Neighbors left puzzled over Silver Lake’s restaurant’s disappearing act

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Now you see it, now you don’t.  On Wednesday afternoon, Sarah Dale enjoyed what she called a “lovely” cup of asparagus soup from K2 restaurant in Silver Lake. On Thursday morning, Dale, who owns a shop down the block from the Sunset Boulevard restaurant, discovered that K2 was hidden behind a plywood barricade painted gray and stenciled with “Post No  Bill” signs.  Dale and other Sunset Junction merchants are now buzzing about what has happened at K2, which opened only a year ago in a long-vacant storefront that had become a magnet for trash and tagging.  “It’s a bummer,” Dale said.

It’s not clear if the restaurant  is closed for remodeling or for good.   The Eastsider has left a message with the owner, Alfredo Diaz, who also operates Kokomo Cafe on Beverly Boulevard. K2’s phone line is no longer working.

Merchants welcomed the new restaurant in hopes it would generate more foot traffic following the 2007 closure of Eat Well, the Silver Lake diner that attracted customers as well as other businesses to the Sunset Junction.


  1. I walked by K2 last weekend and noticed they had an “Under New Management” sign posted, which I thought was odd since they haven’t been around very long. However, based on the Yelp reviews I have read, it wouldn’t surprise me if they shuttered.

  2. They should put an Eat Well diner where K2 used to be.

  3. You’re kidding, right Jeremy? There was an EatWell diner there before.

  4. K2 was not that good and fairly empty most of the time, while Millie’s and Flore and Madame Matisse up the block would be packed. ‘Tis perhaps a sign of the times + their not so stellar menu.

  5. pretty sure he was kidding, siobhan. 🙂

  6. The owner was an A-Hole who didn’t pay his employees.

  7. I had a shitty experience every time I went there.

  8. perfect location. was not so perfect food. if only the Coffee Table moved in there and stayed open late !

  9. The place was a disaster. Waiters would disappear mid-meal. They never had any idea what was going on or what they served. They ALWAYS RAN OUT OF COFFEE CAKE. We used to say the place was hanging on by a thread.

  10. Food was horrible. Service was horrible. Coffee was horrible. I heard Wahoos is moving in

  11. silverlakebohisattva

    Eat-Well, Hell!

    Bring back Seafood Bay!

    Lord, how I miss their grilled fish “Dalmatino Style”, even if our (then young) son used to joke that it meant they put spotted dogs in the food!

  12. I always walked by and this place was either closed or empty. Tried eating there once before, but the menu posted in the window didn’t seem very appetizing.

    This is a prime and perfect place for a really great late-night eaterie to open up. I hope something awesome goes in its place.

  13. For the life of me, I don’t know why K2 got so much flak from people on Yelp. I actually liked eating there for lunch and thought the food was pretty good too. I’m guessing it’s because I would go during lunch and there weren’t many people there. But honestly, the food was fine every time I went. I did read the reviews and found it was mostly the service that people didn’t like… Although, I never had a problem with the service either. Hopefully the new management reinvigorates this place.

  14. It never appeared open, I always commented that they must do brisk business if they can close when other places were open….guess not.

  15. Hopefully Ms. Dale who is on the Neighborhood Council will ensure that an eatery appropriate for the neighborhood moves in. As to what is appropriate that is up for you commenters to relay to her. Bon appetit.

  16. GP-you’re right the food WAS good when it first opened, but within a few weeks after that it wasn’t that great and it was bizarre when I went in. I asked the guy for a straw and he said he didn’t have any. That was also after I got a glass of water and he told me they didn’t have ice. When my husband tries to order something off the menu the guy replied ” we don’t REALLY make that, it’s just on the menu”.. what? I’m glad it’s closed, bring something better in.

