Echo Park development pays off for parks – but which one?

The construction of a 36-unit condo project in Echo Park  has generated more than $215,000 in fees earmarked for nearby parks.  Home builder D.R. Horton, which is constructing the 36 on Echo project at the corner of Echo Park and Delta avenues, has paid a city-mandated Recreation and Parks fee totaling $215,542, according to City Council records.  That fee, also known as a Quimby Fee, however, has a major string attached: it is limited primarily to projects within one to two miles of the development. In addition, Quimby Funds can only be spent on purchasing new parkland or funding capital improvement projects – new restrooms or ball fields, for example – and not on maintenance and supplies.  But where will this pot of Echo Park Quimby Funds be used?

The Eastsider has contacted the city’s Recreation and Parks Department to find how and when those funds will be allocated and if they are taking any suggestions.

* Update: Those funds have already been spent on new lighting and improvements to the Echo Park tennis courts at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Temple Street, said Rec and Parks management analyst Darryl Ford. The funds were paid by a previous owner of the condo project, and the city’s recreation and parks commissioners agreed to finance the improvements to the tennis courts.

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  1. Humm… those look like 3 story condos which, i was led to believe, was against local code. I thought Echo Park had a limitation to two story construction only. This is right across the street from me so i guess im going to be looking into a lot of peoples bedrooms.

    They should spend the money on an Echo Park dog park. The neighbourhood is full of pet owners.

  2. @ Nils. I believe development on most sections of Echo Park Avenue can rise as high as 45 feet.

  3. this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes eastsider so kickass. we citizens for the most part would never have known this and never have known to ask (well, i wouldn’t have anyway). keep up the great work!

  4. Is that an accurate rendering of what the condos will look like? Or is that the old design from Durbin?

  5. Si –

    I believe it’s both, according to past articles on 36 on echo. The developer decided to stick with the original plans to save money and development time.

  6. I think elysian park is large enough for the dog owners not to get this money spent on them for a dog park.

  7. $215,000 for some lighting?! Since when do a handflu of light bulbs cost that much? Geez, whose pockets got lined by this?

    Is there any surprise that we need of the budget cutting and rate hikes going on?

  8. Does anyone know how to find out information on temporary tow away signs? This project has had a group of them up on the construction side of the street for months, and just today put them up on the opposite side of the street too. As a resident in the building across the street, it was hard enough finding parking before. Now, it’s even worse. I just want to find out how long they can keep them up. No parking after 630am is ridiculous.

    • Mel,

      call 311, ask for DOT. Only DOT can put these signs up. We busted another sub-contractor a few months back when they were doing the sewer work. They never got permission from DOT to put up the signs. That being said, they CAN get permission for long term no parking for construction, BUT, they do need permission. Check with DOT and also follow up with Alejandra Marroquin at CD 13, 323-957-4500. She can find out if they are authorized or not. They need to make concessions for street cleaning days etc.


  9. Who can we complain to about the construction starting at 5:34 AM THIS MORNING!?? This is absolutely ridiculous.

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