Storefront Report: New restaurant planned for east end of Echo Park

A new restaurant is in the works for a renovated brick building on the border of Echo Park and Angeleno Heights. It’s not clear what kind of restaurant will open but the owners have pulled building permits and have asked the city permission to serve beer and wine at a proposed restaurant located at Allison Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.  The 1,250-square-foot storefront, now an empty space covered by a large piece of plywood, is located in the same building as Novak, a new salon that opened in May.

The online permits do not reveal the ownership of the new restaurant. Do they have another vegan–gastropub-wine bar in mind? Or is it time to bring Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine to Echo Park?

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  1. Not to nit-pick but Angeleno Heights is just a neighborhood of Echo Park (wholly contained in Echo Park). Thus, there is no “border” that separates them. I think you mean that this is the northern edge of Angeleno Heights (but I would still call this area pretty close to the heart of Echo Park).

  2. gourmet ethiopian plz!!

  3. @Cristi I think Angeleno Heights is distinct and has borders:
    This refers to the Housing Preservation Overlay Zone boundaries.

  4. Hopefully it’ll be another pizza place.
    ; P

    Still hoping some good, affordable Mediterranean comes to Echo Park at some point in my lifetime.

  5. @Cristi, I have to agree with you 100% and it is not nit-picky to call out Angeleno Heights to be “within” Echo Park. The most eastern boarder of EP is Beaudry Ave. and the 110 freeway. Angeleno Heights as well as other mini enclaves such as Elysian Heights, Victor Heights, Historic Filipinotown, Temple Beaudry, and the Edendale section, are all within the boundaries of Echo Park but they are sometimes noted as being adjacent to EP and adds confusion. I love the Eastsider blog, but I do hope there would more care taken by those writing about the different enclaves of the neighborhood as it would be most beneficial to new transplants and those learning about the all the different enclaves and history of the area.

  6. @ Elysian Hts., yes there is a distinct preservation zone that distinguishes only Angeleno Heights but that designation is purely for architectural preservation purposes since that enclave has the most concentrated grouping of Victorian structures that still exists. Angeleno Heights is still part of the larger Echo Park community plan area.

    @ Mark and other Mediterranean lovers, there is a restaurant on Alvarado (across the new school) called Los Cocos. Their logo/signage is not great so it is a bit hard to find. It serves some really great and freshly made Mediterranean dishes….enjoy!

  7. @cello THANK YOU! Didn’t have a clue, and I live near there. I’ll definitely give it a try.

  8. I’m hoping this is that pizza and wine place the owner of Pure Luck wanted to start.. *crossing fingers*
    I really just want the regular Pure Luck menu back..

  9. It’s ridiculous to take neighborhood boundaries so seriously… But for the record, the Angeleno Heights pre-dates Echo Park by some years… and it’s totally nit-picky! tempest in a teapot


  10. To the nitpickers adamant in their belief that Angeleno Heights only exists as an overlay zone and/or as a subsection of Echo Park, I am adamant and serious in my disagreement — regardless of how ridiculous Eric might think me to be for doing so.

  11. To the owners: $5 falafel sandwiches. You’ll make a mint.

  12. Take the nitpicking elsewhere. Also, if they open a vegan spot I will self immolate.

  13. Angeleno Heights is bordered by the neighborhood of Echo Park on the north, west, and east, and the Temple/Beaudry neighborhood on the south. The borders are roughly Echo Park Avenue on the west, Sunset Boulevard on the north and east, and Temple Street on the south. Since the 101 Freeway was constructed, you could say that the 101 is the new southern border. Angeleno Heights as a neighborhood pre-dates Echo Park as a neighborhood.

    Of course all neighborhood borders are nebulous. There are no official neighborhood borders in Los Angeles to speak of – that would terrify real estate agents.

  14. To the nitpickers who say that Angeleno Heights only exists as a subsection of Echo Park, may I remind you that Echo Park only exists in our hearts and souls. It is a construct in the overlay/zone of our time space dimension/temporal framework and therefore I hope that this new restaurant is Mediterranean.

  15. I say who cares what the area is called, we are excited that a new restaurant is going to be right down the hill from us. Looking forward to seeing the project progress and open sooner rather than later. Hopefully it will not take as long as Red Hill to open.

  16. I agree with a big man as usual. Nitpickers!

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