Taking count of Silver Lake’s homeless population

Volunteer Rachel Lynn talks to homeless man during Silver Lake survey. Photo by Ian Horne

One person living on the streets of Silver Lake is 81 years old, another has been homeless for 49 years.  These were some of the facts that emerged from a three-day-long survey of Silver Lake homeless that concluded on Monday.  The volunteers who conducted the survey, which was organized by People Assisting the Homeless or PATH,  found 175 homeless individuals, 112 of whom were interviewed.  A little more than half of those surveyed reported suffering from serious medical conditions, and 15% identified themselves as military veterans, according to preliminary results.  The goal of the survey, the first of its kind conducted in Silver Lake, is to identify the most vulnerable individuals, with PATH committing  to finding homes for 26 persons.

“Now we are eager to start getting people off our community’s streets and into permanent homes,” said PATH CEO Joel John Roberts in a statement.

The full results of the survey, called Silver Lake Connections, will be released during a public meeting scheduled for Nov.  2  at 9 a.m. at PATH’s Los Angeles Center, 340 North Madison Avenue


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  1. What a surprise, no one has anything to say about this.

    A survey in Watts found 75 homeless in the city, HACLA was kind enough to offer the agency who conducted the survey 10 Shelter Plus Care vouchers for these folks PLUS “an unlimited” amount of Section 8 vouchers so these folks can be, hopefully, permanently housed. I hope PATH is pursuing similar action to house these 175 individuals in Silver Lake. If anybody from PATH is reading this, you can should also contact Hollywood Community Housing Corporation about their Shelter Plus Care housing program for the chronically homeless who are also diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

  2. Hopefully they’ll do the same thing with Echo Park.

    Liberty Street next to Vons is like a mini Skid Row.

  3. Maybe some of them can be housed at the soon-to-open Vendome Palmsfacility for the homeless/mentally ill at Sunset and Vendome. I hope they don’t simply import the new tenants from other communities to go in there when we have plenty of our own that need housing/help.

    I would imagine that although they have been living on the streets that many of them feel deeply rooted in this community and it would be nice to utilize this facility to help some of them.

    I have mentioned this to people at A Community Of Friends (the force behind Vendome Palms) a few times a while back as well as two PATH representatives that I met at a local community meeting recently. Fingers crossed.

  4. Many will be housed at Vendome (I believe 10 or so).
    At least a few have already moved into PATH’s emergency shelter
    PATH will be opening a big affordable housing building just south of Silver Lake, I am sure many or the 175 will be going there.
    Veterans will be eligible to veterans housing vouchers (VASH Section 8)

  5. This is good work, and I applaud PATH for doing this survey. Many thanks to everyone who helped. How can we begin to solve the problem if we don’t even know how many people need homes? Call me oblivious, but I am shocked by how many people are living on the streets in such a small area (100 more than in Watts, which has roughly the same population as SL?). I’m also really impressed that they managed to talk to 112 of the 175 people.
    Also, I agree with previous commenters in hoping that as many of the Vendome Palms units as possible can go to local residents. (This came up last year when the plans for Vendome Palms were first announced, but I can’t remember what the developer committed to or not about giving preference to people already in the neighborhood.)

    The homeless people in our community have been much on my mind recently since the campers outside City Hall for Occupy LA are such a strong reminder of how many people sleep on the streets of LA every night because they have nowhere else to go.

  6. great work to identify the most vulnerable.

    I suspect there are also quite a few more who are “functional homeless” sleeping in their cars at night parked off the main streets. There is also a large portion of our young people doing the couch tour of Silver Lake staying with friends as even college grads are having a hard time finding work.

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