’t see it. And I am guessing that you don’t live within earshot of Fix. I’m sure we can all just set up and get drunk and talk really loud in your backyard. You wouldn’t mind would you? I mean you do live in Echo Park right? You shouldn’t have a right to any kind of quiet, especially in a residential section. So you are you too lazy to just walk down to Allston or the 50 other places to drink on Sunset?

  16. Maybe Fix would agree to an exception wherein they don’t sell alcohol to school children?

  17. Typo* We CAN’T just vote the gangs out.

  18. I remember Garcetti previously coming out in support of Fix’s conditional permit. And unlike Garcia, he should know, having lived within a couple blocks of Fix for many years (even if he recently moved). Hope this doesn’t change now that he’s running for mayor. I rarely patronize the place as is, simply because it’s too pricy for my income, but I still think the change will, on balance, benefit our immediate neighborhood.

  19. I fail to understand how FIX serving alcohol (beer and wine at that!) after 7pm will have any kind of impact whatsoever on the school. To suggest such a causality is pretty absurd, and I would really like Mrs. Garcia to provide some research based on case studies to back up her claim.

    That people are seriously concerned about this, but don’t seem to have much to say about the notorious gang house RIGHT across the street from the school is beyond bizarre. No you can’t ‘vote them out’, but you can put pressure on Garcetti to up surveillance, and other police measures in an effort to remove those individuals. Let’s be real, THAT is the true threat to not only the children at the school, but the whole neighborhood.

  20. that’s ridiculous. it’s a nice restaurant atmosphere there creating. unlike the ghetto liquor stores and local drug dealers next to most lausd schools. they should thank them for cleaning up the neighborhood. not oppose them. that neighborhood is twenty times nicer then a decade ago. I remember when they sold heroin on the streets all around there !

  21. and btw. I don’t even drink and I think they should be able to serve beer and wine.

  22. “quick! somebody find an issue i can oppose for no good reason. we need headlines!”

  23. @ Isaac: Amazing.

  24. #1. I agree with boombala completely.

    #2. When Monica Garcia and colleagues have become really knowledgeable about have to actually improve (meaning have done it) education, I will be ready to take her opinions on other things seriously.

  25. P.S. to the poster called @Boombala (& NOT to Boombala). I live very close to Fix and unfortunately, I can attest that every weekend, a whole lot of neighbors DO invite people to their backyards and play music at 100 times the volume necessary for the people at the party to hear it. I can also attest that people at Fix don’t make much noise. Maybe, over drink and dinner, the sound would rise to a murmur.

  26. Maybe while we’re at it let’s enact an ordinance banning the horrible parrot that lives next door to Fix. Now that thing really disturbs the peace!

  27. Garcetti is far too sensible a representative to accept the opinion of this lady as a well-reasoned argument and not simply a political trap against his certain future run for mayor. “Like you, I care about our kids, their education and well-being???” OH PUH-LEASE.

  28. Does this mean Mohawk Bend and City Sip will have to stop selling beer and wine, because I mean, didn’t the Sandra Cisneros learning center open up right next to them? Does this mean I have to stop drinking wine on my front porch because I live one block from that school and kids might – GASP – see an adult responsibly drinking? Get a grip people. As for the noise, there’s not much noisier than an elementary school – screams, bells, screams, bells. Trust me, it starts early in the day. And the traffic when parents pick their kids up – epic. I’ll take the hipsters sipping beer and parking their fixed speeds at the curb. It’s not the Sunset Strip people – not even close.

  29. is anyone concerned by the fact that a public official is lobbying against something in the neighborhood? no matter what your opinion on this, it’s not a good idea for people in her position to throw their weight around (via their position) to support or come out against anything. basically says to me: “you’re all entitled to your opinions, but as an expert and community leader my opinion is obviously the final word.”

    Ms. Garcia needs to take care of the school, make sure the kids are learning, and stay out of things that are not part of her jurisdiction. this is what’s wrong with society at the moment; people using their position of power and influence to sway policy. it’s not fair to the rest of us to give her opinion more validity. how would you feel if Ms. Garcia were to put her voice forward as being in favor of Fix? I have a feeling there would be a lot of pissed off people.

