Sponsored Post: Center for the Psychology of Women now offers psychiatric services

Center for the Psychology of Women announces the launch of their psychiatric services.

Sometimes you reach a point in your life where emotionally you’re not feeling 100% and you realize therapy alone is not quite enough. What do you do next? Ask a friend “Hey where did you get your anti-depressents from, I think I may need some?” Call your Mom? Take a random doctor’s referral from your insurance company? These options are all equally awkward.

To make matters worse, there’s virtually no psychiatrists serving the Eastside. Who wants the added stress of schlepping across town in traffic? So the whole process is, well, just awkward. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the end of awkward with the launch of psychiatry services at the Center for the Psychology of Women. We’re a trusted resource for the Eastside community and we get you.

Here’s the nitty gritty: Our female psychiatrist has a specialization in treating women’s mental health issues, and she is well-versed in working with men. What if you want to move your psychiatry services over to the Center? Not a problem. And you can still see your current therapist even if they are not part of the Center. Our doctor is happy to consult directly with you or your therapist. Either way, our client coordinator can assist you in making an appointment and having your records moved.

Need more info, or ready to book your appointment? Head over to our psychiatric services page to get all the information on the psychiatry program at the Center.