Condos and pool remain unfilled at Angeleno Heights development

It was a year ago when a sales man at the Brownstone Lofts,  a condo project taking shape inside a former 1920s apartment building, said most of the construction work was scheduled to be completed by the end of the year at the Angeleno Heights project next to the 101 Freeway.  One sales agent said that 14 potential buyers had placed deposits of up to $5,000 to hold a unit. But those units, some of which had been priced above $800,000, remain empty as delays have left the condos, a swimming pool, spa and 60-space parking garage unfinished.  An official with Brownstone Lofts blamed construction litigation – not financial problems – for the  delay.

“We have adequate financing in our budget but because of contruction litigation it has pushed us back,” said the official who declined to be identified.  She said that once the litigation is resolved, the project is expected to be completed next spring.

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  1. mmmmm living on the 101 for $800,000 sounds dreamy!

  2. you been to this area? completely insane to price these at $800,000.00 NUTS.

  3. “Construction litigation” = they haven’t been paying their bills. And, yeah–$800,000 to live next to the 101? Yeesh.

  4. I prefer to think it is the unquiet spirits of Marion Parker and Edward Hickman fueling the delays… for it was here that “The Fox” slew his tiny victim.


  5. i can’t wait to relax next to the swimming poo…SCRRRREEEEECH. SMASH!

    i lived across the street for 2 years and not a week went by i didn’t hear a full-on crash occur right behind this building on the 101/110 interchange. $800K is a JOKE.

  6. Yes Kim, I hope there will be a price chop for that apt.!

  7. Oooh, no pun intended, I swear!

  8. I’d pay $800,000 to live near the 101 – in Santa Barbara.

  9. Yes, when this was first noted last year, I and many others pointed out how stupid anyone would be to pay any where near that kind of price — for a condo in Echo Park, especially for a condo along the 101! Gee, the houses are going for less (I see one in the ads to the left of where I’m writing this listing, a Craftsman house in Angelino Heights — and not along the 101 — for asking price of $599,000. And wait till you see what that gets bargained down to!).

    It seems Echo Park is loaded with hustlers looking to bring in the stupidest people in the country to the neighborhood! But then, as usual, the dishonest real estate agents (that seems to be pretty much all of them around here) will probably tell them that is actually Silver Lake, and show them prices from the Silver Lake hills over the reservoir and use that to justify the price!


    Several years ago the “Slum Buster” team from the City Building & Safety Department attempted to inspect but were chased out by rats the size of French Bulldogs! Why would anyone want to live in that place, no matter how much they pretty it up? “Buyer Beware?” How about “Buyer Don’t be a Total Dumb Ass?”

  11. The Aesthetic of The Community should always be a Consideration. I suggest Subterranean Gothic Art Gallery, Snack Bar; And Parlor Musik ~

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