  30. By the way, Monica Garcia could give a rat’s you know what about the school. I don’t even think she knows where it is. She’s gearing up to run for city council and that is all she care’s about.

  31. @Kim, I believe you’re right. If she really wants to look good: get a music program in there, an arts program. get the gang graffiti off the playground (and off ALL the walls around Logan), an effective after school program that develops the strengths of students rather than merely babysit them. do something, anything.

  32. me again: anyone have contact info on her? I’d like to lodge a formal complaint about her using our neighborhood (not hers) as a platform for her personal aspirations.

  33. monica.garcia@lausd.net 213-241-6180, Fax 213-241-8459

  34. hi folks… i’ve changed my mind on this issue. while i am all for freely drinking wine or beer in a cafe, i’m siding with the ‘slippery slope’ argument here. once alcohol is allowed at FIX – it will set precedent and bring in more. c’mon! this is capitalistic america where the almighty dollar rules… duh. once FIX is reeling in bags of cash, the old bike shop will be wanting to have a bar, too. and then CHANGO will want to serve wine, too. and then Mark – of FIX – will be offered a pile of money he can’t refuse by some capitalist pig who will buy him out and maximize the venue… and eventually we have a new ‘hipster paradise’ of bars all up and down echo park avenue because it will be so much ‘cooler’ to hang there. don’t tell me you can’t see this happening, because every shop owner will want to make money in this fucked up economy and selling booze is a sure thing in hard times. sorry… i think allowing beer/wine at FIX is a horrible idea. keep the bars on sunset where they belong, i say!

  35. Simply stated, the EXP idiots across the street are more of a nuisance than Fix could ever be. Why isn’t anyone making an issue of the idea of guns and drugs being literally right outside the gate of the school?

  36. @ decarlos: If EXP idiots are right across the street with their guns & drugs…then why would you want to hang out there at night and drink? Just hang out on Sunset Blvd…isn’t it trendy enough for you?

  37. kind of with dean decent on this one which shocks me – i was all in favor but he raises a very good point at every turn.

  38. i think Dean was being sarcastic.

  39. Speaking of children. It sort of dawns on me that Marc’s supporters have shot him in the foot in these online discussions. They’ve been aggressive, rude and frankly, have given Fix a bad name. They haven’t been at all willing to listen to the concerns of local residents who have chosen to speak up on these posts. And no matter what the posts have said, all they have chosen to say is that people are puritanical. Or, they’ve made jokes about a person’s right to get hammered. Unfortunately, if there was anyone on the fence about the expansion, these commenters have only succeeded in making a case against Fix. I can only say how relieved I am that these people will not be partying with us in this neighborhood. We’re nice people up here – you all don’t fit it in at our parties.

  40. Monica Garcia is just another slimeball politician. She’s led the way in terms of selling out LAUSD to charter corporations.

    And as the parent of a school-age child, I just don’t get the argument that somebody selling liquor in the area is going to corrupt the kids in some way. Is there a fear that some drunk is going to assault or molest the kids? Or that the kids are somehow going to gain access to the booze (perhaps by tunneling under the building)?

    It befuddles me.

  41. “you all don’t fit it in at our parties.”

    Ahh. The real reason comes out at last. It’s not gangs, or parking, or making the world safe for the ear-piercing screams of that horrible horrible parrot. It’s that “you all” don’t fit in at “our” parties.

    Kudos, dm. You are as unwittingly honest as you are sad.

  42. Everyone is piling on Monica Garcia as if she was pursuing some deep agenda out to personally derail your plans for a good time. Yes, it’s political that she came out against this application. But it didn’t come out of the blue — enough people complained that she, as a public representative and wanting to keep her job, acted on those complaints.

    If you are so upset about the laws regarding alcohol and schools, campaign to change them. If you really wanted to have a restaurant to drink at in your neighborhood, you should have participated in the hearing process, and made your feelings known to people that actually make the decisions.

