Eastside Property: Tangerine dream on sale in Highland Park

Photo from TheMLS/Redfin

Last week The Eastsider reported on the watermelon-colored Spanish Colonial that was up for sale at $899,000. Today we have another not-afraid-of-color property: a tangerine-colored Spanish-style home in Highland Park priced at $429,000.  In addition to the new citrus paint job, the flippers who purchased this two-bedroom property at 5423 Meridian Street in July for $265,000 also appear to have invested in a new kitchen, lighting and french doors, according to Redfin. The listing points out that the 1927 home is withing walking distance of “York Valley’s Hip Strip.”  Is this what they are calling York Boulevard these days?

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  1. Funky territory. Even color aside, ugly square box. And even the real estate listing page notes there are plenty of other homes in the area for plenty less.

    And a flipper comes in and wants top jack up prices by $164,000 in just four months! Gouging pigs should go away.

  2. Wow! 165k increase only. Steve Jones of better shelters usually jacks the price up by a quarter of million. Yes, $ 250,000.00 increase in value in 3 months. Wow! Please let me know how to contact Steve Jones. Would love for him to explain to me how I get back the $200,000.00 I lost in value in the home I own in Highland park which I bought for $600,000.00 and is now only worth $400,000.00. Perhaps he can install a cheap kitchen in my house, install some hex tile from Home Depot, drop $5,000.00 worth of staging into my house, a cheap wall heater, and Boom!! My value is up to $850,000.00. Oh, and maybe he will pull permits on my house. Na, to hard, then he would have to increase it to one million and know how to build a house. P.S. love hipsters. Wine at my under valued house till I lose it to Bank of America, and then Steve Jones buys it and flips it for $850,000.00

  3. It seems there are plenty of home buyers who are so fearful (or ignorant) of home repairs that they’re willing to pay a premium for a place that’s already fixed-up. If people were willing to live with some discomfort for five or six months and take on some of the rehab work themselves (i.e., knocking out the interior walls, cutting out the old galvanized plumbing pipes, digging the trenches to expose the old drain line if any section needs replacing), they’d save a ton of money — and they’d be able to choose their own materials and design. But as long as buyers demand that everything be new-new-new, there will be house-flippers who come in, spend $30,000 on fix-up, then mark up the property an incredible amount.

  4. Yes, it is called York hip strip. Walk it everyday, but yet no hipsters talk to me. Maybe I should wear tighter jeans, bigger glasses, and more scarfs. How many expensive ales, tacos, and trust fund checks do I have to drink, eat, and cash before a hipster talks to me. God I want to be cool and have a hipster as a friend.

  5. James, love your hard work ethic, but hipsters don’t believe in hardwork. Have ever noticed how empty anatomy is on york blvd. P.S. love it. Hipstes can’t workout or do hard ardous labor. It violates some type of hipster secret society code. Try bending over in tight jeans. I did, was not pretty. Sorry, I am hating today. Put a box of scarfs and cigerattes in my front yard today hoping to attract and observe some hipsters, trap has not caught any hip individuals yet.

  6. Daniel, try loading some Trader Joe’s organic hummus in your trap along with pita chips and baby carrots. You’ll have a few hipsters on the line in no time.

  7. James,

    mmhhhmm, trader joes hummus. Trying to drop pounds to get a hipster girl. I figure I am 5-10, at about 90 pds with a full beard, dirty clothes and socks that don’t match I should be looking like James Bond to them.

  8. daniel, you sound like a real whiney dipshit. i dont see what “hipsters” have to do with your homeowner problems. god forbid some bars and record stores open up on york. chill out. eat some tacos, drink a nice ale, treat yourself. steve jones and his crappy homes arent for hipsters- they’re for YUPPIES. big difference.

  9. Why that color? Seriously…anyone in their right mind would repaint that house.
    Maybe I’m just old and un hip, but that’s ugly.

  10. Chris,

    Geezz, James and I were just busting chops Chris. I own a 600k home because I can afford the $3,500.00 mortgage that goes along with it. I acutally love ales. Not to fond of tacos anymore as I grew up on them in the hood i call boyle Heights. P.S. just saw a hipster there. I drive a luxury German sports car that is 30% down what the hipsters put down on the Steve Jones homes. God, Chris, loosen up your scarf and unstich your skinny jeans. Don’t take life so serious. You totally killed the flow James and I had going. Lame. James were are you bro? Hipster recon tonight! or as Chris calls them Yuppies. Lame. Oh by the way Chris I own 8 scarfs also!! Maybe we could exchange. Check out my website: http://www.hipsterexchnagescarfswelovestevejones.com check my other website: http://www.ilovehipsters_theysavedthevalueofmyhouse.com.

  11. The instant some doofus starts hating on hipsters they reveal themselves to be a douchebag.

  12. isn’t douchebaga hipster term? Geez, you guys have such pottie mouths. I am just joking!! Every heard of George Lopez ripping on hispanics. Tyler Perry ripping on the black culture. I am commenting and finding the comedy in the hipster culture. Hello South Park. American Dad. Family Guy. All shows that mock the reality of life and identify the comedy that exists when you observe it after removing yourself from it. All the hipsters free beer and hot dogs on me at Wurstkuche. Mention the word douchbag at the door for a free scarf, shampoo, and incense. And yes, I cannot spell IMexican. You see, I make fun of myself. Yes, I went to college on EOP. Yes, my first job really was as a landscaper. The comedy. Hello!

  13. I think we should start an Occupy encampment at every last flipper location. The Occupy movement is primarily against greed!

