News & Notes from Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, Echo Park & Elysian Valley

Arroyo Seco River Bike Path | Photo by Phillip Barron/Flickr

  • O’Malley said he hopes to once again own the Dodgers.  L.A. Times
  • McCourt’s plan to sell the Dodgers finds fans celebrating at stadium gates. KPCC
  • Metrolink warns Cypress Park and Elysian Valley residents of a temporary increase in train traffic at maintenance yard. Metrolink
  • Cypress Park crime alert issued after six violent crimes reported in one week. L.A. Now
  • City turns Eagle Rock freeway underpass into a no parking zone. Patch
  • Is Echo Park “anti-fun” when it comes to parties? Echo Park Now
  • Happening Today: Mural ordinance update, Eagle Rock; Highland Park neighborhood council meeting. Save the Date

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  1. Yes, Mr. O’Malley please some back!

  2. Regarding noise and parties in Echo Park. Well, what do you expect when you let greed dictate all, when all you worship is greed. Echo Park used to be about anything but greed. But that is gone, those people are gone, and greed is all it is about now, with all this gouging real estate frenzy in the forefront, closely followed by more and more and more alcohol served everywhere. Greed and money — just like the Jimmy Stewart movie where he fights the greed of the banker who wants to turn the town into a loud nightlife, flashing lights, free-spending den of iniquity.

    And with Echo Park now at the alter of greed that banker represented, you’re complaining about loud parties for Halloween? Hey, that’s the element that greed gets you. You could have stayed the Jimmy Stewart town, but you preferred the greed the banker offered. So rather than make a little trip to Sunset Strip or Hollywood Boulevard for such frivolity, in your greed, you have brought that to your home, and with that greed comes the elements that make the noise you complain of.

  3. @Mark, My sentiments exactly

  4. Considering the greed Echo Park is now about, I think we should start an Occupy Echo Park! Echo Park is all about the very thing the Occupy encampments are all against.

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