Silver Lake motorists seeing red over detour

Many Silver Lake residents like David Warren welcomed the reopening of West Silver Lake Drive in May following a year-long closure as DWP crews installed a giant new underground water line. But only a few months after West Silver Lake Drive was reopened, a section of Glendale Boulevard at Waverly Drive was closed off for the same DWP project. The current closure and detour have proven to be a bigger headache for motorists like Warren, who now face long delays as rerouted traffic jams up at Glendale Boulevard and Fletcher Drive and Fletcher and Riverside drives.

Warren, who traveled the now closed section of Glendale Boulevard to get to work and drop off his child to school,  is trying to rally neighbors to get the city to deal with the problems caused by the detour:

Making the left turn in front of Astro’s coffee shop has become a backed up nightmare that is considerably adding to commute times as motorists wait at the light for 15-25 minutes only to watch a maximum of 4-5 cars go through at a time. As a result, drivers are going through parking lots, making U-turns and otherwise getting very frustrated at the additional time it takes to get through this intersection.

But what can be done without shifting the traffic jam to other streets?

DWP spokeswoman Stephanie Interiano said her agency last week notified the city’s Department of Transportation about the complaints over the street closure, which also forced the rerouting of Metro bus lines. “DOT has been out to visit the site since then,” she said by email. “They will evaluate and make a determination.”

Meanwhile, Warren and his neighbors are passing out flyers to try and keep pressure on the DWP and the city to deal with the traffic jams.

Without a solution, Warren and other motorists can expect delays for the forseeable future: Glendale Boulevard between Waverly Terrace and Riverside Drive will remain closed for six months and will be followed up by other road closures and detours.

Click here for a DWP update on road closures.

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  1. My gawwwddd !
    Get over it !
    “…………..People are getting frustrated over the additional time…….” blah blah blah!
    Be glad you are not waiting in line for food or free health care !
    Remember the Northridge quake when portions of the 1o and 5 fwys were shut down ?

    I mean seriously , just deal with it .

  2. The city needs to provide ALL traffic-lighted intersections, EVERYWHERE, with green left turn arrows (with adequate time for cars to get through). Left turn access is a problem everywhere always, as most drivers now read yellow lights as green lights, therefore, a nightmare now at Fletcher.

  3. Fletcher has a left turn arrow.

  4. A relatively simple fix of dedicated left turn signals at Riverside & Fletcher (and Riverside & Glendale – an inexcusably UNSAFE intersection when the street is normally open/not blocked off). It took someone losing their life to finally get a light at Trader Joes on Hyperion despite years of lobbying so doubt anything will be done to fix this even though there are already lights at those intersections and adding a dedicated left turn light would not be all that expensive. This is a safety issue even more than a congestion/convenience issue that should have been addressed long before any of this DWP work was even on the drawing boards. Better late than never however so they still should look into it.

  5. Here’s a solution: GET A SCOOTER! Saves time, saves gas (100 mpg!), saves the environment. Of course, there’s always the bus, bicycles and walking, too! It’s so disheartening to me to see so many people driving one person per car. It’s transportation gluttony!

  6. Use another route. D’oh.

  7. Dean, I don’t think that most scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds have catalytic converters so they put out a lot more pollution than a car. They do save lots of time commuting and money on gas, but you’re not doing any favors to the environment. I think BMW is one of the few companies that makes a motorcycle with a catalytic converter.

  8. Stay in the right lane until right before the light and then just cut in line….

  9. Yes, that is a SERIOUS problem. And I note, it is compounded,depending on where you are going. That is, if you are going down that way,chances are you are going toward San Fernando Road and maybe dow n it. Well, I do often.

    I typically come along Hyperion, then across Rowena to Riverside to Fletcher to head over by san Fernando Road. Well, when I was caught by surprise by the Glendale Blvd. closure, I tired a different route, through Atwater to San Fernando Road and then a right. Well, guess what — nearly that entire length of San Fernando Road also is a ripper up for resurfacing for weeks now! That is backed up all the hell!

    So, even a detour around the Glendale closure is all screwed up! But at lest that as one lane in each direction open –although barely, at about 3-5 mph. Glendale is completely closed!

    I wonder if this will put that Petrol station at Glendale and Riverside out of business!

    I dread the next time I have to get to I-5 south, since I no longer will be able to reasonably get to thee entrance just north of Glendale and Riverside!

  10. And in a few months,the Riverside Drive bridge over the LA River to Cypress Park-Lincoln Heights will be closed for a long time, I think maybe years, for reconstruction — so there goes another route!

  11. I just drove down rowena, past fletcher to glendale to Citibank, and back. All this around 4:30-5:00pm. It was actually lighter than normal traffic, especially for a Friday.

    Perhaps people are avoiding that route now.

  12. Infrastructure needs to be maintained and improved. Complaining about it when it happens to be a road near you seems shortsighted.

  13. Maps will be available Monday. “Change Your Route, Change Your Life: A Real Eastsider Shows You the True Path.

  14. ‘Real Eastsiders’ need to keep our shortcuts under wraps.

    Don’t be a traitor!

  15. First World Problem

  16. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised by this. We live in a city whose residents 1) don’t want any real, effective expansion of public transportation 2) embrace car culture and are unwilling to let go of any of it, and 3) fail to see the connections between the traffic problem and Angelenos’ desire to share nothing; no public parks, no public transportation, no shared anything. But we do rally together though and claim that “the neighborhood is being ruined” when a tree has to be cut down for a public works project. The same Silver Lakers will be screaming about traffic when the city has to shut down streets to save the tree.

