What to do with an old Echo Park furniture store?

The recent closing of La Popular, the Echo Park furniture store that  opened during the 1940s as Stone Bros.,  has left behind a big empty space on the south side of Sunset Boulevard near Alvarado Street.  But now the nearly 5,600-square-feet of ground floor space – in addition to a mezzanine – has come up for rent. The listing promotes it as an “idea retail – showroom opportunity,” but listing agent Sevada Hemelians said it could possibly be turned into another large restaurant, such as Mohawk Bend across the street.  “This is a prime intersection in Echo Park”  and many other nearby properties are being remade for different uses, Hemelians said.

Last year, half of the 12,000-square foot furniture store  was leased out to a discount store called Hit Bargain as business diminished at La Popular, which was part of a small chain of family-owned stores founded on First Street in Boyle Heights.

Anyone who wants to stake their claim to this chunk of Echo Park on Sunset Boulevard better be prepared to pay the price. Based on the asking rental rate and ground floor space, the monthly rent would approach nearly $10,900.

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  1. GAP should take the space over to give American Apparel some competition! On the other hand, maybe Urban Outfitters might be a better fit with the Mohawk Bend set.

    Just kidding…

  2. Raze it and build a small theatre!

  3. Art supplies

  4. Still wishing on a Trader Joe’s

  5. we could day dream all we want.

    reality of the situation it will be one of these things:

    1. a gastropub specializing in beer and brats
    2. a hair salon/ art gallery/ coffee shop/ concert venue thats super cool
    3. stoners R us weed shop
    4. keifer sutherlands new loft party house
    5.a bank

    it’ll probably end up a bank. sigh.

  6. Just the right amount of parking for a Trader Joe’s!

  7. hah, +1 to Elysian Hts. and pauly.

  8. This will be the new home for the lady that used to sleep in front of Mohawk Bend.

  9. @pauly – It won’t be 4. He sold his East LA compound to Danny Elfman, and won’t likely be buying again on the Eastside.

  10. Vegan restaurant/ bar with over priced tiny portions?

  11. Why doesn’t the city buy the land and start building some f*****g parking spaces. I don’t understand this city! In Europe for every certain number of businesses there has to be city provided parking (Not meters). Who’s hiring the 4th graders to make lousy decisions all day and get pensions we’ll all be jealous of?

  12. @ Mr Silverlake – Us unfortunately. I think it’s an excellent idea, but since we’re not in Europe – metered parking (or a garage perhaps?) would at least benefit the City and residents.

  13. here here for the parking garage since i live just up mojawk!!
    here here for trader joes oh the thought of getting my wine extra cheap without driving.
    there there on the vegan idea. i like meat.
    or lets demolition the place and put in a Golf & Stuff!!! except then they’ll be golfballs cracking my windows…
    oh the choices!!!!

  14. no one’s putting a trader joe’s in there. sorry folks. even if TJ’s wanted to: have you been to the parking/traffic apocalypse that is the SL store? now imagine that mess at sunset and alvarado. no thanks.

  15. I think the city should use eminent domain to take over the building, along with the other buildings from Sunset to Alvarado, and use the space to build a school. Then, as Echo Park’s student enrollment continues to decline, they could lease it to an anti-union charter-school operator. (What? That already happened just around the corner? Well. I guess I’m out of touch.)

  16. I would like to see it made into an indoor shooting range. I figure I can squeeze off a few rounds after I roll out from Mohawk Bend. Also, it will help the gangsters get better aim so that they stop hitting innocent bystanders.

  17. how about anything that sells good merchandise or good food instead of cheap furniture or a .99 store. never even walked in there even after all these years of an ugly furniture display in the window. sorry they lost there biz. but quite ironic that it’s called La Popular.

  18. i love all the sassy comments on this post! (BrianM’s is my favorite.) i think making a parking lot is a really bad idea, though. TAKE THE BUS, PEOPLE, or bike or get a scooter. FUCK CARS! especially one’s with only the driver in them! resource hogs!

  19. Blooming in Echo Park

    Dave n’ Busters anyone? 😉
    Trader Joe’s, Fresh Fare, Whole Foods, etc…Bring it on!
    Love the theater idea. What are other family friendly ideas? What would be fun to have within walking distance?
    Just not another discount junk store, beauty supply place, or second hand clothing store – PLEASE! I think we’re covered there…

  20. green space please. the more the merrier.

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