Vehicle pays an unwanted visit to the Silver Lake dog park

Pet owners arriving at the Silver Lake Dog Park this morning were met with the aftermath of a traffic accident that sent a vehicle on Silver Lake Boulevard smashing into the fence near the entrance to the small dog portion of the park.  The Watch Commander at the LAPD’s Central Traffic Bureau said he was not aware of any injuries and did not have any details about the incident.  Jen Byrne of the Silver Lake Dog Park Association spent this morning  clearing away broken branches and bits of broken glass near the dog park entrance.

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  1. Perfect street barrier sigh in front of the damage. FSU “F*cking sh*t up”.

  2. A neighbor told us that it was a pickup truck that went into the fence and the 2 men in it took off on foot….so basically, a hit and run.
    I was leaving when the WONDERFUL Parks Dept team started to dismantle the fence and clear the debris and told us that a new fence would be up pretty quickly (maybe by tomorrow!), with a custom front gate that fits properly, so less chances of little dogs slipping through gaps, and into the busy road.
    We seemed to have lucked out, as the crew was working at another site this morning and the needed cement didn’t show up, so they were able to redirect the crew over to the dog park.

  3. The city also painted over the graffitti on Glendale & Waverly early this am that I called about only yesterday afternoon. It’s pretty common on these blogs to always dismiss the City but sometimes they are pretty good and move pretty quickly. Maybe it’s the squeaky wheel thing….knowing Jen (admirably I might say) is always on top ofthings at the dog park and I am always calling whenever the Glendale/Waverly wall gets tagged and they are always pretty quick in painting it. Nice to see when the city functions well.

  4. I think the City gets a bad rap – they do try to do things promptly – they are just hindered by whatever/whomever is above them and whatever/whomever is above that person etc — and money constraints.
    But it is true — being persistent or a ‘squeaky wheel’ sadly does help. Not taking no, being willing to step in and pick up a broom and help and asking who to call to make things happen quicker are ALL things I do to just make it happen. Sometimes ‘supervisors’ aren’t the ones out in the middle of the battle ground and when they get a few calls from neighbors/stakeholders, that tends to perk them up !
    When we were planting the most recent set of 10 trees in the Dog Park, I spent $40 myself and brought the city workers (the ditch diggers) some breakfast foods and orange juice….every little bit helps. I wanted them to want to come back to the Dog Park the next time we need something fixed or improved 🙂
    Also, showing them that there are people who care, makes them care too.

    (and thanks SL-er !!!!)

  5. Being the squeaky wheel definitely works in a city the size of L.A. 311 is your friend!

  6. I just walked past this tonight. How the hell did that happen? Would have had to be a really high rate of speed to do all that damage. Looks worse in person… They apparently took out a tree too as there was one all chopped up in pieces on the sidewalk. Lame.

  7. I will be urging that the Silver Lake NC offer to replace the trees.

  8. Street Services are the ones who are in charge of replacing those trees – yes, at least 1 tree went down – maybe two.
    i agree Rizzo, the photos don’t do this justice – it was pretty bad !
    I was told that the new fence was being installed this morning ! YAY PARKS DEPT !!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK !

  9. Thanks, Parks Dept! And yes, let’s urge the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to approve some of its funds, your tax dollars, to replace the trees and do necessary repair and maintenance of the affected parts of the pedestrian path. Urge your elected Neighborhood Council to put your tax dollars, the council funds they control, to work for the Silver Lake community. You can email them at board@silverlakenc.org.

    It’s your tax dollars, it’s your community.

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