  17. First to all you tree huggers out there I pay through the ass for my car, pay through the ass for my insurance and pay through the ass for my tax dollars with every gallon of gas. So i will drive my F—ing car.

    Second they dont care if we are inconvenienced they will do what they want on thier time table. and they knew full well the mess this would cause. Remember when that street was closed due to a mudslide for about a month a few years ago. same problem close a street, cause havoc. Nothing will be done because no one is made to be responsible. No one is fired because they are inept. We should have every major intersection in this city controlled and synchronized to the traffic problem and the time of day so the traffic will flow. And i love how you use the whole putting in a traffic light after someone dies analogy. Yea the traffic flows so much better past trader Joes during rush hour now that that wonderful light is there . Most of these signals blink green and red making them as useless as Christmas lights. they are seldom timed or synchronized and accomplish nothing .

  18. Bad Hyperion traffic is due to the in/out line for the Trader Joe’s parking lot, it has nothing to do with that additional light.

    There’s a simple fix for the Hyperion traffic problem, but like everything there has to be a sacrifice, and that sacrifice would be parking on hyperion between Rowena and Griffith park. There’s only what, 6 or 8 parking spaces/meters? Take the spaces out, make it all red curb, and make that now open lane a right turn only lane into and out of TJ’s parking lots. That would free up the now left 2 lanes to not be backed up by people making/waiting to turn right into the parking lots.

    Thank you and Your welcome.

  19. Oh, Linty. Glad life is so easy for you. Even as a scooter driver that detour just blows. There’s no way around it. Comparing it to waiting in line for health care – let me tell you something – when you work 12 hours a day, barely make enough to pay your bills, and don’t have health insurance – traffic tips the scale of annoyance quite heavily in the direction of utter frustration. Yes, I do remember the Northridge quake – the difference is my city did this to itself with plenty of knowledge that it was going to happen. Maybe people who think those of us complaining about the time wasted sitting in ridiculously mishandled detour don’t have to get to or from jobs, must less to or from two or more jobs not easily accesses by our antiquated bus system.

  20. Sure is a lot of complainers out there. The bottom line is traffic ‘cuz there are too many cars on the roads. Step back a minute and think about it… EVERY person in their own 1/2 ton polluting machine just to go a few blocks? It’s absurd. And the whole city caters to that retarded mentality. Step out of your house and you’re on a road for cars, not people.

  21. Most of the traffic congestion is due to commuters cutting through SL, not residents driving ‘a few blocks’.

  22. Who said my life was easy ?
    I don’t have health insurance ,work my rear off for beans ,and drive that route every day .
    What I do have is the ability to put in perspective what matters.
    Seriously , stop bitching ! DEAL !

  23. Yep, it’s a lot of commuters, and they’re all alone in cars. People complain about gas prices but they’re low, so low in fact that people can afford to drive by themselves and not even consider carpooling.

  24. Word. People have NO idea how cheap gas is here in the U.S. We have the cheapest gas prices of any 1st world country. In Europe figure $7-$8 a gallon for gas.

    When people bitch about gas prices here, I laugh in their face.

  25. If you’re approaching it from Hyperion, don’t even go down Rowena.

    Take Hyperion into Atwater, and take a right onto Riverside.

    It’ll take you down to Fletcher, and you can take your left turn there.

    Yeah. try that.

  26. Robin Patton said:

    “First to all you tree huggers out there I pay through the ass for my car, pay through the ass for my insurance and pay through the ass for my tax dollars with every gallon of gas. So i will drive my F—ing car.”

    Your insurance is there so you don’t go bankrupt when you hit someone. Your gas and vehicle taxes can’t cover the cost of the roads, the general fund pays for most of it. Please don’t make other motorists look bad with your smug “I don’t owe anyone anything!” attitude.

  27. Thanks, Linty and Dean for the sensible solution of taking my 4-yr old to school on the back of a scooter. And you’re right, why should we even try to find a solution for a dangerous (and inconvenient) intersection that could be fixed with a few well-timed arrows when we really should be lighting a candle for those people who are unfortunate enough to not have health care. Guess I’ll have to find another way to get to County hospital so I can help provide that care to those who don’t have insurance.

    And Steve, Hyperion is a bridge that goes over Riverside, providing no access.

  28. some of these people need to get a life !! straight losers complaining about something you have no power or control of TRAFFIC !! Deal with it. You dont like the traffic,long lines waiting to get home. simple solution leave L.A. .. period ! ! now im done !!

  29. Ladies and germs, thanks for the laughs and generally useless comments. It’s not uncommon on this otherwise very fine and valuable website, but it’s still a hoot.

  30. Geez, David – do you teach your kid this type of tiring sarcasm? Yikes! Read my post… I suggested several alternatives, I didn’t suggest parents put kids on a scooter. How about you walk with your kid to school a couple times a week? Or take the bus. Or carpool? And Robert – thanks for your food for thought. I appreciate it. I looked into it and it’s true that many older model cycles and scooters don’t have catalytic converters… but most newer models do – it’s sometimes known as an ‘evaporation system’ (evap system). If every singular car driver took an alternative form of transport 2 times a week, thats a HUGE reduction in pollution, congestion and helps bolster public transport – and it creates community! Don’t be so stubborn, people!

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