  14. Can’t help myself must jump in on this banter going on with you folks. I have mixed feelings on this subject as a home owner who moved here 9 years ago I welcome my property value going up and the new businesses opening heck i frequent them myself. Most of the folks moving here came because it’s affordable and offers a number of amenities. A large number of young families have set up roots here and are contributing to the larger community. What’s happening now is a number of flippers have discovered the area which in turn have brought about more interest. With that some (for lack of a better term)hipsters have flocked in. Honestly I’m indifferent to them because the number is so few. But now it’s become a buzz word for anyone new who purchase a refurbished home or take upon themselves to relocate here and then remodel there home. Wow what an idiotic argument.
    Most folks moving here are far from hipsters on the contrary they are young families ,artist and entertainment folks who see the value in the area and frequent both older and newer businesses.I see some of the point some of you nay sayers are making there are a few folks who are trying to take advantage of the growth and situation and in that mix they are a few who are doing a horrible job just slaping up paint and doing some cosmetic work and they are those who are making real improvements. I for one rather see these changes than have the property lay vacant and languish. I’d rather have new store fronts that abandoned buildings, as a poster on another blog so smartly said: Who likes seeing drug deals going down on your corner ? Who likes getting their house tagged by gangs ? Are these questions an issue of race or just wanting better surroundings ? If I answer yes to all these questions and this makes me a hipster… then I’ll gladly except that.
    Enough with these arguments. I’ve been here as I mentioned earlier 9 years and every time any change or attempts are made to improve this neighborhood someone starts spout out something negative . It’s either the area cant support these changes cause it’s gang infested or the hipsters are coming and changing our quality of life ,as if . ENOUGH

  15. Hey Daniel I owe you bit of an apology I just reread your post. You do have a valid argument regarding Steve being interviewed as a Highland Park resident you are correct he does not reside her. But he has become the face and voice of the area through the media. I can’t confirm your allegations whether or not he pulls permits or not but would say I welcome some of the attention happening to the neighborhood that is not negative for a change. As a property owner myself and for the many folks who have relocated here over the years we know why we chose this area. It has some great amenities and has a rich cultural and historic identity. There is nothing cooky cutter about this area(although with some of these flips there starting to all look alike) and that is what attracts us to it. Some flippers have found us and are takung advantage of the growth and change. It’s a mixed bag some are doing a horrible job at it and some are doing a fantastic job of keeping the integrity of the home. Those that purchase these homes do it for several reasons. I myself am pretty handy and have made my own improvement on my property and there are a number of creative and skilled folks who have done the same thing. They are able to see the diamond in the rough but not all people process those skills so here comes the flippers to accommodate there needs. I’m not saying these flippers are right or that they are doing it for noble reasons,Im not that naive. But it is bringing value to our neighborhood so longly neglected and overlooked.

  16. I don’t understand why the University Hills area of El Sereno (90032) hasn’t been “discovered” by gentrifiers yet; it’s hilly, unique, and very very affordable, at least compared to Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and, of course, Silver Lake and Echo Park.

  17. James give it time it will too

  18. Chill out guys, flipping is a business. There’s a demand for it, and this house will be pending within a week. It has nothing to do with changing the neighborhood.

  19. Jamester your back, was taking a beating from the hipsters. At a bar in downtown, forgot the name, totally hipster hangout, so no one talks to me as my jeans are still not tight enough. Damm!. They have discovered Universtity Hills James. Have a friend that lives up there and he has noticed that his neighbors have changed from Hispanics to individuals with English accents and the infamous hipsters. You can’t always tell the hipsters are there. they tend to hate the sun and won’t come out and when they do they are very clandestine. Have to get back to my PBR. Viva los hipsters!

  20. Rew3,

    Totally with you, just sad that I know a lot of hip cool business owners in Highland Park that could use the pubilicity that were here years ago taking the risk on Highland Park. Steve Jones jumps in, does a couple of flips, pays the right magazines off and boom. All of a sudden he discovered highland park? Lets not forget the gay culture. Hay!! They have been a driving force of change in Highland Park for years, decades before Steve Jones and the hipsters moved in. Love the hipsters, just can’t figure out how to bond with them. Give up, having another martini as I really can’t stand PBR.

  21. Hpfrench come on now we all know it’s a business and the market will determine where things go. But the area benefits with property value increasing as more buyers come in and the desire to locate here increase. That’ our point so get off your high horse and let us enjoy these moments

  22. Oh, come on. Leave the hummus out of this.

  23. I love hummus!! James says the hipsters do to but it has to be organic.

  24. I don’t care about hipsters, but I do care about those house flippers coming to the neighborhood and “Home Depot-ing” short sales (and outbidding any blue collar person with their cash at hand), and doubling the price to resell. Seriously. There’s a home a few doors down from us that sold for 250K to a Beverly Hills realtor. Its a tiny piece of land, shared drive, with a 1500 square foot house a-top of a hill. The pitch of “now is the time to buy in Highland Park” and “… did I mention the views!” is nauseating. The house is in escrow and they wanted something like 460K for it. Wonder what our new neighbors will be like?

    I like making money as much as the next guy, but for hard working folks who wouldn’t mind buying a home and slowly investing into renovation because we WANT TO LIVE IN THE HOUSE; these house flippers are evil. Stop pricing us out and go back to Brentwood or whatever gross place you come from.

  25. Some of these comments are really funny. Market determines the price of these flips. This house just closed. Gentrification is a bitch.

    Now let’s see how long that 900k house on pickwick stays on the market. i say it will be in escrow in a month.

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