    Whining in this forum won’t change a thing.

    And to the poster above, I wouldn’t think I’d have to explain it to you because I thought dm’s post was pretty clear, but his point is that the general discourse here from supporters of Fix reflects very badly on that establishment. I’d have to say I agree. It’s a shame for Marc that he wasn’t savvy enough to reach out to community forums like this one. He could very well have helped change enough minds about his plans just by showing up.

  43. to commenter well: not being sarcastic… sincerely! the only thing i might change about my statement is perhaps my defining of wine drinkers as ‘hipsters’… of which i hope to be included! (gee i think i’m like, 25 years too old though, really). i do think that giving FIX a permit for beer/wine will be a domino effect. i’ve seen it happen over an over with various issues. when large sums of money are involved, reason takes a back seat. if a law could be made where only Mark (and if he sold FIX it would be voided) could ever ever ever get a permit for that area… i would be for it. but… i know once FIX gets one, others will clamour – BECAUSE YOU MAKE A LOT OF PROFIT OFF A BOTTLE OF BEER. money, folks.

  44. “If everyone is so concerned with saving the children, then perhaps they should stop by memorial grove park some afternoon, and reach out to all the ninos all blunted up and tagging the trees with their narcissism. I supports FIX. Fuck the (old) school. Make it new.”

    “And just so you know, many of those who oppose this permit are members of families that have been in this neighborhood for generations, and for many, it’s another big change in the neighborhood. One that came as a surprise because they don’t buy $6 coffees at Fix.”

    WOW.. don’t beat around the bush people, just say you don’t like the Latinos in your neighborhood!!

    Really, Los Angeles is plagued with gangs, and who would have thunked that the Echo Park tags would run off of Echo Park Avenue?? That’s mind boggling to me… 🙂 I doubt the cholos have a strong hold directly across the street from the school. if you think this, you obviously have been watching too much tv or have not lived in LA long enough to know how these scumbags function.

    I really don’t see the harm in allowing the sale of alcohol here because fix doesn’t attract the rowdy crowd and I know they aren’t stupid enough to sell booze to a kid with a fake mustache standing on two lolipops on their bottom of their shoes.

    @Kim – you need some CARAMEL in your life…. BESOS!!!!!

  45. Slippery slope arguments are problematic because you are not arguing the facts as they are, but as ypu imagine them to be. See also: straw man arguments.

  46. Quote from a comment on Echo Park Now: “[Marc] has put out a DVD to support his application which is carefully shot and edited to exclude the residential nature of Fix’s location. The DVD shows plenty of shots of businesses on and near Sunset, the closest being Chango, thereby giving the impression that Fix is part of the same commercial corridor. ”

    sounds like Marc tried to use precedence to get his application approved. That’s a fact as it is, not as imagined.

    Again, if Marc’s plans really were taking the community concerns into account, he should have been here addressing them. It seems he forgot that his audience wasn’t just the various council members voting on this stuff, but the people in the neighborhood who have a stake in it.

    And if truly the majority of residents here wanted this to go ahead, they should have spoken up. If it fails against the majority wish, it’s because they chose to remain silent.

  47. But the majority did NOT remain silent. We went to the the hearings and we registered our support at the neighborhood council meetings.

  48. Also, I just want to say that “dm” has made the most horribly classist comment I have ever seen on this blog. And probably does not realize it: “You would not fit in at OUR parties”.

  49. @A Motorost – Yeah seriously! Who DOES fit in at these exclusive parties? Xenophobic yuppie parents and EXP gang members only? Sounds like a hoot!

