Neighborhood Fixture: Elysian Valley’s Paramount Pest Control building

The  Paramount Pest Control building on Riverside Drive sits in the shadow of  the concrete ramps of the 2 and 5 freeway interchange. But the relatively simple Elysian Valley building with Art Deco styling manages to attract attention, thanks to a  large “Paramount Pest Control Service” sign and a green-and-black color scheme. The approximately 4,000-square-foot building constructed in 1933 housed a drug store before it became home to the offices of Paramount Pest Control, said screen writer Larry Sulkis, who purchased the building nine years ago with his cousin.  No chemicals were stored in the building, which Paramount used for offices, Sulkis said.

Today, Sulkis uses the second floor above the Paramount sign as his office and rents out the ground floor, which was recently used to shoot a Katy Perry video. He recently leased half of the first floor to a camera rental company and is looking for a tenant to fill the remaining space that includes a mezzanine.

While the pest and termite control company has been long gone, Sulkis has no plans to take down the Paramount signage.

“We love that sign. We think it’s way cool,” said Sulkis. “We don’t plan on taking that down.”

Neighborhood Fixture provides a bit of history and background about buildings and sites that catch our attention, for better or worse.


  1. Thanks Larry, we love the sign, and the building, too! I’m right up on Corralitas and pass your building everyday. Thank goodness something of value is appreciated around here. Its also good to know there’s a camera rental place here. Do they rent HD video camera? I’m going to be needing one soon… 🙂

  2. If I could have one wish it would be that Mr. Sulkis be even MORE awesome and return the sign to its neon-glowing glory.

  3. LOVE this sign and building. I’m so glad it’s being used.

  4. Hat’s off to Larry, love that bldg.

  5. Yes, we love the building and the sign and would LOVE to restore the neon to its former glory! (Donations accepted.) We would love to find the perfect tenant who can utilize the 1550 sq’ and its high-speed internet connections wired inside: a graphic design company, an editing house… Our dream is to turn the corner into a little film-makers/arts community. OK, a sandwich shop would be nice, too. The building in back –all 5300 sq’ of it will become available next June, too. Lighting and grip? Set builders? Artists? Come look. –Larry & David

  6. To: kkurman

    Yes, they do rent HD. Call Ryley Fogg of Eastside Camera Service and they’ll set you up. Happy shooting. –LS

  7. Mr. Sulkis, I’m not in a position to give any money toward the fabulous sign’s reneonization, but I can donate the following suggestion: talk to the Museum of Neon Art (http://www.neonmona.org). They’ve been instrumental in getting a number of signs relit and perhaps they can be of assistance (and maybe there’s some sort of city incentive).

  8. Yes! Hats off to Larry indeed. I drive past this sign every morning on my way out, and am thrilled to know it is being taken care of so judiciously. Thanks for retaining the integrity of the building.
    Also, I’m sure you are aware of The Echo Park Historical Society—maybe they would have a lead/leads to non-profits who could help with restoration?

  9. Awesome. A number of cities have common area, small offices multi-discipline arts co.’s residing all together. An idea for you if you don’t get single takers for the large space. In any case, way to go.!

  10. I live in the big Victorian house on the hill right above Riverside and can see that building from my windows… I have a thriving custom tattooing and oil painting business and dream of moving in there someday.. A nice, off the beaten path location for a custom only tattoo shop I’d say!!!! that place is awesome.. Love the signage too….


  11. I can still recall walking and gawking at the stuffed rodents, preserved ants, termites, and other pests posed in the window front when Paramount was still in business. Always loved that building and appreciate still seeing the Paramount sign any time I happen to drive by the old neighborhood.

  12. I’m interested in renting space for creative use. I’ve called the number on the ‘for lease’ sign. How else do I get in touch with you?

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