Echo Park billboard needs a spell check

Photo by Mike Lisboa

There is plenty to see at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street in Echo Park but it was a typo in the  Romeo Santos billboard that caught Mike Lisboa’s attention.  Said Lisboa:

This typo on the billboard at Sunset and Alvarado is both glaring and hilarious. Who needs copy editors, right?

Who else caught that typo?

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  1. Ugh, nobody cares about spelling or grammar these days. It’s annoying.

  2. They left the “s” off of “hit”?

  3. I spotted this typo while driving on Sunset last week. As a copy editor, it hurts my eyes! I wonder whether Romeo Santos’ people would pay to have it fixed.

  4. Too lazy to Google him. Is this guy real, or is this one of those self-promoting Hollywood types that buys a billboard and chocks it full of hyperbole?

  5. saw one not long ago that had a picture of a guy and they had photoshopped a tattoo of the album title on his arm, but the thing was flat, no perspective. it didn’t follow the lines of his arm like a real tattoo. the cheapness of the whole thing really bummed me out.

  6. @skeeter This guy is for real. He is the lead singer of bachata group Aventura. He is now venturing into a solo career in the Latin music industry. He had an estimated thousand people show up for a meet and greet on Nov. 8 at the Best Buy in West L.A.

    But anyways this annoys me because I have a B.A., can’t find a job, and would feel lucky if I had a job where all I needed to do was ensure that stuff was spelled correctly.

  7. not very sophistimicated ; )

  8. Anticiaption is making me wait


    To Pollaux, CC & Woman on Hill: You’ve said it for all of us!

  10. Meknowhow mewannachance

    We did it on purpose to get all you smarty pants to talk about it! Haha! It worked!

  11. Wow… I thought I’d stumbled upon something new, but decided to do a quick bit of research to see if anyone else had passed comment on it, Internet-wise. I guess the funny thing about it now is that, as of 13 January 2012, anyway, it’s still up! 😀

    It’s certainly an argument against the new way of doing things, where massive vinyl banners can be printed so hastily and stretched over displays that used to require a lot more effort to put together…

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