  50. Anyone who has followed the comments on all the different posts here at eastsider can attest to the attitude most (not all) pro-Fix people have had. And nope – they haven’t been nice. They’ve been crappy and sarcastic (just like Lauren above) to anyone who didn’t see it their way. They’ve made fun of people, their spelling, questioned different posters’ intelligence, acted like bullies and made this whole process sort of ugly. And yes, it’s made Marc/Fix look bad. Basically, no matter what anyone said regarding their concerns about the expansion, they were told that they should “move to OC” were called “fascists” or “puritanical” and on and on and on. Really counter-productive. As many tried to raise concerns beyond the alcohol/kids issue, still that didn’t matter to the pro-Fix crowd either. The attitudes encountered here certainly didn’t win anyone over and turned some against the whole endeavor. Anyway, @dm – good post which had nothing to do with class and everything to do with just BEING A NICE PERSON…..”We’re NICE up here – you all don’t fit it in at our parties” as in – – we wouldn’t want to party with people who are so close minded that they can only care about their own point of view and make fun of others. FYI, not a great trait in a human being and not someone anyone wants to party with.

  51. @nearby resident – Wait, so it’s not okay for me to make a joke about that comment, but it is okay to start talking about “us” and “them”, based on the fact that someone disagrees with you and therefore isn’t ‘nice’?? Think about that for a second, please.

    I’m not calling anyone a fascist or telling anyone to move. I get that this is a quiet area (other than the gang violence, sorry but it’s true), and people would like for it to remain as such, but using the argument that serving beer and wine at 7pm is going to somehow impact school kids is just ludicrous. It strikes a nerve with a lot of people on this board because they see a local small business owner trying to survive in a shitty economy being bullied by a few local residents in what frankly seems like much ado about nothing.

    I don’t know Mark, and I have no dog in this fight, as they say. I do however want to live in a community that embraces a rational approach to the issues at hand, rather than an illogical emotional reaction. I have lived in cities all my life, including next to a very noisy Montessori nursery school, construction sites, bars etc. Noise is part of an urban environment. So I’m not trying to be mean when I say *sincerely* that I just don’t understand what the big deal is. Maybe if someone can explain it without including the school argument or the theoretical possibility that the street with become the next major commercial corridor (despite the fact that the permit is conditional)…

  52. Dear EastsiderLA Readers,

    A few of you have asked for a copy of the letter from the neighborhood council supporting the application submitted by FIX.

    Here is what was submitted to the Zoning Administrator.


    October 3, 2011

    Ms. Maya E. Zaitzevsky, Associate Zoning Administrator
    Office of Zoning Administration
    200 North Spring Street, 7th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Re: Case No. ZA 2011-2029 (CUB)

    Dear Ms. Zaitzevsky,

    I am writing on behalf of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) Board of Governors to express our SUPPORT for Fix Coffee LLC. in their request of a Conditional Use Permit (CUB) to permit the sale and dispensing of beer and wine sales for on-site consumption, in conjunction with a 653 square-foot addition to an existing 806 square-foot café and 459 square-foot patio for new total of 1,918 square-feet with hours of operation from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, Sunday through Wednesday and 7:00 a, to 11:00 pm Thursday through Saturday with beer and wine sales limited from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday and 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. The project is located within the [Q]C2-VL Zone.

    The neighborhood council at its regular monthly meeting held on September 27th, 2011, placed this item on the agenda for discussion, review and public comment. After a presentation by the Applicant, a number of comments from the public and discussion and deliberation by the Board of Governors, we voted to Support the request of Fix Coffee LLC located at 2106 Echo park Avenue.

    At the meeting, as a condition of our support, we encouraged the Applicant to: 1) limit the sale of beer and wine on Saturdays to one hour after any school event at Elysian Heights Elementary given proper and timely notification is provided to the applicant and 2) to not provide any amplified music. The Applicant agreed to include these recommendations as Voluntary conditions.

    We acknowledge the Applicant’s extraordinary effort to reach out to the many community organizations and members and the thoroughness and thought put into the preparation of his application.

    We are confident that the applicant has a genuine understanding of the concerns raised by the community and we believe he will be attentive, respectful and responsive to them.

    We urge your every consideration in granting the Applicant his request. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 213-308-2826.


    Board President
    Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council

  53. Your Friend, Your Neighbor, You

    Well put Lauren. Thank you for asking the right questions – I hope only that the people opposed to this will have the decency to answer them. Once you strip away the “what if it becomes Hooters?” argument and the “think of the children” argument and are forced to get rational, my bet is that they will come up short. But who knows? I might be surprised.