  17. The architecture is great. The location is great. Food was average and overpriced for what it was.

    NO CHAIN RESTAURANTS for the next tenants
    oh Please

  18. K2 was sold. A new diner is opening in January. I worked their. I was always paid on time. I found it curious as a recent transplant from NYC why so many people hated K2. If it were in Manhattan it would have been packed and the other diners down the street would have been condemned. The owner was a gay guy who we rarely ever saw and when we did he was nice. It’s kinda funny how the people who think they live in the one area of LA that is similar to NYC haven’t a clue what real New Yorkers would like.

    • If it were Manhattan you’d also live in an apartment a third of the size and for twice the price. True!

    • I lived in NYC for 6 years, 2 of which were in Williamsburg. Silverlake is and Williamsburg have a lot of similarities. Having said that, I don’t know anyone in NYC who would have tolerated horrible service. It’s one thing to have a halfway decent aesthetic to draw attention in such neighborhoods, it’s another thing to actually be a decent restaurant.

  19. I think Silverlake is more similar to San Fransisco than NYC myself….

  20. @Joey
    Who gives a *uck what New Yorkers would like?

    • Thanks BillyB Who gives a flying f*ck about New York, If you love New York go back!! Silver Lake is San Fran’s twin. cool,hip.liberal. and very funky !! nuff said !!

  21. Joey,

    Explain to us the differences in taste between New Yorkers and Angelenos. What about the restaurant do you think would have appealed to New Yorkers?

    And if this side of town really WAS similar to NYC, I certainly wouldn’t live here.

  22. Too right Billy B…….Dont even get me started on that one

  23. @Joey-

    First of all, Silver Lake is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. NYC is a city, not a neighborhood. And Silver Lake is NOT NYC. It is Silver Lake. So STFU.

  24. Give Joey a break. He wasn’t saying HERE is NY. But I have heard plenty of Angelenos say things about our certain neighborhood being similar to a certain NYC neighborhood. Not saying I believe it or agree, just saying the comments are there. Cut the guy some slack. That’s likely the premise he was coming from and understandable. I appreciate that he gave some info on K2 and hope he’s found new work.

  25. I ate dinner there once. They charged $1 for a glass of water. They said refills were free, but there was never a server around to refill it. The food was heavy and was missing the taste that would have made me feel it was worth the price point on the menu. The decor was fancy but the food never lived up to it’s pretense. So I never went back.

    @Joey, although the other diners up the road may be more run-down than the Manhattan-esque K2, their lade back style and affordable menu combined with their prompt friendly service has made them mainstays of the Silverlake community. The restaurant scene is very different in the eastside of LA compared to NYC. If your restaurant is going to charge NY prices, they’d better deliver on quality.

    Personally, I miss eat well. It was a nice laid back diner where it was easy to go in and get the basics.

  26. So happy to see this place go (hopefully). Such an eyesore. I panicked for Silverlake when it opened. It looked like a nun in a whorehouse. Like a poodle at the dog park. Like a hipster on 3rd street promenade.

  27. The place was a great disappointment. I look forward to the next incarnation.

  28. Silver Lake like Manhattan? I disagree, too. Judging from the attitudes of some Silver Lakers on things like shared space, public art, and transportation, Silver Lake is quite provincial in comparison.

  29. Book store!! Does anyone read books in Silver Lake??

  30. It sucked. Open something tasty please.

  31. Nobody even mentioned NYC in the first place Joey, what the hell are you banging on about? But since you mentioned it I guess that means New Yorkers must really like crappy service and food if you think it would be so successful. I would bet you were the one who told me there were no straws and sat in the next booth talking on the phone.

  32. While we’re piling on Joey, who calls anyone a “gay guy”? Again, this is Silver Lake, in 2011. There are a lot of “gay guys”. We call them “guys.”

  33. Huh Ted I hate to break it to you but their still Gay Guys .. period

  34. Good riddens.
    I heard they were putting a whole foods in that spot

  35. Thankfully, it’s shuttered and gone. Worst service and food I’ve eaten in Los Angeles.

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