    And even if they feel hurt because they were called fascists and puritans it does not excuse them from being rational or being honest. Just say that you want to protect your home values. We all get that, and we understand. I think what people don’t like is that this lot is trying to hide behind these silly arguments, thinking that we are dumb enough to fall for them.

    Being honest also means being honest with yourself – you might realize that things are not as bad as you fear and that allowing Fix to do this might actually contribute something to the lives of the people nearby. But if these folks have their way, we will never know. I will bet you that there are many neighboring homeowners and parents – and we have heard many of them speak up here already – who would LIKE to see Fix’s plan go through.

    I get the impression that it is a vocal minority in opposition, and I don’t like that they claim to speak for all of the neighbors in the area.

    And if Fix turns out badly, the permit gets revoked (it’s conditional) and I will be right there to support that.

    At least give the guy a chance. Seriously. We are talking about BEER and WINE. Not a big deal.

  54. Beer and wine is only part of it. The issue is that they want to extend hours, increase capacity, and add live entertainment. The notion that this is “Fix with beer and wine” is an oversimplification of what this plan actually is.

    It may very well that I just part of a vocal minority opposing this. The way the system works though, is that the people making the decisions can’t read minds so the only way to be heard is to speak up. If the majority were/are in favor of this, and they want it, it’s their responsibility to speak up for it.

    Now if only we could channel some of this passion for drinking overpriced alcohol in an outdoor patio towards solving some of the real problems facing us all, we’d probably have a balanced budget, 2% unemployment, and free medical care for all.

  55. We did speak up. Stop did our neighborhood council. We are mad because our politicians choose some callous political calculus rather than going with popular will.

    …and please answer the questions posed above.

  56. Thank you to Eric’s Office and Staff for all the hard you put into this! Thank you for listening to the immediate neighbors, parents & organizations who were against this license.

    Monica from LAUSD is also to be greatly appreciated for putting her children’s needs and safety above all else.

    I am reading a lot of these comments and it seems that many of the people who are speaking their mind, aren’t fully briefed on the situation. For example, proposed renderings do not involve a stove, an oven or a hood. How can you be a “restaurant” without these elements…sounds more like a bar. Also, alcohol has always been proposed to be served starting at 4pm…many of you are under the impression that is was going to start at 7pm. LA’s Best has about 50 – 70 kids enrolled at any given time and does not end until 6pm. This would mean that alcohol WOULD be served during school hours.

    At the end of the day, Fix Coffee is a GREAT addition to the neighborhood. I am confidant that Marc will continue to grow his business without serving alcohol.

  57. People like Genevieve are pretty gullible. There is no legal or administrative basis for denying a permit on these grounds. Eric has simply made a symbolic gesture.

  58. I have lived in the neighborhood for the last 33 years we have been thru many ups and downs, adding one more bar is too much, I have been at fix and I was a regular customer, but since I find out about their plans I can’t imagine how irresponsible it is. What is our community is waiting a fatality to revoke a license, no matter what they say that this is going to be a restaurant it isn’t. We have liquor store, and other one hidding as a market but is nothing else that a liquor store, just go around Echo Park and Sunset and Lemoyne and Sunset how it looks, and ask how many problems are before midnight. There are many people in the area they don’t know anything about Marc plans, we already havy problems with their customer blocking the driveway and act like nothing, their music is too loud during the weekends and also other days. Imagine with their alcohol in their blood. Please be conscious, I understand he wants to do business but not to this price, risking and giving a bad example to the kids and making more noise, and disturbing the peace of the neightbors. I believe Fix should stay as it is. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself.

  59. I am not against FIX as a great and chic coffee shop. I am not against a beer and wine bar in an APPROPRIATE area ie Sunset Boulevard (AYC, Red Hill, Xoia). What I am afraid of, IS, that if FIX ‘s proposal is accepted, then it will be a GO-AHEAD for every empty commercial space up and down Echo Park to serve/sell beer and wine. That’s what I’m afraid of.

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